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Some Alternative Ways to Use Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Cell phone monitoring software could render you with multifarious aspects of staying safe than just catering you the regular spying aspects such as monitoring text messages, logging the phone calls, tracking IMs [WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Viber, Snapchat, Instagram etc..], reading emails whether read, unread or deleted ones, discovering GPS locations and many more things.

Yes, you might be thinking a spy software to be plainly tracking the above mentioned features but apparently it can help you with lot many tasks that you must be wanting to actually safeguard your critical data and information.

Therefore, In this article I will be introducing you with all the new features, ideas and objectives that can easily be used by you. Just keep scrolling and let’s learn more about this multitude mobile monitoring software apart from its regular and main functions that it has been processing from long.

Safeguard the Information Held on Your Phone!

Safeguard the Information on phoneEverybody is conscious about the sensitive data stored in their smartphone. However it’s always been advised DO NOT save or store the critical information such as bank account details and other confidential data but smartphone being the cardinal need and a handy option no one pays heed.

Although many people practice to store the bank data and information in an encrypted way but yet there lies some personal information like pictures that no one wants to share it publicly or let it get mishandled. If your phone ever slipped out of your hands, got stolen or you mistakenly lose it then you can very well understand and remember the inconvenience it might have made you suffer.

The cell phone monitoring software can benefit you to safeguard the data and information like stored house address, bank details, internet banking [username, password] various contact numbers, emails etc.. in right time. It’s extremely useful for business people who tend to save much data on their mobile phones.

Sensitive Data on Your Phone?

The mobile monitoring software aids you to protect the aforementioned phone content along with the personal text messages, videos, photos etc. Although there are many software but the best ones that aid you with this extra feature are mSpy and FlexiSpy cell phone monitoring applications. These apps allow you to carry out the required process remotely. You can simply backup the required data in case your smartphone is in wrong hands.

Once you safely backup the data then either delete or lock the smartphone from the control panel. This step will immediately stop the defaulter to reach out to any kind of information saved on your phone. In fact this is also one of the reasons that many people are buying this software. One can promptly send a message from the control panel which will remotely lock the phone. One can also trigger the alarm to know the location of the lost phone before setting it off or deleting the data or locking the phone.

However many of us regularly keep doing the data backup but doing it on regular basis seems little difficult. Hence with the help of this monitoring software you can easily get your data saved by having the regular backup. Also in case of theft or any other issue you can delete or block the data. This safety measure is simply beyond price to keep your personal and professional mobile content safe.

Use Your Cell Phone as a Tracking Device

cell phone as tracking deviceApart from protecting the crucial data this software can be used for tracking the device as well. With the presence of many spy software each of them has a minor difference in performing its tracking operation and the reporting style. However all of them use the satellite (GPRS) to help track the device. This aspect actually benefits you to know the exact location of the target user by mapping it on the Google maps. You can also track their latest history of movements by reviewing it on the map.

This feature is of utmost importance to the employer who has their mobile workforce. Keeping tabs on them seems to be difficult but with the aid of this app you can easily discover their locations and get to know whether they’re telling the truth or not. One can primarily install the software onto it and then give away the mobile phones to their workforce. Although there are several companies that exclusively buys the vehicle tracking solutions but with this monitoring software you can track many more things than just their GPS locations such as call logs, text messages. In fact it can also uncover the truth of an disloyal employee who must have been leaking all the confidential information.

It has really become obligatory and critical to watchdog your staff for better productivity of your business and saving the hard earned money. If you feel that suddenly your business rivals are outperforming then you definitely need to check your accounts and confidential information being handled by your employees.

Besides the employee monitoring it can prove to be a great companion for the parents of teens. Teenagers love to hang around with their friends. Whether parties or group studies they would always want to stay with their friends. Hence it’s advisable to keep monitoring your child’s whereabouts and social nexus. All the parents who are perturbed about their kids online actions can now relax themselves by knowing their actions through this spy software.

Use Your Phone as a Bug or Recording Device

cell phone as bugging deviceLast but not the least, With the pro programs such as FlexiSpy you can use a mobile phone as a recording device. Once you install the software thereafter you can be enabled to hear all the conversations that are being made by your target user. Aside the bug feature it can also be used to dictate the important notes and memos for business meetings etc.. This feature can also provide a concrete proof for court cases. One can either use the live call interception option or record the calls and listen to them later.

Enhanced Aspects!

Hence, I hope that I’ve very well elaborated the uses of the spy software and made it clear that the spy app is not just used for monitoring the fundamental aspects but it can perform many more actions genuinely and in a legitimate manner.

You can anytime write me for any kind of queries or issues with regards to the mobile monitoring application, I will soon try to revert all! If you can think of any new idea or area of application where this application can be used then do mention it on the below comment section. I’m sure ideas must have started popping in your mind!

Cell Phone Spy Reviews – How to spot the Fakes?

Spy review websites are a good source to check the complete analysis of a spy software. However it’s important that one must be careful while reviewing a monitoring software as there are bright chances that you may get deceived by the fancy software review along with the misleading price deals.

Hence in this article I will be forewarning you with the most common marketing traps and deals. Don’t let yourself get disappointed by shelling out your hard earned money on a fake software. Therefore keep scrolling and learn to avoid the typical mistakes that you may commit while looking for an online spy application.

What Do You Want from a Review?

A review must contain the basic information of the software such as how does the product work, an advice on how to use it, why to use it or benefits of using the spy app, complete knowledge of fundamental and advanced monitoring aspects, pre and post conditions to help software work properly and effectively, special tips and features that are rendered by the spy vendor.

Apart from these elementary details you should also consider that the product is reliable and genuine. It should support a good customer care service that provides a toll free number, emails or live chat messengers. Also there must be a refund policy for special cases like technical error etc., wherein you can trust your money for not getting duped.

Why Cell Phone Spy Software Reviews are Important?

It’s always good to gain knowledge and get entirely familiar for the product that you’re scam alertplanning to buy especially the one that is present online. However reviews for the physical products aren’t a hassle as one can always go to a store and check the product multiple times to their satisfaction. Where the online products cannot be replaced or checked several times for self assurance hence the best one can rely upon are the review websites. And the good review sites incredibly and tremendously helps you in selecting one of the best spy app from the multiple applications available online.

Having read many articles and reviews for the monitoring software will urge you to question the spy vendor’s customer care center for the popped up doubts. And having your doubts answered by a good customer executive is one of the good signs of a spy software customer service. Hence this way a review site aids you in choosing a reliable and good application for monitoring your target user.

Choosing the cell phone monitoring software across the internet is little difficult as you will have to select a premium product from the multifarious product list. Also it’s an electronic product which means there will be no physical delivery of the software. Only a downloaded link would be given to you for installing a software onto the target’s smartphone. Hence it’s crucial that you pick the finest spy application.

In case you choose a poor quality software that you have to face the consequences like no refund policy, no assistance to resolve the technical or other software problem. Also there are many scams in the name of selling a fake monitoring software. Perhaps your requests and complaints will go in vain as such fraudulent companies are based in some other country where the laws and regulation might be different and hence you cannot do anything legally also.

So, with all the concocted deals one has to be very careful and watchful in selecting the spy app. It can only be done with the help of the real reviews! Let’s learn how to spot the real reviews online.

One can directly spot the websites with a Google search. Generally the cell phone spy review sites are broadly categorized in two ways. These are the –

  • User Generated Reviews or testimonials;
  • Straight-Up websites along with the reviews;

User Generated Reviews or Testimonials

Apparently the user reviews are the most valuable feedback for believing the credibility of the software. The genuine websites creates a special section where a user can provide the true feedback with regards to the product. Hence all the good and bad points can be noted to further improve the quality and service of the product.

All the big e-commerce websites like Amazon and more are accepting the users comments in context to the quality, delivery service and customer service for the purchased product. The idea behind including the comment section is to deliver the true information and assurance to the customer.

Unlike other software, the spy software is little different because it contains the squander user reviews on the websites. Perhaps you notice some kind of pattern for the testimonials like two out of five reviews are negative and three of them would be praising the software like anything. This game is actually played by the online marketers.

However the reviews are not always fictitious as there are genuine buyers who post the true-blue analysis and experience with the software. Hence it’s imperative that you spot the reviews that look real. And for this always inquest with these three questions – Who bought the product, Has S/He really liked the product that they’re posting a review about it on the website, Why would they do it?

Apart from these positive marketing strategies you may also come across the negative responses which might be favoring a Y product over the X product. Therefore always try to read between the lines! Which means try to locate the idea and mindset behind the said and written words in the user generated reviews. I’m sure you will be able to rightly spot the real ones.

Straight-Up Websites along with the Reviews

fake reviewsLike a regular blog or website these sites would look legitimate to you in the first glance. Carefully check out the website first –

  • How many articles/products are they reviewing?
  • Are there are many products that they’re reviewing or is it just the couple of products?
  • Do you find any relevant information with regards to the basic functions of the software and other related facts.
  • Is the piece of article providing any help or advice to you?
  • Also check for the comments posted by the real visitors and are they being answered by the admin?
  • Next is to look for the sidebar for the list of products.
  • Banners, links or advertisements uploaded by the software companies. Beware of the lots of links spread over the website. This must be a trap to let you avail the spy app.
  • Do check the site for the latest updates.
  • Do not follow the site if it’s updated 2 years ago or so and especially if it posses more than 10,000 followers on the social media platform like Facebook or YouTube.

Logically a small review website cannot have thousands of followers and it’s merely faked by shelling out few dollars.

The actual reviews can reveal most about the spy applications hence take couple of minutes to read and spot that has the product really been used by the user? Is it promoting 10-15 different spy products which are all included in the top notch list? Is there any kind of information and data which is not offered by the software vendor?

Because anyone can re-format the monitoring aspects and other information listed on the company’s website. Hence just relax, analyse and evaluate the complete impact that you get from the website. If you perceive that the user who has written about the spy app has never used the product then do not pay any heed to what they say.

Stay Cautious!

Seemingly the saddest truth is that it’s very difficult to discover a true, honest and decent website. It’s advisable that don’t just blindly believe everything you read online for the cell phone monitoring software reviews.

Wait and figure out what is the website all about. Infact you must evaluate my website! Do you think it’s loaded with hundreds of comments? Do you believe that my FlexiSPY review is real?

Learn how to avoid the scams and how to find the best spy software application programs.

How to Install Cell Phone Spy Software?

Installing a cell phone monitoring software in your target’s smartphone is certainly an imperative step to allow the software work correctly and flawlessly. However this process is not a tedious task at all if the mentioned instructions are carefully followed.

Yet there are some steps that one should keep in mind before installing the spy software onto the target’s smartphone. Therefore this article will help you know about all the essential things needed beforehand. So keep reading and learn the conclusive method to install the monitoring software.

Patience Is A Virtue!

patienceIn case you’re installing the cell phone spy software for the first time onto the monitoring user’s smartphone then it’s advisable to patiently understand the complete operation and thereafter get your hands on the target’s mobile phone. Rushing into the course of action will not be a good idea as you will plainly commit the simple mistakes which in turn will not let the software get installed correctly

Although embedding the spy app into the mobile phone is pretty simple and you do not require to be a technical expert. However if you will rightly ensue the below stated aspects then you can successfully set up the application in couple of minutes.

Every Software Is Almost Similar To Each Other!

As there are many spy software available online hence you would get perplexed to select the best one for yourself. Despite the fact that the working of all these software is not very different with each other perhaps the order of the steps may vary. Hence it’s imperative that one must comply with the specified details.

The difference actually lies in the number of spying aspects that a software vendor cater to its clients. The fundamentals of the software remains the same.

Following are the steps that one needs to perform while getting operative with the monitoring application.

1. Ensure the target’s smartphone is well compatible with the spy software.

2. Explore the different subscription packages along with the offered features that best suits your monitoring requirements.

3. Simply select the package and purchase the spy software.

4. Once you will buy an application thereafter you will receive an email which contains all the necessary steps to install the app.

5. You will also get other informatory details like account info and the download link for the software.

6. Now, register with the software company with the provided username and password.

7. Finally, download and install the software on the target’s smartphone. [Android, iPhone or Blackberry].

8. Now, you would be prompted for the unique ID. Enter the unique ID as provided to you at the time of registration.

9. Lastly, Restart the device and check the report settings.

10. You can also modify the settings as needed or required by you.

Therefore the above listed points are the basic framework for installing any kind of spy software. The inessential delay can be caused if any of the stated step goes amiss.

Inevitable Measures

Following are the few unavoidable actions that one needs to implement before setting up the spy software onto their target user’s smartphone. Avoiding these steps will lead to an unsuccessful and delayed installation procedure.

1. The physical access of the smartphone is mandatory – Without getting your hands on the target’s smartphone you will not be able to plant the spy app onto it. You might read about the remote installation procedure, however it’s not possible to install it remotely. So, beware of the false market tactics.

2. Jailbreak an iPhone – To get the software installed on any apple product you will first have to jailbreak it and then the monitoring app will be equipped in it. It is a mandatory process. However if you do not wish to jailbreak the iPhone then you can also select the mSpy without jailbreak plan. Keep scrolling to learn more about the wondrous monitoring of non-jailbroken iOS devices.

3. Root an Android smartphone – Unlike iPhone, it’s not compulsory to root the the device but if one wants to use the advanced spy features then rooting is required to perform. Whereas the basic features will work without rooting the device.

Do not get worried with the new technical terms! There are spy software companies like mSpy and Flexispy who will help you carry out these processes along with the software installation. And all the spy software companies have the customer support which entirely help you understand the process.

Also it’s advisable that you read the installation process guides on the various websites so that you get familiar with the method in advance. Get available all the mails and an access to the internet on the other device which is easily accessible to you like PC, Laptop etc.. Simply take some time and read the details carefully before performing the process.

How much time does installing spy software take?

time taken to install spy softwareAlthough the estimated time required to set up this spy software is approximately 7-10 minutes but all the amateurs may need little more time to help comprehend the framework first and then install it quickly by simply following the guidelines provided in the registration mail. Refrain yourself from opting the common mistakes and hence quickly install the application onto the target’s device.

Once you accomplish the task of equipping the software in the required smartphone thereafter the mechanism takes at least 10 minutes to upload the data and information on the online server. In case you cannot see anything in your dashboard then there’s a possibility that the monitored user’s smartphone has ample data stored in her/his mobile phone. Therefore it may take some time to get uploaded on the spy server.

It’s also advisable that once the software installation is done thereafter you must click the browser history and clear all the records from there such as the traces of the download link etc..

Control Panel

mSpy control panelTo view all the reports you will have to login the control panel of the website with the self created or provided username and password. You can also download the reports as and when required. All the data is stored with the date and time stamp. However the data that is fetched from the target’s smartphone depends upon the subscription package that you chose. You can undergo all the mobile actions like text messages, IM chats [WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Line etc..], multimedia folder, GPS locations, emails, phone book list and many more.

Apart from checking the details of the red marked user you can also control his/her smartphone remotely. Configure the settings within the control panel as some of the spy companies offer the block contacts option, mark the restricted area, activate alerts and notifications if the target is trying to contact the blocked contact or entering the area which are confined. You can also delete the software remotely as and when needed.

mSpy [Monitor Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices]

mspy no jailbreakSelecting the non-jailbreak spy program is indeed a good idea if you think that grabbing your target user’s iPhone is difficult or you’re afraid of carrying out the technical procedure then picking this plan is an appropriate choice for you. All you require is the iCloud credentials of the target user’s iPhone which is the username and password of their apple account. Entering these details into the pop window will open the secured secret doors of your loved ones text messages, photos, emails, chats and many more.

Just by obtaining these two details you can completely view their mobile actions that too without clutching their phone into your hands. Ensure that the iCloud backup is activated by clicking on settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Off/On. Also click on all the options that you would like to spy on. Depending upon the package you will be able to check the details in the control panel of your spy account. That’s it! It is a very simple process that can be followed to monitor the red marked user’s mobile activities in no time.

Is There Any Help Provided By The Spy Vendor?

All the good spy software companies provide the customer support to aid their clients right from the initial step. If you do not receive any informatory mail after creating your account or registering with the spy software application then directly contact the customer care service either through the mentioned toll free number, live chat or through email.

The technical support staff helps you at the time of installation. Else you can read all the detailed instructions that are available to you in the email. Do check the spam folder in case you do not find it in your inbox.

Lastly, I would like to say that this process is not complicated at all. It just requires little time and patience to get through it. However a step by step guide is little difficult to provide for all the famous spy software, yet I believe this article will help you in completely accessing the monitoring software without facing any kind of difficulty.

How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work?

A cell phone spy software is such an application that aids you in monitoring your target’s smartphone. In this following article I will be explaining, how a cell phone spy software works. Understanding the overall view and workability of the software will help you better comprehend the monitoring aspects of the software. Also all the frequently asked questions are answered in this piece of article. So just keep scrolling and learn more about the cell phone monitoring application and its overall course of action.

The functionality of the majority spy software remains similar. However the difference occurs in the innermost workings of the application such as the interface of the dashboard, setup for spy reports and other data recording format etc.. Let’s riffle through the initial step of selecting the monitoring software followed by downloading, installing and finally executing the software to monitor your target user.

The Broader View Of Spy Software Functionality!

Primarily you need to select the software that suits your monitoring needs and also should fall under your economic measures. To rightly choose the software package you need to first analyse the monitoring needs. What would you like to monitor on your target user’s smartphone. Such as the text messages, call logs, GPS location, stored multimedia or the online chat messenger applications like WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Facebook, Hike, Emails etc..
These spy software are majorly divided into the subscription packages like basic and premium features package. Therefore, inspect your monitoring necessities and choose the software package that best suits you.

Follow the Step By Step Selection Process

1. Look for the compatible software version – Although these monitoring applications are very well congenial with all the new and prominent operating systems yet it is advisable to check the spy software version along with the target’s smartphone.
Ensure the installed OS is updated with the latest version before installing the spy app onto it. In case you doubt the software compatibility then seek help from the customer care service provided by these spy vendors.

2. Purchase the application and follow the mentioned instructions – After buying a spy app simply keep following the stated set of instructions for downloading and installing the application on the monitored user’s smartphone. For installing the software it’s mandatory to get hold of the target’s mobile phone.


1. There is no such provision with which it can be remotely installed.
2. In case the target’s phone is password protected then you will have to discover the password and then carry out the installation process.

3. Check the recorded logs – Once the software is successfully installed thereafter you can check the spy reports by logging into your spy account with the assigned username and password. All the data logs get recorded in the dashboard which can easily be viewed by you at anytime and from anywhere. The activities that are recorded depends upon the subscription package that you chose.

Other Necessary Details You Need To Know!

1. Require Internet Connection – To let the software work efficiently you will have to have a good internet connection on both the devices. Either the WiFi or the mobile data plan must be activated on the target’s smartphone so that the data and information gets uploaded on the spy servers.

internet acess

2. Login Details – You will be provided with the login details [username, password] of the application at the time of spy software registration. Just log in with these credentials either on your own smartphone or on any other device to view the target’s spy data logs. It’s advisable to not share the credentials of the online dashboard with anyone.

3. Online Dashboard – Apart from viewing the target’s mobile details, the control panel or dashboard also helps you manage other account functions. Such as –

online dashboard

  • Download the spy report files. As subject to the selected software package you will be able to download any photos, recordings, videos, phone call logs or text messages onto your PC.
  • One can also control the target phone with the help of the dashboard. The aspects like lock or unlock the phone, record the audios, phone calls etc. can easily be done via dashboard. You will not have to access the target’s smartphone to perform all these operations. Even the software can be deleted.
  • Many more features can be achieved including the payment plans.


Spy software compatibility

As mentioned previously that the software compatibility is of utmost importance hence it is imperative that you check that the target’s phone operating system with that of the spy software.

Apple Devices

To access iPhone, iPad or iPod the device should be jailbroken. Without this process you will not be able to install the software onto the iDevice.

Android Devices

Unlike apple devices, Android devices do not need rooting. The basic features can be accessed without undergoing the process of rooting. If you want to access the advanced features of the monitoring software then it is essential to first root the target’s device and then install the spy app.

Are You Encountering Problems?

If the spy software you’re using is not giving you the appropriate results then you need to check the below mentioned points –

  • Compatibility problem;
  • Installation being done incorrectly in the initial stage.
  • Unreliable or Bad Internet connection;

Rectifying these issues will leave you trouble free from using the monitoring software.

I hope this article has helped you to have more clarity on the working of the spy application. For more details you can anytime contact me or leave a comment in the section mentioned below.

Cell Phone Spy Buying Guide

Cell phone monitoring software helps you discover the required information about your target user at anytime and anywhere. This software when gets installed onto the target’s smartphone it subsequently starts monitoring the smartphone.

There are many spy software companies present online, hence this article will aid you in obtaining the useful and necessary information to securely watchdog your child, spouse or employee. However all of them offers the same set of features yet there are many other things that needs to be undertaken before buying a spying application.

Keep scrolling to learn more about these applications in this cell phone spy buyer’s guide and help select the right one to start.

Selecting Which Product to Buy!

Selecting a spy product is the crucial phase and therefore one must keep up with the following research areas to help better decide the need of the monitoring software.

1. Software Compatibility – The spy software should be congenial with the target smartphone’s operating system version.

2. Range of Aspects – Check with the spying features that are essentially required by you.

3. Customer Support – This is one of the important factors to be considered while buying a spy app. A good customer support should be provided to help comprehend the functioning of the spy application.

4. Guarantee Rendered – The money back guarantee is only applicable under special circumstances that helps you save your money in case the software fails to work on the target’s smartphone.

1. Software Compatibility

Spy software compatibility

The spy software is compatible with all the popular brands like Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, Blackberry, iPhone, HTC, Nokia and many more that are running on either Android, iOS, Blackberry or Symbian operating system. Yet the prime step is to check the congeniality of the spy app with that of the target’s smartphone. Hence check the list of the supported phones or compatible smartphones page on the spy providers website. In case you do not see any information with regards to your target’s smartphone then contact the customer support and get your queries clarified.

However the software works irrespective of the cellular service provider but it is advisable to review this factor as well. it is observed that in some cases a smartphone brand with specific mobile network provider is incompatible and thus cause problem in monitoring the device activities.

2. Range of Aspects

It is crucial that you analyse the needs and requirement to monitor your target user’s smartphone activities. There are many features offered by these spy applications. These are divided into two categories i.e. Basic and Advanced features. If your core requirement is to track their text messages done through the IM chat messengers such as WhatsApp, Line, BBM, Facebook, Hike etc. then you should select the advanced subscription package. Following are the list of features with which you can keep track of the target user’s smartphone actions.

Instant Messenger Apps – Read all the conversations done through the Facebook, Snapchat, LINE, Viber, WeChat, Skype, iMessage, BBM, WhatsApp and KIK.

Phone Call Logs – Have the knowledge with whom is your target user communicating.

Address Book, Calendar records, Notes – Get well versed with their stored contacts, notes and calendar details.

Flip Through Their Multimedia Gallery – The saved photos/selfies, videos and music can be reviewed as well.

GPS locations – Discover their whereabouts with the aid of Google maps.

Applications – Keep track of the applications that are downloaded by your kids on their smartphones.

Record their Web Activities – The bookmarks and the history of web and locations can be checked easily with this monitoring software.

Password Cracker – This feature divulge the passwords of the social applications installed on their smartphones.

Listening And Recording The Phone Calls – The calls received or made by the target user can be eavesdrop by you at anytime. Also it can be recorded for your future reference.

3. Customer Support

customer support

It is imperative that the customer service rendered by the product should be high in quality. Along with the FAQs [frequently asked questions] and searchable knowledge base the live chat support and email support are the key ingredients to look before purchasing any of the monitoring application. Installing the software, jailbreaking an iPhone or rooting an android phone etc. are some of the problems where one is seeking help from the customer care. Some of the elite vendors have tied up with the special care team that with the help of video conferencing helps the users to successfully install the program or carry out the processes like rooting and jailbreak.

All your queries must be answered either through email services or toll free numbers or live chat sessions. It is advisable to chat with the customer executives before buying the app and get clear your doubts with regards to the compatibility, provided features, subscription packages and more. This way you will also get to know their services and how quickly they respond to you.

4. Guarantees Refund

Under the circumstances where the product fails to work due to some technical error perhaps some monitoring functions that aren’t compatible with specific smartphones. The money back guarantee helps you save your money in case the spy software is of no use to you. There are different policies and time period for money back guarantee however generally it is a 10 day refund policy that is offered majorly by all the monitoring software vendors.

Other Miscellaneous Details

Apart from the details mentioned above there are some more aspects that needs to be considered before purchasing the cell phone monitoring application.

  • Physical Access To The Monitored Smartphone – To install the software onto the monitored smartphone, it’s mandatory to have the phone into your possession. Without this you will not be able to use the features provided by the monitoring application. The remote registration cannot be done. Once you purchase the application thereafter open the download link provided in your registered mail ID on the target’s smartphone. All you require to do is just open the link and follow the instructions to start using the monitoring aspects of the spying software.
  • iPhones must be jailbroken – The spying application can be installed on an iPhone only after jailbreaking it. As this application is not available on the Apple’s appstore hence it can only be availed after jailbreaking it. Once the app gain the system level access of the iOS thereafter it start its process of monitoring the device of the target user.

NOTE – In case you do not wish to jailbreak the device then a software called mSpy has a new monitoring service that lets you spy the device without jailbreaking an iPhone. Therefore the iDevice such as iPhone, iPod, iPad can be accessed without setting it free from the manufacturer’s limitations i.e. jailbreak.

  • Access To The Internet – A good internet connection is needed to let these apps work correctly. To rightly fetch the information and data of the target user it is imperative that the reliable internet connection must be available on both the ends. Either WiFi or cellular data plan can be used. Ensure that your network provider must serve you the data plan in your cellular package.

What To Look Out For?

  • Make sure the spy software vendors aren’t luring you with the false advertisements by offering you the excess features.
  • This application cannot be installed remotely or through bluetooth. Physical access is necessary.
  • Check for the good customer support that can aid you with the product services and also look for the compatibility of the smartphone with that of the software.
  • Analyse your needs to monitor the target user and thereafter carefully choose your subscription package.

Therefore in the end I would like you to know that buying the spy software needs attention. Read as many good spy reviews as you can and hence cautiously evaluate your monitoring requirements and then select the spy app. Following are the reliable and genuine spy apps available which are also tested by me. mSpy, FlexiSPY, Mobistealth and Highster Mobile. These are well compatible with all the major operating systems and works perfectly.

So just get benefitted with this cell phone spying guide and select a right one for yourself.