8 Tips for Spying on a Cell Phone

With the presence of umpteen online monitoring applications that are equipped with the homogeneous set of features makes the person fall into dilemma. Every individual would like to select the best product to fulfil their monitoring needs and requirements and also wants to extract the most out of it. Along with the provision of several monitoring features one should keep the following aspects in mind before spying on a target’s cell phone.

1. Perceive the use of the cell phone monitoring software –

uses of spy software

It’s imperative that primarily you analyse your core requirements for spying your target user. If you just wish to spy their text messages, photos, GPS location and phone calls then you can easily select the basic package else you will have to choose the premium package that involves the monitoring of the online chat messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber etc.

Hence get to know about your target’s smartphone OS[Operating System] and its version and thereafter your needs to monitor him/her. Then, pick the appropriate subscription package from the popular spy applications.

2. Spy Software are permissible for rightful actions –

The cell phone spy application can be used for child monitoring, employee monitoring and spouse monitoring. Knowing the whereabouts and social nexus of a teenager is of utmost importance to the parents. Discovering that your child is not practising any obnoxious actions such as sharing his/her semi nude pictures on the famous social platforms or getting bullied by their foe. Also keeping an eye over the sensitive business information is crucial.

If you’re worried for the breach of the confidential information being done by the so-called loyal employee(s) then monitoring them through the employee monitoring software is absolutely correct. Apart from this it shouldn’t be used for invading an individual’s privacy for ones own fun or entertainment.

3. Verify that NO software installation traces are left –

Once you successfully install the spy software onto the target’s smartphone then make sure that there aren’t any icons left on the home screen. Also clear the web browser history that you’ve used to copy or open the link for the software download. However the reliable and genuine spy apps completely works under stealth mode but still it’s advisable to recheck once.

The files that appear on either android or iPhone are different hence one should enquire the same from the spy vendor’s customer care service. Keep following the executive’s instructions and then delete the installation files present in the target’s smartphone as advised.

4. Accumulate the complete spy data into a safer place –

Firstly check the data retention mechanism of the spy software provider. The spylog are generally saved into the control panel of your online spy account. If required the data can be exported into the XLS, CSV or PDF format. But what one needs to review is the backup capacity of the data. In case you’re trying to accumulate the spy data for the evidence to proof in some court case then you should be careful for this aspect.

5. Get benefit from the spy software if the smartphone is lost or stolen –

lost smartphoneIn case the expensive smartphone of the target user is lost or stolen then you can locate it by discovering its GPS location. Also the confidential data stored in mails or notes can remotely be deleted by you. You can also uninstall the software as and when needed or in case the phone isn’t recovered. The same software can be used on the other smartphone as well.

6. Safely save the login credentials with you –

Ensure that the provided login details are kept safe with you. The username and password for the control panel of your spy account shouldn’t be shared with anyone. Control panel is a place where all the spylog are saved. Apart from the login credentials also take care of the codes that are issued to you for accessing the spy software on the target’s smartphone. Losing these details will not allow you to access your target’s mobile phone.

However you can take the help from the customer care service in case you lose it. But it’s recommended to upkeep it and avoid the unnecessary delay in monitoring the cell phone actions of the red marked user.

7. Use persuasive measures where required –

In addition to the mainstream aspects offered by the spy apps one should look for the applications that renders the notification and trigger alerts option. For example you can set certain keywords like drugs, porn etc. or any phrases in the trigger alert option. If the particular keyword or phrase is clicked by the target on his/her smartphone then you will be notified for the same.

Similarly you can also set the notification alert if the circled person is moving into the restricted zone. As soon as the monitored person enters the restricted area, then you will immediately be informed through either email or SMS service whichever is registered with the spy vendor.

8. Explore the aspects of the cell phone spy software –

One can get their hands on all the aspects rendered by the cell phone spy software by initially selecting the premium short term subscription package. Also look for the money back guarantee policies in case you face any technical error with the product.

Other Necessary Details –

If you’re buying a spy software for android smartphone then it may be required to root to have the advanced software installed on it. However the basic software can be installed without rooting the smartphone.

If it’s an apple product [iPhone, iPad, iPod] then jailbreaking an iDevice is mandatory to either install the basic or advanced program onto it.

Lastly, The above mentioned 8 tips will prove helpful to you while you plan to buy any of the popular spy monitoring software such as Flexispy, mSpy or Mobistealth. Keeping these tips handy will allow you to successfully monitor your target user. I would also recommend you to read as many articles as you can to get familiar with the cell phone monitoring installation and execution programs.

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