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Spyzie Review – The World’s #1 Spy Phone App

We know you’ve been trying to pick up a great way to monitor someone’s else device and online activity. We’re also aware that this is normally a much more complicated task than it sounds, especially because most of us don’t really know what to expect from these apps and what source to trust. We bet you’ve run into many articles saying this or that tool is the best.

Moreover, you probably have heard a lot about Spyzie on these contents. The thing is: many articles you have access to on the internet are not independent. That means whoever wrote them has been paid to do so, according to certain guidelines, including saying the tool is or isn’t good. After all, there is a lot of competition when it comes to this sort of software.

So we thought about creating this ultimate guide to make sure you have everything you need in mind to take a clear and safe choice. And to make sure we waste no time, nothing is better than starting off from Spyzie main pros and cons, as well as a short and quite straight forward opinion on it.


  • One of the most known spy app for Android and iOS on the market
  • A historic of very well pleased customers
  • A good range of functionalities
  • Constant updates
  • Friendly interface and easy-to-use control panel


  • May not be the cheapest choice
  • Sync data isn’t the fastest in the market
  • Limited customer support


“If you do have some experience with spy apps and are looking into finding one capable of putting together a good mix of features at a reasonable price with safety and reliability, Spyzie may be a go-to solution for you. Otherwise, there are several other options you can find on our website, as well as their own full review.”

Now, if you need more information and detailed analysis, we’ve got you covered. But before we dive into these answers, we want to explain to you why you should trust what we say over the several other articles you can read around the internet.

Why Trust Us?

why trust us


We’ve mentioned why you should have second thoughts about what you read related to spy apps on the internet. But how does this not apply to ourselves? Easy. We’re independent. When you check our website, you’ll see we make reviews on pretty much every main spy tool there is around.

Another relevant aspect is that we bring both pros and cons and you’ll never see us recommending a certain application as if it was perfect to all circumstances and people. After all, we all know this is just impossible to happen.

The last but not least reason you should trust us has related to the content itself. Unlike other blogs and websites, we don’t write our reviews or any other type of content based on someone’s else opinion or text. We actually try the apps in our lab and gather information from the results and the official website. This is the most transparent manner to really give you the heads-up you need before picking your monitoring system.

Never thought about it, right? No worries, most people don’t. But we still find it the best way to bond with our audience: being honest and informative. We’re confident you’ll appreciate this after making your mind based on our articles.

Enough about this. Time to talk about the all-famous Spyzie review.

What is Spyzie?



Spyzie is one of the most famous spy app in the world.

Spy apps are tools developed to grant access to a determined device remotely and invisibly. In other words, it let’s you monitor and track someone’s phone without them knowing. Of course, as you might know, and will understand better as you read on, there are a lot of them and their features, prices and characteristics vary a lot.

The first thing to know is how Spyzie actually works. You know, we shouldn’t really purchase something people say it’s good without having a clue of what it is and what benefits it can really bring to our lives. To do that, it imperative that you know how it functions.

How does Spyzie work?

Think about Spyzie as a computer software responsible for registering every activity that takes place on a certain phone or tablet. That’s the key meaning behind it. Therefore the application will capture the data from one phone and transfer it to a cloud, which is accessible through a control panel.

Then, whoever subscribed Spyzie to be able to know about that data can just log into the platform and check whatever has been going on the monitored device. Of course – as spy app indicates – the entire process is both remote and fully undetectable.

Every few minutes, the control panel will be refreshed with the latest activities registered. The range of possibilities is intimately linked to the app itself and to the necessity of rooting and/or jailbreaking the target phone. No idea what that is, huh? No worries, we’ve got your back.

Download Spyzie from here

Rooting a phone

That’s the name we give to the procedure of eliminating the manufacturer’s restrictions on a phone or tablet. They can also apply to the restrictions an OS has. Usually, these limits are set to provide more security and prevent harmful software to be installed on your phone. However, this ends up finishing the possibility of installing every good app they believe you shouldn’t have, including the good ones.

It’s very polemic to discuss whether or not you should do it on your phone or on the target phone. But what is for sure safe to say is that the process is complicated and errors can result in irreversible damages to the device. So, it is always great if you can have the app you want, working without the need of rooting it.

Jailbreaking a phone

Guess what? This is the same thing as rooting a phone. The greatest difference is that rooting only applies to Android while Jailbreaking is specific to iOS. Obviously, the way they’re performed is also different, but this is irrelevant to our goal here. Just like we said about rooting, you might prefer to have good apps that run on regular iOS, no jailbreak needed.

This is the first thing to bear in mind. However, as we’ve anticipated, how good or bad a spy app is will also depend on its features, prices, and situations. So, let’s start with what you can have with Spyzie. It’s a long list, so take your time to understand and consider if these are exactly what you believe will come in handy to you.

Spyzie Features

We’d love to introduce you to the control panel to begin with. The reason is this will be the interface you’re going to be dealing with commonly if you choose to subscribe Spyzie. Although it isn’t really a tool itself, it’s vital to understand the activities on the target phone.

Control Panel

spyzie dashboard


This interface should be understood as a general report section. You’ll be able to have a glimpse of all the most frequent actions taken on the phone, despite if it is calling, messaging, or anything else. It’s a great way to understand how the person you are onto has spent her time on the phone.

The dashboard provides you with some overall information and refreshes itself automatically. In case you suspect a certain conversation you’re interested in is happening at that very moment, it also provides you with a refresh button on its top right corner to speed up the procedure.

But remember: although it does work, the speed at synchronizing data isn’t one of Spyzie’s greatest virtues. So it may take a few minutes, but it will be right there for you to read it. Some of what this dashboard will display is:

  • Device version and model
  • OS version
  • Most frequent called contacts
  • Last known location
  • List of features to be checked

Calling information and contacts

Calling information and contacts


No surprise here. We mean, you can’t have a spy app that isn’t capable of showing who the phone is calling or has received calls from. But Spyzie does a little more than that. It also shows some very helpful details that can give you a good picture of what is happening on the phone and with its owner.

  • Date and time → check out precisely when and at what time your monitored person has called or received a call from someone. This will give you a good idea of when the person is receiving or making those suspicious calls
  • Name and number → it would be of no use to know data and time if you didn’t have an idea of who was on the other side of the line, right? Well, Spyzie makes sure you do
  • Call duration → is your monitored person spending a few minutes or hours every day calling some number? This can tell you how interested he or she is in whoever is on the other side
  • Contacts data → how about knowing some other helpful details such as an eventual email the person can have associated to his or her phone. Maybe this will be an indicator that the conversation flow can be happening through email as well


sms and mms




SMS and MMS have been popular in the recent past. One could say it is no longer a thing since most people will have WhatsApp or some alike app as their one-to-go when text messaging. However, if you were doing something behind the curtains, don’t you think choosing a method “no one cares about” would be a good way to remain off the radar? That’s right! Spyzie also thought about this.

  • Full data monitoring → get to know who sent the text message, when it happened, and most importantly what’s in it

Tracking location

Tracking location


Via the latest technology, you’ll be able to know the monitored person’s exact whereabouts. Well, not really the person, but the phone. And you know, we simply can’t go anywhere without our phones nowadays.

And there is more.

  • Real time location → find out precisely where the person is whenever you like;
  • Whereabouts records → understand the most frequent places he or she does too, as well as the most common days and times those visits happened;

Browser history

browser history

Secrets can be hidden on websites instead of applications. For instance, a cheating partner can be arranging his online flirting on a popular chat website in order to leave fewer tracks. Now, if you verify that person goes every day to one of these websites and spends hours on it, that can be a crystal clear sign of something very wrong.

  • All browsers covered → it doesn’t matter if the target phone uses Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, or any other tool, Spyzie is able to register the history on all of them, even if the monitored person cares to exclude the history after using the browser.

Photos and Videos

photos and videos

Commonly, we receive a lot of media in photos and videos. And if someone is hiding something from you, there must be pictures or videos proof of it. Of course, they are usually going to be deleted or well hidden on the phone. But definitely not for Spyzie.

  • Photo gallery → whatever image that gets downloaded will be duplicated and available on your control panel, even if deleted on the phone;
  • Video gallery → it doesn’t matter if the person has watched or not the video. If it’s either sent or received, you’ll know. There is actually a preview of each video so you don’t really need to watch it in case it may disturb you too much;

Activities on Calendar

Maybe, whoever you’re monitoring isn’t too careful and has placed his or her next secret encounter on the phone’s calendar. It may be a little less likely to happen, but you don’t want to take chances, right? Spyzie is there for you.

  • Every calendar update → if any changes are made on the calendar, you’ll know it right the way, as well as the description the person has given to that event

General applications

general applications

Maybe, things are actually happening through an app, such as Tinder. Spyzie will make sure you know about every app installed or removed from the phone, as well as the time and date it happened.

  • Complete report → you’ll be able to know and research on each and every application the phone has ever used, as well as how often it happens, when it started, among other possibly crucial data;

SIM Card monitoring

sim location

There are two things about SIM cards you should consider. First, depending on your carrier and other aspects, the SIM card can hold some information itself, which wouldn’t be straight stored on the phone. The other thing is that one can simply change the SIM card every time he or she intends to do something secretly.

Yes, we’re sure you thought of it. Spyzie won’t let that happen.

  • SIM card data available → if any contact or alike information is stored on the phone’s SIM card, you’ll know it
  • SIM card change alert → you’ll get a notification every time the SIM card is changed on the phone, as well as its data

sim card notification



Truth is that whatever you’re looking for in terms of information can be spread all over the phone or carefully typed in few words in very specific apps. How to control it all? A keylogger is your answer. This is a tool capable of registering every and all keystroke, no matter the app the person is using.

Then, all collected data is organized and put in line so you can access it and understand every word typed on every application or website. This is the ultimate manner to literally know everything the person writes on the internet or the device.

Social Media

social media

This is by far the most useful feature on every spy app. It’s not complicated to find out why, since you probably can’t name a few friends or family members who don’t have any social media apps or accounts. Plus, all of those accounts are highly protected by heavy encryption, which prevents others from discovering what you’re up to and with who.

The list of apps and platforms covered is huge with all main ones in there. Here are some:

    • WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, LINE, WeChat
    • Messenger
    • Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat

All this information comes with details of the sender, receiver, time, date, and so on. It doesn’t matter if the person deleted the message after receiving or sending it, too late. Spyzie will have a copy and show you. You can actually choose to get a notification in some cases, such as WhatsApp.

Well, this is pretty much what you’ll benefit from with Spyzie. Now it is time for you to consider if this whether what you need or not. Moreover, try to analyze if what you suspect can probably be revealed with any of these features. Well, we honestly believe it can, as this is one of the most complete remote spy apps out there.

But, think about them and make your mind. In case it sounds good, let’s look at the investment you’re looking at.

Check all features of Spyzie from here

Spyzie Subscription Prices

Not only spy apps vary in features and prices, but their subscriptions also bring different options according to features, time of use, number of devices to be monitored, and so on. This is important so you can choose the best plan to your needs and make sure it is worth every penny. Let’s show Spyzie’s offers.

spyzie subscription prices


As the name says, you can’t expect to count on everything we’ve shown you Spyzie can do. However, this does have a decent number of functionalities that might fit your purpose in case you know specifically where to look or just want to have a lighter idea of what is going on someone’s else phone.

  • Price → $ 39.99/month | $ 59.99/month (3-month-sub) | $ 99.99/month (12-month-sub)
  • Main con → you won’t be able to monitor the social media, which as we’ve told before is likely to be the most important feature on the application
  • Other relevant info → this plan is only good if you want to monitor one device


This is the most complete plan you can get from Spyzie. Everything we talked about is on the table here. That is: it’s near impossible that whoever you’re willing to monitor will get away with his or her secrets.

  • Price → $ 49.99/month | $ 69.99/month (3-month-sub) | $ 119.99/month (12-month-sub)
  • Main con → still only good for one device
  • Other relevant info →there is a killer promotion at the moment dropping this subscription plan down to $ 9.99/month.


Just like the Premium alternative, but with the possibility of monitoring up to three devices at the same time. Note that this plan will work for families, corporations, and any other situation involving more than one phone.

  • Price → $ 69.99/month | $ 99.99/month (3-month-sub) | $ 199.99/month (12-month-sub)
  • Main con →N.A.
  • Other relevant info →although you’ll probably get more than what you need to monitor anyone you desire with the list of functionalities above, Spyzie and most of its good competitors keep developing new features every now and then. It may happen that some of the most advanced ones to come will require root or jailbreak.

There you go. Now you know everything there is to be known to form a reliable source. If you’re still not sure if this is what you’re after, let’s talk about the main folks this app will come in handy for.

Check pricing of Spyzie from here

Who’s Spyzie for?

For anyone looking into someone’s else phone or tablet, really. The large variety of features and high technology behind it will grant successful results for all sorts of the public in this need. However, there are three common target audiences to spy apps. If you fit in one of these, you’re in for a treat with Spyzie.

  • Cheating Partner → if you have second thoughts about your partner’s fidelity, this is the ultimate tool to get to bottom of it. It’s almost impossible that one will cheat on the partner without any tracks on their phone. This is quite useful to determine whether or not the person standing by you is a keeper or a waste of time.
  • Child protection → physically (by knowing your child’s location) or digitally through the vast number of functions available in Spyzie, you’ll have information and time enough to prevent anything harmful to happen to your kids, despite how serious it can get.
  • Corporate data → what happens if your company’s secret recipe leaks to some competitors? Hard to predict, but surely you’ll get some serious financial losses, right? Actually, the larger your business is, the greater this loss is likely to be. Tracking the corporate phones will make sure no one thinks about doing it.

If you got to this point, we’ll assume you’re interested and convinced Spyzie is what you need. Therefore, let’s show some of the technical elements, so you know how to proceed to purchase and install it, both in iOS and Android.

Purchasing and Installing Spyzie

Let’s start with Android, shall we?

Installing Spyzie on Android

The first thing you need to do is make sure you can download Spyzie without problems. In order to do that, you’ll need to follow some simple steps as follows.

1.Go to Settings


2.Tap Security


3.Allow Unknown Sources

unknown sources

Great! You’re almost there. Now it is time to make sure the Play Store doesn’t get in the way. Steps are just as easy to do.

1.Open your Play Store and tap Play Protect

play protect

2.Select the Setting icon on the top right corner

setting icon

3.Disable Play Protect

disable play protect

IMPORTANT NOTE: these procedures need to be done on the target phone. In other words, you’ll need physical access to it in order to download and install Spyzie. But this is the only moment that will be required. Every other process is completely remote.

Now, time to download it.

On our website, you can get a straight link to Spyzie official website. Purchasing is an easy task. You just need to click on purchase, fill in the blanks with your personal data and the payment information. After that, you’ll get a welcome email with a link to download it and your login and password to access Spyzie control panel.

Download Spyzie from here

Now, a bunch of permissions will be asked and all you need to do is activate everything the software asks for. No worries, it is very intuitive and won’t take long. Our estimation is that the entire process is no longer than 5 minutes with a decent connection.

That’s it. In the end, after installation, the application will have a Start Monitoring button and the feature to auto-hide it. You’re good to go. Now you can access the Spyzie control panel and check out all info from the target phone whenever you want to.

Apple’s time now.

Installing Spyzie on iOS

Apple is a little trickier in a sense. It is possible to install it without even downloading Spyzie, but there is a but. All you need to do was to know the iCloud ID associated with the target phone. Of course, we mean that after purchasing the subscription you like better.

Then, you’re good to go. The greatest thing about Spyzie on iOS is that you’ll get to install it on the target phone without any physical contact. On the other hand, you’ll need to know the credentials associated with that iPhone in order to make it happen. As you can think about, this might end up being a buzz kill and even tougher than just grabbing the person’s phone for a few minutes under some excuse.

That’s it. Now you have what it takes to make your mind without basing your decision on gossip and personal opinions. And as much as we keep saying you should decide for yourself as you’re the one who knows precisely what you’re looking for, we’ll give you our thoughts on this tool.

Our conclusion on Spyzie

All in all, Spyzie is a safe and powerful spy app to get to bottom of any questions you might be asking yourself about your partner, kids, or even employees. It does have a high tech on its entire process, safety to both sides of the equation and won’t make you miss too many features if you do for its Premium plan.

However, if you’re on iOS, there are better options you can find on our website for the reasons we’ve explained. Moreover, if you’re looking into a tool to start with and you have a tight budget, we also have lists of cheaper apps. Bare in mind that you’ll hardly (not to say never) find a tool that delivers premium quality as Spyzie does for a few bucks per month.

To give our content a proper closure, we also prepared a short but effective list of questions most users end up having when considering one spy app to solve their problems. Do take a look at it and if you still have an unanswered question, leave us a comment or contact us. It will be a pleasure to clear that out.


QIs it possible to install and set up Spyzie without physical access in any circumstance?

A→ On Android, there isn’t. When we speak about iOS, you won’t need physical access as explained. However, keep in mind that you’ll still need to know the iCloud credentials the person has associated with his or her iPhone.

QIs Spyzie dangerous to any of the concerned people and devices?

A→ No. Spyzie doesn’t alter any conditions of the target phone and it keeps working the same way, even if you decide to uninstall it later. No problem at all. Regard people’s safety, Spyzie will only display the information gathered to you, which grants the process is safe to all concerned.

Q Is there a free version of Spyzie?

A→ No. The subscription options are the ones above mentioned.

QIs Spyzie really undetectable?

A→ Yes. There is no way someone will find out about Spyzie unless you tell them.

Download Spyzie from here

We sincerely hope you now feel confident regard deciding whether or not Spyzie is the tool you’ve been wishing for. The app is a solid choice for most cases and its credibility and client satisfaction are noticeable. But as we always say, you’re the one who can think about what the application has to offer and consider if this is what you really need.

If not, no worries. Browse through our website where you’ll find a whole bunch of other solutions that are just a great fit for different clients and situations. Moreover, you can certainly rely on our reviews on all of them to finally be able to get to the bottom of whatever situation you’ve been through lately.

9 Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android

Have you ever wondered what your kids do on their phone or who they’ve been in contact with over the hours they spend on these devices?

Kids with phones and therefore a private online life are something common in these days. According to a study published by The Guardian revealed that in UK the number of children who has their own phone is up to 90%. Even more alarming than that, stunning 39% of these kids would say that they couldn’t live without their electronic friend.

This reality isn’t only happening in the UK, though. In the world, as Common Sense has showed back in 2019 that 53% of 11-year-old children already have their own phone. Number goes higher and higher as their grow older.

If you’re wondering what is wrong with it, you might get freaked out. For instance, a study found that about 1 in 7 (or 14.8%) of those between the ages of 12 and 17 had sent sexts and approximately 1 in 4 (27.4%) have received them. This is back in 2009. Can you believe it?

Of course, the problems and parents’ concerns go beyond that as sexual harassment isn’t the only threat here. There is moral harassment, bullying and much more. As internet access and social media gets more popular, it seems that criminals also get more room to work with.

So, as part of our contribution to help stopping this situation, we decided to bring you the best spy apps you can take advantage of to make sure your children is safe and sound, even when they’re online.

DISCLAIMER: these apps can also provide tracking and monitoring solutions to other circumstances, such as partners and loved ones surveillance or even company devices’ tracking. The final use is really up to you as they work perfectly to all these situations.

Let’s get into it right now.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What are Spy Apps?
  • How do they work?
  • What can hidden online spy apps do to prevent online harassment?
  • Best hidden Spy Apps for Android
  • Our conclusion

Ready? Let’s do it!

What are Spy Apps?

best hidden spy apps for android

If you’re new to these words, don’t worry. The name may sound bad, but the purpose behind is quite nobel. Spy apps are phone application someone can use in order to access a whole bunch of different data from someone’s else device.

Mainly, this means that you’d have an interface where you could take a look at several information the target phone has stored or accessed, as well as details such as time, sender, receiver, type of content, and so on. The entire process is remote and undetectable.

Sounds like magic? Well, it’s just tech. The good one that may easily save anyone’s children from serious trouble. After all, we can’t really blame kids for falling for criminals’ dirty maneuvers, right? We’ve seen adults doing so. Let’s put their modus operandi in simple words.

How do they work?

There’s a good deal of high technology involved. But just to get you an idea, after installed on the target phone, these apps make sure they get invisible. That means no icon or sign they’re there.

Every time the user access it and type, receives or sends something to another phone, a sort of copy of that file is instantly created and redirected to a cloud. The person who’s installed the app on target phone will be the only one with access to an interface where these data will be available.

As you can certainly imagine, this would give you a crystal clear glimpse of what your child has been up to and who his or her friends are. The sooner you learn about what’s going on, the fastest you’re able to interfere and prevent a major problem, if needed.

If you just though about the exact functionalities you’ll find on an Android spy app, we have the answer to that as well.

What can hidden spy apps for Android do to prevent online harassment?

Short answer is: deliver reliable information about your kid’s online life in real time, remotely. Can you name something more beneficial to the online threat? However, the resources of different spy apps can vary, just like their prices and subscription plans.

No worries! We’ve put together a comprehensive study to show you the best hidden spy apps for Android. But first, let’s show you a little bit of what may be considered basic functions a spy app can deliver.

  • GPS real time location;
  • Access to videos and pictures through the phone’s gallery;
  • Access to text messages, such as SMS;
  • The entire list of contacts and their respective details;
  • Access to browse history;

There is a lot more to explore. Some spy apps for Android may be as many as 30 different tools to offer a fully professional monitoring system. Best thing of all: most of them are designed for users like us – who are not necessarily pro at tracking or being a detective.

You’ll find many spy apps to consider online. But just as anything in the world, there are the good and the bad ones. So, here is the list with the ones you should really take a look at and decide which serves best your circumstances.

Best hidden Spy Apps for Android in 2021

As we’re talking about a product that is closely related to tech, it’s just logical to infer that the best or the worst of all changes year after year. Therefore, we’re bringing content up to date so you don’t end up making a poor choice based on a 2019 or older list. That is not to mention those lists made out of fabricated interests.

#1 – mSpy


The first one of our list is also one of the leaders in this niche. The app mSpy has been out there for over decade and has surely helped people from over 180 countries. The software is taken as one of the most complete ones, with a large over 30 tools to enhance monitoring.

As a matter of fact, this option leaves little to no room for the monitored child to go into some trouble without her parents knowing it. Lots can be done, as its very cool geofencing feature. This allows you to set an imaginary line on a map. Then, every time the monitored phone leaves that limit or goes into it (according to what you want), you’ll get an immediate notification. This grants plenty of time to prevent a real-life trouble for your children.

Of course, mSpy offers all basic features we’ve mentioned as well. However, as a premium choice, you’ll get a lot more. Another efficient resource mSpy has available for its users is a professional keylogger. This means you’ll end up discovering every word typed on your kids’ phones. Even greater than that, you can also set a group of words that if typed will make mSpy send you a notification. That’s what we call keeping an eye on your child.

Now, if price is what you have in mind right now, mSpy is again a good candidate. That’s because the app has some very interesting options. There is the basic plan to begin with, which offers a good set of tools for only $ 29.99/month. It’s very unlikely that you’d need more features to get the job done.

However, if you’re onto tracking a device to its deepest aspects and the most professional manner available in the market, the premium plan is your go-to subscription. Its price is set at $ 69.99/month, but there are good discounts if you pick a longer plan, like three, six or even twelve months.

In order to assist you with the best-quality info available, we’re going to list what we find awesome and what we find not that good about this application.

Pros OF mSpy

  • Over 30 features that will make sure no data escapes from your eyes;
  • Innovative and exclusive features constantly updated by mSpy’s team;
  • 100% undetectable software;
  • Good flexibility when it comes to subscription options;
  • Powerful keylogger capable of delivering every key stroke on the target phone;
  • Best client support ever in the niche, with a 24/7 available schedule;

Cons of mSpy

  • Monitoring multiple devices require special (and more expensive) plans;
  • Although this an easy-to-use application, there are better options in this sense;

Download mSpy for Android

#2 – Flexispy

flexispy android

Now it’s time to introduce you to Flexispy. This is a very resourceful tool capable of delivering a good mix of features. Certainly, a solid result if your children being safe is your goal here.

One of Flexispy cool thing is capacity of delivering some of the most premium features even if the target phone isn’t rooted. That means you don’t need to break the manufacturer’s limits in order to get Flexispy to its max use.

The most powerful possibility Flexispy offers in our humble opinion is call record. With this, you can actually listen to real conversation which will definitely leave no room for doubt when trying to understand what is going on with your son or daughter.

Obviously, you’ll also have access to all those basic features. Another useful resource is the ability to turn the target phone camera on and therefore have actual image of what and where your kid is. How powerful is that?

The list goes on and on and the limit is the plan you choose. As we said, no need for rooting in order to get a great tracking solution. However, there are some extra in case you decide to root your kids’ phone, such as call interception, with the EXTREME plan.

Talking about plans, we have the LITE, PREMIUM and EXTREME models. Prices are $ 29.95/month, $ 68/month and $ 199/three months. You can also change different periods for the plans, always saving some good money when you choose longer subscriptions.

Pros of FlexiSpy

  • Powerful features without rooting;
  • Credibility as one of the most known spy apps in the market;
  • Remarkable interface really easy to use;
  • Good flexibility in terms of subscriptions;

Cons of FlexiSpy

  • Price can become a factor in case you’re looking for a one month period;
  • No discount for choosing LITE plan, even if you want to stick with it for a long period;

Download Flexispy for Android

#3 – Highster Mobile

highster mobile android

Highster Mobile is getting a lot of attention recently. There are many reasons to explain that since this is a powerful hidden spy app for Android, even though it is still fairly new in this business.

With Highster Mobile, you can expect to have a good all-round solution for your monitoring task, which may not gather the so-to-speak super premium features, but will surely deliver a lot more than most people need to ensure their kids are safe and sound.

For instance, every basic tool is present here (which would probably be enough for most of us), but there is a list of fancy extra resources as well. You can have a look at every main social media account the target phone has and its respective content, photos, texts, videos, you name it.

Another positive point here is regard Highster Mobile great compatibility, which grants its operational status even for the not really new phones. So no need to spend extra money with a brand new device to your kids.

Regard business models, there is basically one: you pay once and get free access to all its functions, forever. However, related to functionalities of the plans, you can go with either the Basic for $ 2.99 or Pro for $ 6.99. All updates will be free.

Pros of Highster Mobile

  • One-time payment for a life-long usage;
  • One of the best prices you’ll find out there;
  • 100% undetectable software;
  • Decent features available without root;

Cons of Highster Mobile

  • May not offer the most powerful tools, such as turning on the target phone’s camera.
  • Depending on how deep you need to go to make sure your kids are safe, this may lack a little in the sense of resources;

Download Highster Mobile for Android

#4 – Spyic

spyic android

Even you take a look at the news related to this field here and there, you might not have heard about this app. However, you should, as this is one of the very promising hidden spy apps for Android.

The greatest point here is how intuitive this tool is. Definitely one of the best! According to their official websites and proven by our tests, it won’t take longer than 5 minutes to download, install and get the app ready to go. Incredible speed!

Also, this might just be the best option if you feel like you could have some trouble understanding this type of tool. Really, it’s as simple as using some of the vary well-known apps we have at the moment, like WhatsApp or Instagram. By the way, checking social media is one of the best things this app can do for you along with the basic features you already know about.

But you’ll also count with a robust keylogger, browse history access, call logs and some other nice additions. Another great thing is how flexible they are when subscriptions are concerned.

You can subscribe a Basic Plan or Premium. First one is $ 39.99/month and second one is $ 49.99. However, if you decide to stick with them for longer periods, you can save good amount of money with it. And if you need a product to monitor more than one device, there is the Family plan at $ 69.99 for up to three phones.

Pros of Spyic

  • One of the most intuitive software in this niche;
  • Good variety of plans;
  • Very fast installation process;
  • Family
  • y plan at great price;

Cons of Spyic

  • Basic plan is very simple and overpriced when compared to its peers;
  • Although there are a good variety of functionalities, some premiums aren’t available just yet;

Download Spyic for Android

#5 – uMobix

umobix android

Another new player, uMobix has been conquering the market with its innovation. One of the most respected and desired one is regard spying TikTok. That’s right! Even the new phenomenon hasn’t escaped from uMobix monitoring and is available to you at all times.

This is quite relevant as you know how much time people spend on TikTok. The number gets really higher if you consider kids. As you also know, TikTok provides a way for its users to communicate among themselves, so…

You also get a good keylogger, access to gallery, contact details, call log, GPS location and much more. Do you want to know another innovation? What happens if your child search for some sort of content through a private tab on his or her browser? Well, most likely you won’t find it out, right? Wrong! At least if you’re using uMobix.

Regard pricing, uMobix doesn’t offer that much of options. There are the Basic plan at $ 29.99/month and the Full at $ 59.99/month. As you’ll notice most of them offer, you can get better deals if you choose a plan for a longer time, like three or even twelve months.

Pros of uMobix

  • Innovative features;
  • Constant updates;
  • One of the fastest at updating the content captured to their platform;
  • Quickly becoming more and more popular;

Cons of uMobix

  • Prices aren’t exactly the best, especially for short-terms;
  • Although some powerful features are available and other will come, some of the basic seems to be lacking at the moment, such as bookmarks;

Download uMobix for Android

#6 – Cocospy

cocospy android

Keep exploring the new apps in this market, we have Cocospy. The reason it is here on our list is quite basic, but not accomplished by many others that didn’t make their ways to here: Cocospy works very smoothly.

That means it does deliver everything it promises. So from a good keylogger, contact details, access to all main social media, browse history to tracking location, blocking apps and websites among other functions, it works very well. Easy, fast and effectively.

If you’re the straight-to-the-point kind of person, this might suit you perfectly. It won’t take you long to understand everything about it and get yourself ready to go. Every step of purchasing, setting it up and using were amazingly easy to perform. We’d say your kid could do it.

Price comes in three different numbers as the chosen plan. Basic at $ 39.99/month, Premium at $ 49.99/month and Family (up to 3 devices) at $ 69.99/month. Again, prices get incredibly lower if you pick longer periods.

Pros of Cocospy

  • Great discounts at long-term subscriptions;
  • A well-round hidden spy app for Android that just delivers it;
  • Smooth use and intuitive interface;
  • Great for family since with its exclusive plan that can be as little as $ 16.66 per month for three devices for one year;

Cons of Cocospy

  • There are premium features not available;
  • Short-term plans may be expensive when compared to its peers;

Download Cocospy for Android

#7 – KidsGuard Pro

kidsguard pro android

Back to the dinosaurs or the spy apps more famous, we can’t leave KidsGuard Pro out of our list. This application seems to have thought about everything a parent would wish for when tracking his kids online movement.

The word Pro isn’t here for nothing, as KidsGuard is positively one of the best apps in this market. Beyond its extensive list of basic features, the app has three major highlights we’ll talk about.

First one is how it gets premium tools and usually are only available for rooted phones to work perfectly on phones without root. This allows you to take advantage of resources like call recording, which is probably one of the most recent ones at the moment.

Another relevant highlight here is regard its keylogger. Accurate and very sharp, it didn’t fail once on our high demanding tests. We can state that no word will be typed without you know about it, despite the platform or app.

Before going to prices and plans, we can’t leave its capacity to get every single info out of all social medias. If Instagram is you child’s thing, you’ll know everything about DM, Story, Likes, videos and anything else he or she does or watches. The same goes to pretty much all other social media.

Impressively, pricing is not too different from the major ones on our list. You can get the one, three or twelve-month plan. Prices are $ 29.95/month, $ 16.65/month and $ 8.32/month and they all onboard every feature the app has available (lots!).

Pros of KidsGuard Pro

  • Probably, the most complete experience without root;
  • One of the largest number of functionalities;
  • Amazingly cheap if you subscribe the twelve-month-plan;
  • Solid keylogger;

Cons of KidsGuard Pro

  • There is no plan with basic features (and lower prices) in case you don’t need that much of horse power;
  • As every super complete app, this is not as intuitive as others on our list (doesn’t mean it’s hard to use though);

Download KidsGuard Pro for Android

#8 – Hoverwatch

hoverwatch android

Another big guy. Hoverwatch gathers more than most people would expect in terms of tracking and monitoring phones remotely. Totally undetectable (the battery and processing performances weren’t dropped at all on our tests), this might be one of the safest choices.

Pro at taking screenshots of the target phone anytime you want, this guarantees you know exactly what’s going on. And with proof! The app is also very good at monitoring and capturing instant messaging apps, such as Viber, WhatsApp and alike.

As you would think, this does not mean it doesn’t offer all the other basic resources we’ve mentioned. Hoverwatch makes it to a high post when it comes to the most complete apps in the sense of features, for sure.

Another perk: prices are a bargain.

You can pick from three plans: Personal, Professional and Business. Prices are $ 29.95/month, $ 49.95/month and $ 149.95/ month. Professional plan allows you to monitor up to 5 devices while Business plan goes up to amazing 25 devices.

Pros of Hoverwatch

  • Impossible to leave the Professional plan number of devices, as it suits most families;
  • Prices get really low when you go for the long-term;
  • Reliable and very known in the market;
  • Great customer support;
  • Constant updates;

Cons of Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch works a little different than most of it competitors as it just delivers a whole bunch of information, not allowing you to pick the exact feature you want to use all alone at a certain moment.

Download HoverWatch for Android

#9 – iKeyMonitor

ikeymonitor android

Another well-known software than you can find a lot more info on our website. This application won’t fail you and is totally optimized to deliver solid results at a fast pace (the real definition of real-time).

The app is another great option for those who don’t want to put their phones through root as it delivers an endless number of premium features working on regular phones. It’s even possible to access the target phone camera or hear the surroundings through the mic. Impressively accurate and resourceful.

This may be one of the most famous hidden spy apps for Android and the variety of functions combined with an intuitive and friendly app is just the answer to its fame. We can’t think of a single functionality you’ll miss by subscribing iKeyMonitor.

Price-wise, it’s another stunning news as there is a Free plan (yes, totally free) and a Full plan, which costs $ 29.16/month and counts with every single feature.

Pros of iKeyMonitor

  • One of the most complete tools especially if root is off the table;
  • Listening to the surroundings is a very effective feature;
  • Decent price for the large number of functions;
  • Friendly interface compared to some other well-rounded apps;
  • Free trial for 3 days;

Cons of iKeyMonitor

  • You can’t get a discount for long-term subscriptions;
  • Although there is the Free plan, you should not expect to get much out of it. This is just a taste of the app, over the possibility of actually experiencing a spy app.
  • So now you know everything you need to select the option that best suits your needs. Time to our last thoughts.

Download iKeymonitor for Android

Our conclusion

If the apps you’re thinking about subscribing are here on our list, they are a good choice. Really, what may make one better than the other is your particular situation, such as the period you want to count with them or how deep you’re thinking about digging.

Therefore, just take a nice and slow reading especially on Pros and Cons and price information to make a clear decision. If you need more information on a certain app, you can just browse around our website and you’ll find comprehensive reviews on all of them.

Now, it’s time to make sure you children is safe.

8 Best Spy Apps For iPhone Without Jailbreak

You probably have heard of digital violence before, as the number of crimes originated on the internet has grown a lot lately. It’s no secret that the major targets are children and teenagers. The variety of these problems range anywhere from bullying to sexual harassment and the consequences are frequently tough for kids to overcome.

Why are we talking about this? Because we want our audience to have the best resources to prevent this situation in their family.

As Android is currently the responsible for the largest market share when we consider phones and tablets, researching reliable sources to help enhance your kids’ iPhone security is usually a much harder task than one might think. Well, this issue stops now.

Here’s our table of content to assist you making sure your children and loved ones remain safe:

• Introducing Spy Apps for iPhone
• How do Spy Apps work?
• What is jailbreak?
• 7 Best iPhone Spy Apps Without jailbreak in the market
• Our final thoughts

As you can see, we’ll start off introducing you the ultimate solution against all digital crimes among other issues, such as cheating partners, corporate Cybersecurity and so on. If you feel like this may be too technical for you, we’ll make sure you’ll need to think again. That means you’ll not only get the information, but also get it in a simple and effective manner, so it is possible for you to take the next step and get everyone you love digitally safe.

Time to begin our journey.

Introducing Spy Apps for iPhone

In a very generic speech, spy apps are a type of application focused on allowing one person to get access to information from a certain device – being mainly a phone or a tablet. At first glance, this doesn’t sound too impressive right? But it is.

Thing is: the person we’re talking about could get access to any phone, not necessarily his own. On top of that, this monitoring system is completely undetectable and all information captured gets available to that person in real time and remotely. How does it sound now?

This amazing delivery has made spy apps quite popular for a series of reason, as we’ll walk you through the main ones right now.

Reason why you should have a spy app for iPhone

Before we dive into this, keep in mind that these are just examples. The use of a spy app can vary a lot according to someone’s needs. Therefore, if you believe what you’d like to get is within the features and reach a spy app has, you’re ready to get one. Later on, as you’ve seen on our table of content, we’ll show you the best ones around.

• Parenthood → being a parent has never been an easy mission. However, internet has just made it a little harder in a sense. After all, the large number of websites, messaging apps and social media have turned into a no-man-land in terms of content and regulation. Of course, criminals are ready to take advantage of that;

• Cheating partners → it doesn’t matter if you’re talking about a girlfriend, a boyfriend, or even married people: we are all way to insecure when it comes to relationship. Again, internet has made it easy for someone to start flirting with another person without anyone else can see it. Have you ever though what your husband or wife does on his or her phone all night long?

• Corporate secrets → a lot of money is in information nowadays. Therefore, companies have been attempting to protect their most sensitive data at all costs. However, in the end of the day, we all know someone – an employee – will need to have access to it in order to make the company run, right? Who can assure that person won’t sell those precious data to a competitor?

Does any of these cases ring a bell? If it does, you’re about to wipe it off your mind with this article.

In order to proceed, it’s time for you to understand how spy apps work, now that you know what they are that they’re a real thing, despite sounding like magic.

How do spy apps work?

spy apps working

The technology behind them is quite sophisticated, but we’ll try to put it simple. Basically, there’s a whole structure with highly trained people and a lot of other resources that can capture every data that goes into or out of a phone and send it to a cloud, reachable through a control panel.

Think that every time the monitored phone, let’s say, receives a SMS, the entire content as well as its information is instantly copied and sent to this cloud. The person who signs one of these app will have access to that data whenever he wants.

On the other hand, the person who’s being monitored won’t have a clue about what is happening.

This is only possible thanks to Apple’s iCloud backup. Every time the automatic backup takes place refreshing the content, the spy app for iPhone also works and intercepts the file, copying it. The good thing about this is that you won’t need physical access to the target phone in order to install your spy app, unlike what happens with Android phones.

All you need is to know the Apple’s credentials associated with the iPhone you want to monitor and to be sure the device’s automatic backup is active. Don’t worry! Most of iPhone’s have that activated.

There is a large variety of feature a spy app for iPhone can have. It depends on the one you choose. But before we show these features and the ones we consider to be the best available at the moment, we need to talk about jailbreak. It’s on our title and most people still don’t really know much about this word.

What is jailbreak?

What is Jailbreak

As every product in the world, phones have limitations. It can be regard battery, processing capacity, compatibility to certain software among others. The thing is that these limitations don’t always have to do with actual hardware power to execute over these barriers.

They mainly obey the phones manufacturer’s interest. For example, do you think iPhone can’t run any Android app for lack of power? Well, we don’t think so either. But it is obvious that Apple wants you to keep yourself and your financial resources within iOS world. This is just much more profitable.

Of courses the reasons may be different according to the limits imposed. For instance, some of them are related to the device’s integrity. That is the manufacturer wants to make sure harmful apps won’t be able to be installed on the phone. It works as a sort of native defense system.

And what does jailbreak has to do with it? Well, that’s the name of the procedure you remove those limitation from your iPhone and thus those native defense system as well.

We won’t discuss here if this is a good or a bad decision. What is important for you is that this procedure demands technical knowledge and can harm your phone if not properly executed.

Moreover, using a phone with jailbreak can also represent problems if you don’t know exactly what you’re installing and accessing through it.

So, for the record, it’s a lot safer to use an iPhone as it is. Therefore, we’ll focus on how to spy on iPhone without jailbreak. This is also more likely to be your situation. In addition to it, even if the iPhone of your target has been jail-broken, the apps will work fine. Actually, they will even have more features available for you to use.

Now it’s the time: What iPhone spy app without jailbreak to choose, right? Well, here is your go-to list.

8 Best iPhone Spy Apps Without jailbreak in the market

In order to make sure you get the best list available on the internet, we went a lot beyond researching the official sites and other tech blogs. How? Well, we’ve tested all the most famous ones on our labs. Here is the result.

#1 – mSpy


This application won’t be out of any quality list. Numberless options for a complete tracking and monitoring system with a world-class customer support has made mSpy one of the favorite spy apps for iPhone.

With this tool, you’ll be able to check every text message, go into all social media accounts associated with the phone, check emails, browse history, photo and video gallery, block apps, learn the current location the phone is at and much more.

One of its most desired function for parents and cheating partners is geofencing. This allows you to set a perimeter where the target phone isn’t supposed to either go in or leave, according to what you want. Whenever that happens, you’ll get a notification on your phone.

The highlights also go to the professional way it works. On our tests, mSpy were able to deliver everything it promises in a very fast pace and totally undetectable. Phone’s performance wasn’t altered at all.

Of course, nothing in life is perfect. So here is a comparison of what we liked about mSpy and what we believe could be better.

Download mSpy for smartphone Without Jailbreak

#2 – Highster Mobile

highster mobile iphone

This is a much younger player on the market. However, its performance was outstanding. The application has a good range of features which makes it possible to access every contact detail on the target phone’s list, SMS, all messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Viber and Kirk, not to mention the social media.

What made us fall in love with the app was the fact it makes every one of its functions available to use on iPhone without jailbreak. So no frustrations at all here. Highster Mobile also had an excellent overall performance with guarantees you’ll not get caught by any means.

Another cool thing is that Highster Mobile doesn’t require a monthly subscription. That’s right! You pay once for it and the service will be provided forever or for as long as the software is out there, obviously.

Is it perfect? No, of course. Here’s the Pros and Cons.

Download Highster Mobile for smartphone Without Jailbreak

#3 – Spyic

spyic for iphone

Here is another fresh candidate to solve your problems. Spyic has been investing a lot lately in making the application more comprehensive in terms of functionalities. Since we’re talking about an easy-to-use software, this shall make him a very solid decision.

Regard what you can do with Spyic, the variety of features go from the basics, such as contact details, location via GPS, access to SMS (both sent and received) to some more premium, like access to all documents and media on the phone and activities noted on the target calendar.

We really enjoyed how the keylogger is well organized. Every key stroke is properly put in sequence in easy-to-read reports, showing if it happened on a website, app or wherever it was, not to mention details like time and day. Really useful to find out more regard researches your kid, partner or employee have been doing lately.

Download Spyic for smartphone Without Jailbreak

#4 – CocoSpy

cocospy for iphone

CocoSpy could be described as one of the best light monitoring apps. Don’t get us wrong, it gets the job done well, but it doesn’t bring that heavy artillery some competitors do. However, it’s got enough to make sure you get to bottom line when trying to make sure everything is alright on your kid’s or partner’s virtual life.

Being lighter in features do bring an advantage as well: the app is super fast at synchronizing the captured information and making it available to you. You’ll instantly get to know everything about the monitored person’s email, gallery, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and much more.

One cool thing is that Spyic has been positive mentioned by several big companies as a good choice for tracking iPhone. One example? The New York Times. That should speak for itself.

The company also offers several different options for you to subscribe it and you’ll certainly find something that just feels right for your pocket.

Pros and Cons? Sure.

Download CoCospy for smartphone Without Jailbreak

#5 – Spyzie


How about another big player? Spyzie will never be left out of a list if we they keep up the good work. The application offers a large range of functions and is completely compatible with iOS. Maybe, one of the best in this sense.

However you’ll be able to check emails, contact list, all sort of messages, gallery, social media and so on with Spyzie, the real juice is at tracking location via GPS. The reason to explain this is that Spyzie will let you use an inside Google Map in order to get a better insight of what’s going on. Not only that, you’ll also get vital info related on how long someone’s been at a certain location, how often and much more. Amazing, really.

You can expect a smooth experience overall, very characteristic from the most solid spy apps for iPhone on the market. A real good choice, definitely.

But, there are aspects you can find better options depending on your case, of course.

Download Spyzie for smartphone Without Jailbreak

#6 – uMobix

umobix iphone

The uMobix app has a few secrets to convince you. And they’re just absolutely amazing. Beyond the basics and more common features you’ve noticed most of them have, uMobix also delivers two special and unique functions:

• The ability to access the browse history even if the target phone uses a private tab;
• A resourceful TikTok monitoring system capable of letting you take a look at absolutely everything about that person’s account;

So if TikTok is a big thing on your child’s life, this may be the way to go. The results we had regard uMobix performance were robust and it’s very unlike that you will experience any problems when operating it.

Being able to offer a view of every sort of type messages, social media, gallery, among other functions, the truth will be revealed to you for sure. A good way way to bring your peace of mind back.

As you know, there are a few things better than others here as well.

Download uMobix for smartphone Without Jailbreak

#7 – KidsGuard Pro

kidsguard pro iphone

As the name suggests, KidsGuard Pro is awesome if your goal is to protect your children. We don’t want you to think it can’t help you at other tasks, but this is its specialty. The set of tools it offers is constantly updated and fully focused on getting all info you need on you kid’s virtual life.

In order to accomplish this mission of helping parents, KidsGuard Pro offers a complete view of every source of communication your child may have on his or her phone. Despite if he or she is the type that spends hours on Facebook, Instagram, or who loves sending and receiving WhatsApp messages, or yet those who browse around the internet for dubious content, KidsGuard will keep you posted.

The location via GPS is also precise to make sure your children is where he or she says so. With all these possibilities and an intuitive interface, you won’t spend more than a few minutes everyday to guarantee you know every relevant thing about the monitored person.

Our Pros and Cons for KidsGuard Pro.

Download KidsGuard Pro for smartphone Without Jailbreak

#8 – iKeyMonitor

iKeymonitor iPhone

Our list comes to an end with iKeyMonitor. This is also a very well-known software capable of easily provide every tool you need for a complete monitoring task. As some other options on our list, iKeyMonitor has a secret to surprise whoever you’re monitoring.

That is the ability to monitor even considerably less common applications, such as QQ, WeChat (not common if you step out of China, obviously), IMO and HIKE, to name a few. This is not only something a lot of its competitors will fail to accomplish as it may be key to get to your goal, if this is one of the apps you children, partner or employee shares their secrets, right?

Regard the rest of the features, you can count on good keylogger, access to all the basic you’s expect from checking our list and some of the more premium features, like listening to the surroundings. A blast to use, really.

And our Pros and Cons.

Download iKeymonitor for smartphone Without Jailbreak

So, now you’re ready have your piece of mind back, despite what situation made you look for a solution the spy apps for iPhone can offer. Before you try out our links and make the most effective purchase for your case, let’s warp it all up with our conclusion.

Our final thoughts

Choosing a spy app for iPhone can be tricky. The first problem is that we usually don’t know much about these apps until we’re already using one of them. Therefore, when we research the topic on the internet, we end up vulnerable to a lot of crap content that may induce us to make a poor decision.

That is no longer a problem if you’re one of our readers.

However, picking the right one out of our list is really a very close call. They’re all great and some very specific aspects may turn one better than the other for your exact situation. So we highly recommend you take your time, read this article more than once, check what you need the most and then use the link to your favorite ones.

If you need more info on one specific spy app here, you can also browse through our website, where you’ll have very comprehensive articles and reviews on all major spying tool the market has to offer.

Now, go get your family, company and kids safe.

How To Spy On Live Phone Calls and Record Surroundings

Do you remember the old days when people used spies? There was someone who followed people, tried to know who they were meeting and what they were doing. Now, things have changed and the aforementioned method isn’t really effective. People have started talking to others via Phone than they do in person. This is quite evident if we are talking about businessmen or some other corporate people out there. That said, we have access to some superb options.

Won’t it be awesome if you can listen to the live calls one receives or makes — instantly? Yes, we mean that you can become an invisible member of the call and listen to the whole conversation. There is a technology that you can use for the purpose — namely ambient call recording app for Android and iPhone. Unlike most of you think, it’s an easy-to-use tech, even if you have no previous experience with it. In this article, however, we will tell you how to listen to and intercept live cell phone calls on iPhone and Android.

Why Listen to or Intercept Live Cell Phone Calls?

As we said earlier, it’s the perfect way to understand what a person is doing or speaking. Suppose you are a parent who wants to know what your children are talking about. You might also want to know whom they’re in contact with. On another scenario, you can be an employer, who doubts some particular employees. You are doubtful whether they are leaking some confidential information about company to the outsiders.

In both the cases, you might have hired a spy — but that’s the story two decades back. Now, quite notably, you can put your employees or children under spying. It means that their phone will be monitored all day & night, giving you the necessary insights. Along with a lot of tracking information, you can have the benefits of Live Call Listening and Call Intercepting.

Here, we are going to focus on the process of Listening to Live Calls and Call Interception. Thankfully, it works on both Android and iPhone, and you don’t have to worry.

The Solution — FlexiSPY Extreme

In case if you do not know, FlexiSPY is one of the most popular solutions for smartphone monitoring. It works fine for Android and iPhones, quite seamlessly. Personally speaking, this is a service that we love to use and to recommend. Although it’s a bit expensive, the features are something incomparable. We haven’t yet been able to find such advanced features in any other smartphone monitoring programs out there.

And, yes, as you would have guessed, FlexiSPY comes with Live Call Listening and Intercepting features. It’s to be noted, however, that the feature is available in FlexiSPY Extreme only. It is also worth noting that you have two major options in FlexiSPY. You can either listen to the phone calls as they happen or make FlexiSPY record all of them for you. All the call recordings are accessible via FlexiSPY Dashboard.

We will introduce you to both the features, so that you can choose according to your convenience. We would also talk about some additional features, which may come in handy.

Click Here To Listen To Live Calls or to record calls With FlexiSpy

Call Interception — Or, Listening to Live Cell Phone Calls

live call listening

In FlexiSPY, it’s really easy to listen to live cellphone calls as they happen. Suppose your target is talking to a friend or someone you feel dangerous about. In that case, you can simply call to the provided number. In a few seconds or so, you will be an active participant of the phone call. Neither the call-maker or receiver will know about your presence, though.

As it turns out, you can listen to both sides of the phone call. This is way too better than Call Recording — in which you may not listen both sides’ audio. Even better, this feature is available in Android, iPhone, Symbian and BlackBerry. It’s also the single company to provide such an advanced feature in iOS 7 and later devices. In addition, Call Interception in FlexiSPY requires just a few seconds to set up.

First of all, you have to log onto FlexiSPY Dashboard and choose Control Panel. Under Bugging Controls, you can see an option named Call Interception. Hit the Enable button and you have to provide some features. It allows you to, for instance, set up a Watch-List. You can either set FlexiSPY to alert you for all calls, or when a particular number is in contact.

So, when a call happens, you will receive a SMS message on the provider number. Right then, you can call the target number and start listening to the current cell phone call. Doesn’t it sound simply smart?

Call Recording — for Later Listening

record live calls

You might be familiar with this feature, not necessarily related to spying. In a single click, you can set up our FlexiSPY client to record phone calls from the targeted device. You have to go to Control Panel and pick Call Controls. In the list, you will see an option to Enable Call Recording. Obviously, you have to make your own preferences. As we said earlier, FlexiSPY can record all the calls or calls from particular numbers.

All the recordings will be available via FlexiSPY Dashboard for later listening. They are uploaded using target phone data. So, it may take some time before you can listen to the conversation. That having said, if you do not have time to listen to calls as they happen, you have to opt in for Call Recording. This feature works so well in almost all platform FlexiSPY supports.

Some Other Options:

As we said earlier, FlexiSPY offers some cool features, as far as Call Monitoring is concerned. They are:

– Call Logs

spy on call logs

You have complete access to the full list of Call Logs. FlexiSPY will seamlessly create a list of all the calls made and received via the Targeted device. You can see specific lists for Missed Calls, Received Calls, Dialed Calls etc. You can also set certain alerts for certain actions. For instance, you can get alerted if the targeted person calls a particular contact.

– VoIP Call Logs and Recording

In addition to GSM calls, FlexiSPY also has options for VoIP Calls recording such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Viber and more. VoIP is a technology that is used to make calls over Internet. FlexiSPY offers option for Recording VoIP calls as well. It’s just that the target user should be using a supported IM platform. It’s fine if you just want to see who your target is contacting, but the Call Recording feature is something you should not miss.

– Surround Interception and Recording

You just learned how to record the sound from surroundings of the device. FlexiSPY does the job by turning a microphone into a sound recorder. Whenever you want to know what is happening with the people, you’d be able to listen to them instantly. All you need is a good cellular connection. Just as you can listen to those surroundings, there is an option for Surrounding Recording as well.

– FaceTime Spy Camera

When you think surrounding voice recording isn’t enough, you can get this feature running. It will help you to record voice and visual from the mic and camera of the targeted device. It is done with the help of Apple FaceTime. It’s yet another awesome feature that attracted us to FlexiSPY. Needless to say, you don’t have to worry about the stealth behavior.

Wrapping Up

So, these are some ways to listen to and intercept live cell phones and record them. As you can see, process of setting up these surveillance modes is quite easy. Obviously, you should be using FlexiSPY, which is one of the best and trusted smartphone monitoring programs out there. The company also offers 10-days money back guarantee for all users. If you don’t like the features or service after using them, you have your right to get the money back.

In short, FlexiSPY is one of the best option to listen to live cell phone calls in Android and iPhone. As you may have noticed, the feature is available in Symbian and BlackBerry as well. Although minute, we cannot fail to mention the significance of the additional features like VoIP Call Recording and FaceTime Spy Camera. All it requires you to pay is an amount of $199 for 3 months.

We hope there is enough information for you to start recording and listening to the calls your children or employees receive every day. It needs to be noted that FlexiSPY offers respect your convenience as well. As you might have noticed, there is an option to record GSM and VoIP calls and listen to them later. So, that’s a combination of high-end technology and convenient usability.

Check out all features of FlexiSpy here

How To Hack and Spy On Someone’s SnapChat Account?

There are some things that people hesitate to send online. This hesitation became intense when they heard more about online and offline attacks. However, the real problem wasn’t about the platforms. On the other hand, it was about being able to store the sent contents for later access. It was in such a situation that we’d come across Snapchat. It did something so revolutionary that its users are not conscious about sending files over Snapchat servers. In simpler words, we can say that Snapchat introduced a concept of Auto-Destroying Photographs.

hacking snapchat

Currently, Snapchat is one of the most used apps in both Android and iOS environment. People from every different age group are using the service, to send something or another. There is also something called the Snapchat Stories, which we will cover later. When we see all these from a parent’s perspective, however, it is possible to spot some dangers. You can never know what your child is sending or receiving via Snapchat. For instance, you cannot know if they have been receiving some pornographic images or anything. And, it’s where we find the real need to hack on someone’s Snapchat account without any online survey.

As said earlier, there are a few instances when you really need Snapchat hacking. For instance, you may be an employer, who doubts that your employees are using Snapchat for data leaking. Similarly, you may also like to know what your partner is sending/receiving over Snapchat. If you’re still thinking that Snapchat cannot be hacked, you’re mistaken. In fact, there are multiple ways to hack and spy on someone else’s Snapchat account. In this article, we will talk more about Snapchat and some effective ways to keep tabs on someone’s Snapchat activities.

What People Send via Snapchat?

We already gave you a brief introduction to Snapchat, as a social network. Of course, you will want to know what people are sending via Snapchat. Some of them are as follows, along with why should you care.

Photos and Images

Please don’t mind a bit of generalization, here. But, a noticeable number of people use Snapchat to transfer private photos to another person, or a group of people. The idea is that the recipient cannot store the photo for later access. So, even if it’s a nude photograph, there is no worry about post-breakup shaming or threats. While sending a photograph, the user can attach a message as well as decide the showing time for the image. After the particular time, the photograph will be gone from the screen, and never to be seen again in device.


Sending videos over Snapchat is also powered by the self-destruction behavior. However, there are a few differences from the image scenario. You can record the video via Snapchat and send it to the desired person or a group. Each of them will have an option to view the video twice. After they have viewed the video for 2 times, it will be deleted automatically. Just like the case of images, it cannot be found in device storage too. So, here too, you don’t have to worry about any possible after-uses.

Snapchat Stories, the Trending Ones

Snapchat Stories have, at times, become the trending subjects for the whole Internet. Quite recently, some other social networking websites have taken inspiration from these stories to introduce some new features. So, talking of Snapchat Stories, they will be deleted after 24 hours of time. This is a great option if you have a series of photos or photos to show to your friends. It’s something like a status update, but you have all the benefits of privacy.


You can also send Snapchat messages, which are auto-deleted. This also is useful for anonymous chatting.

Altogether, Snapchat is the ultimate solution for anonymous chatting. No one is going to take hold of the photographs you are sending or receiving. The same goes with messages. However, this aspect of full anonymity isn’t really good if we take the case of an organization. Or, when you want to know that your kids are sending online, it becomes essential to spy on another Snapchat account.

There is also another possibility of danger here. The recipient of Snapchat photos/videos may be using some methods to grab the sent photos. This isn’t really good as far as the privacy of sender is concerned. So, as a parent, you should know whom your children are contacting via Snapchat. If you can relate to any of these situations, you can move ahead and check out the effective methods of Snapchat Spying and Monitoring.

How Does Snapchat Hacking Work?

There are a few ways Snapchat spying would work, and we would talk about the common ones. Chances are, you won’t find many dedicated Snapchat hacking software on web. And, beware, most of the tools you would find are not genuine ones. In fact, you would end up losing your safety, privacy and of course, money. So, it is essential to make the right choice at the right time.

One of the methods of Snapchat monitoring is through the complete process of smartphone monitoring. It is possible to find variety of smartphone activity monitoring apps in the world — both free and paid. These work by storing the logs from the targeted apps. For instance, if you were trying to log the messages from Facebook Messenger, they will be logged, along with the media. The same happens in Snapchat spying too.

Whenever the user receives or sends a message — be it text, photo or video or story —, the monitoring app will log the information. This log can further be decoded for your own needs. In this case, logs can be gone through the decoding process, thus giving you the actual content that was sent. The same thing happens if you are collecting the logs of the incoming messages.

What is important here is that the monitoring app would store the photo/text before the auto-destruction process even starts. This way, you can have complete spying of the smartphone, along with that of complete Snapchat activities. So, this is the process we are going to use and recommend.

The Mandatory Note on Legality

Before you use any of the methods recommended below, you have to be sure of something. First of all, you must have the ethical and logical right to spy on the targeted person. For instance, if you are going to spy on your children, there is nothing to worry about. You have all the ethical and legal protection to spy on them, and to make sure that they aren’t going in the bad ways. Similarly, if you have given a phone to partner or employer, you have the same right to spy. If these are not the case, you have to consult with a legal advisor for what to do. We don’t recommend going for the methods if you’re legally allowed to do that.

The Best Solutions to Hack on Someone Else’s Snapchat Account

So, given below are the names you can trust when you want to hack someone else’s Snapchat account. As said earlier, these are fully-fledged smartphone monitoring program and offer a lot more features. Anyway, you are going to have complete control and surveillance on the targeted person’s device.


mSpy is one of the most renowned names when it comes to smartphone monitoring. Available for Android and iOS alike, mSpy can be installed with and without jailbreaking your devices. in the non-Jailbreak version, however, you may have to miss the features like Snapchat spying. There are several reasons why you should use mSpy for hacking and spying on another Snapchat account. First of all, it’s really user-friendly. You won’t have trouble in installing or using mSpy on your device. Moving further, it’s offering ample features for both platforms.

Check out mSpy Snapchat Spy Software

For instance, you can see the timestamp and duration of messages, along with stored content. it means you have complete knowledge about what they are conversing about. We must say that, when we compare the control panel to the competitors, mSpy requires no introduction and assistance. Altogether, if you have mediocre budget but needs an awesome level of Snapchat spying, mSpy is the choice.


FlexiSPY is equally popular as mSpy when it comes to smartphone monitoring. However, there are some area of differences. For instance, while mSpy offers you the basic features, FlexiSPY focuses on the advanced set of ones. That is, you can easily have the benefits of awesome features like Call Recording and Ambient Sound recording. All these are supposed to be helpful at one point or another. Coming to the case of Snapchat data storing and monitoring, things are ultra-simple. You never have to worry about the effectiveness of stealth. However, it should be noted that, in comparison, FlexiSPY is a bit expensive. Nevertheless, you are paying the extra money for extra benefits — and, there’s nothing to regret about the features.

There may be some other solutions to spy on Snapchat, but they’re not really reliable. At some point, you even risk the possibility of getting caught. So, these two are the ones worth going for.

Check out Flexispy Snapchat Spy Software

Another Possibility

This isn’t really a good option, and it’s not about spying on Snapchat account. Do you understand that no file can completely be deleted from a system? There are certain elements that remain in the directory — though not in the viewable form. So, if you have access to the phone, you have an option to recover photos & videos from the device. For this, however, you need a really powerful data recovery software. It’s because you are actually trying to dig up something deleted deep. This is a working methods, but not as effective as mSpy or FlexiSPY.

Summing Up

Well, this is everything you should know about spying on someone’s Snapchat account and messages. If you keep these things in mind and choose the right spying software, you need not to worry about getting caught. They all work in the stealth mode, while giving you the perfect option of Snapchat spying and surveillance on the targeted person. The abovementioned methods are widely used by parents and partners and have turned out to be quite effective. We, personally, have used both the tools we had recommended. So, we’re pretty much confident to suggest these solutions to every reader out there.

How to Hack Someone’s Instagram Without Password?

Instagram is a popular social media platform where people can talk to each other through direct messages as well as like others pictures, videos, stories and so on. Just to give you an idea of how big this social media is, Instagram has beaten Facebook in number of active users per month in 2019. The magic number?

Well, a little over one billion people on the platform. Every single month.

But you knew that, right? What you might not know is that it is possible to hack into someone’s Instagram account without them knowing.

Today, you’ll learn your possibilities as well as the most effective manner to accomplish this mission. And if you’re wondering why would one wish to do it, well… there are plenty of reasons as we’ll start off our content showing some very recurring ones.

Why hack into someone’s Instagram?

As we’re talking about one of the largest social media in the world, it is just that easy to assume Instagram hides huge secrets both personal and professional. After all, can you name a few people of your social circle who don’t have an account there? Probably not.

Cheating partners

cheating partner instagram

Internet has made cheating easy and surprisingly safe. All you need to do is to browse around profiles until you find someone who you consider hot or interesting enough. Then, send her/him a message. You can repeat the process until you eventually run into someone who corresponds your contact. Due to the large volume of people there, this won’t take long.

Or you could simply go to that old sweetheart of yours and try to reconnect to her/him. That easy.

These scenarios made a lot of couple go into hard time when trusting each other. Well, as you probably can presume, this problem would fade away if you had access to your partners deepest secrets on Instagram.

Sexual and moral harassment

Sexual and moral harassment

If you’re a parent or legal guardian, this goes without saying it. Internet has also brought the possibility for several different types of criminals to approach youngsters and kids. The result can be horrible and usually it will be too late for parents to prevent major problems by the time they notice their children is in trouble.

Obviously, this wouldn’t even have a beginning if you knew who your kids have been talking to, right? Even if there’s no one around posing as threat, you son or daughter could still be in trouble, like researching and being exposed to porn, drugs or violence content.

Personal data

Personal data

It’s not uncommon to see people sharing some sensitive info through social media. For instance, you could probably have told your wife or kid a credit card password or your bank account PIN number for some reason. Well, guess what happens when someone hacks your Instagram account.

That’s right. Say goodbye to your savings.

Corporate secrets

Corporate secrets

Data has become the new gold as most of the multinational companies hide their money recipe in information regard clients, suppliers, projects and so on. The week spot here is the possibility of some employee leaking this info. It’s only reasonable to assume this will happen through internet and most likely through his social media. Hello Instagram!

Despite which case is yours – or even if you just want to know how they do it so you can take extra precaution regard your Instagram account – we’ll now get into the serious stuff.

How to hack into someone’s Instagram account?

Although you can find several magical ways on a quick research on the Internet, bad news is most of them are just scams. However, this doesn’t mean this is an impossible task.

We’ve done an extensive research in our labs in order to test and verify the effectiveness of all the most common methods available. The result is: there are three different possibilities. But they do have differences, especially related to how easy and powerful they are.

That said, let’s present them from the one we consider less likely to be your best choice to the best one, together with their respective explanations.

#1 – Reset your target Instagram account

This is probably the easiest working method you’ll find out there. However, as you may anticipate, it does require that you know the person’s e-mail address and its password. Or at least his/her phone for a few minutes.

Although it is easy to do, there are some obvious issues with it. First of all, whoever you’re trying to hack will know something is wrong. The second and probably more clear problem is: why would you have someone’s e-mail address and password, right?

Anyway, in case you do, all you need is:

1. Go to Instagram login page and hit “Forgot your password?”;
2. Fill the blank fields with the account e-mail;
3. Access the e-mail and check reset the password. You’ll be able to choose a new one;

As you can tell, easy but not very realistic. So, let’s move to your second option.

#2 – Phishing

Here is the thing: although this is a very effective method, you’re likely to lack knowledge to make it happen. After all, you’d need to build a fake website, in this case the Instagram, and hope the person access it and inserts her info.

Sounds too technical? Well, it is. That’s the reason this method is more common to be used by professional hackers. Don’t get disappointed! The last and best way is totally viable, secure and easy to do.

Spy Apps to hack someone’s Instagram Account

Have you ever heard of them?

If no, here’s a simple explanation. Spy apps are dedicated software to gaining access to a certain electronic device, such as phones, Mac, PC and so on. The key aspect is that they run remotely and (the good ones) are invisible.

They’re the easiest and most effective manner to get what you want without being suspect by far.

We’ll assume you’re not too familiar with this. If this is the case, you’ll face a lot of different apps in this niche, which may turn choosing into a complicated task. But fear no more! We’ve done the tough work for you. Here’s our selection and a some key info about them.

# 1. mSpy

mSpy Instagram

Our first candidate is one of leaders in tracking and monitoring devices. This app gathers an extensive list of over 25 different functionalities, which allows its user to get all sort of data from the monitored phone.

Here is some relevant info that may help you check if this is your most effective choice:

Compatibility: mSpy is compatible with all current phones running Android 4 or later. Now, if Apple is your thing, it will run all the way from iOS 7 to the present one. Also, through our link to its official website, you’ll find a tool in which you may type your device and mSpy will verify the compatibility.

Plans & Price: there is a good range of plans here that will vary from basic $ 29.99 to family $199.99. You can choose to subscribe mSpy from one month to one year without the need of renewal.

Bonus: mSpy offers 15% discount when you use coupon code BESTPHONESPYGUIDE. At the checkout page from the link below.

Download mSpy for smartphone

# 2. Flexispy

Flexispy Instagram

Another huge player here is Flexispy. The app is always mentioned as one of people’s favorite, especially due to its large variety of options. Flexispy also offers a good range of plans. This is a great way to only pay for those functions you’ll actually take advantage of.

Some relevant extra information you might consider when choosing your spy app:

Compatibility: Flexispy will work on phones running Android 8 or later. However, there may be some limitations regard a few specific features for Android 8, 9, 10 and 11, overall if you have a Samsung.

If you own an iPhone, the application is fully compatible with iOS 6 or later. More details can be found through our link to the official website.

Plans & Price: basically, you can get the LITE, PREMIUM or the EXTREME plan. Both are quite robust in terms of monitoring, with EXTREME onboarding some very advanced functions, such as intercepting calls. Periods vary from one to 12 months according to your needs with prices ranging from $ 29.95 to $ 349.

Download Flexispy for smartphone

# 3. Highster Mobile

highster mobile instagram

Now we’re looking at one of those apps that have recently become more famous. Highter Mobile is a complete solution, with all main functionalities, but that also bets on an easy-to-use platform. No doubt another great choice!

What you might want to know when making your mind about Highster Mobile:

Compatibility: the app claims to work smoothly with any Android device from version 7 on and iPhone-wise from iOS 10 to the most updated.

Plans & Price: the subscription system is different than usual here. There is only the Highter Mobile Pro Edition, which offers every tool the app has for a life-long-term. Price is $ 69.99.

Bonus: when redirected by our site to Highster Mobile official website, you can add a download warranty for extra $ 33.94.

Download Highster Mobile for smartphone

# 4. Umobix

umobix instagram

Umobix is a lighter option. This doesn’t mean you won’t get what you want regard accessing someone’s Instagram account. However, as we’ll talk a little more about later, the number of possibilities related to extra monitoring is reduced, when compared to the bigger players.

Compatibility: Umobix claims it is compatible with all Android phones just like they are with any iOS. In case you don’t feel confident, they also provide a tool on their website where you tell the model of your phone and they instantly confirm it is compatible with the software.

Plans & Price: the app offers four different plans which only vary in period, not functionalities. You can pay anywhere from $ 39.99 per month to $ 89.98 per year.

Bonus: Umobix gives you a quite decent discount when going for a long-term subscription. For instance, the one year plan would be as low as $ 7.49/month.

Download uMobix for smartphone

# 5. iKeyMonitor

iKeymonitor Instagram

This is another very trusted application for spying Instagram. His range of functions and easy-to-use interface are their main positive aspects. Even if you’re not a pro or experienced person at doing what you’re about to try, iKeyMonitor app is quite straight forward to use.

This may help you get a more clear vision:

Compatibility: According to the official source, you can run iKeyMonitor on any Android device with the 2.3 version or later. Regard iPhone, it requires iOS 9 or later.

Plans & Price: There are only two plans here. First one is a free plan. However, you won’t get much here and hacking into someone’s Instagram will be definitely off the table. The complete plan on the other hand is at $ 29.16, which represents over 50% off from its original price.

Bonus: Free plan to get an idea of how the tool works before purchasing the full version. But do keep in mind that this version will solely work for you to get used to the tool, not really to have a glimpse at some sensitive information stored on the target phone.

Download iKeymonitor for smartphone

NOTE: when you browse around the functionalities available in each of the official websites for their respective spy app, note that some of them may require root or jailbreak. For less used OS, such as BlackBerry or Windows Phone, although most of them will be compatible, we strongly advise you to get in touch with the chosen app’s customer support.

You might be wondering what exactly these apps can do, right? Well, let’s get into it.

How can a spy app help me hacking someone’s Instagram?

In order to understand how these apps can be helpful to hack into someone’s Instagram account, we need to understand how they work first. The process itself is very technical of course, but the idea here is to give you a glimpse of it, without going to deep, but granting you know what you’re about to use.

Mainly, all the best apps, which are the ones you find here, work in a similar way. First of all, you’ll need access to the target phone. Don’t worry! In average, the time to download and install one of these software is less than five minutes with decent internet.

Note that although these apps are trusted and totally undetectable, you should not forget to erase the browser’s history, since if by chance the person checks there, she/he will end up finding a weird link.

Once installed, all you need to do is login the apps control panel and check all Instagram data you want. In order to do that, you’ll need a computer, phone or tablet and an internet connection. That’s all.

Finally, to get the link to download the app of your choice and install it on the target phone as well as to get your login and password the apps’ interface, click on our link and you’ll be redirected to the apps’ official website, where you can choose your plan.

That done, you’ll receive an email with all info you need. Easy huh? Now, let’s see the functionalities you can count on with these apps related to hacking Instagram.

Key functionalities related to how to hack someone’s Instagram

There are plenty of possibilities and since we brought you all the best applications for the discussed purpose, it’ll all be about the choice of plan you make. Here are the main functions available:

  • Access to all direct messages sent, received and even the deleted ones;
  • Access to all posts and likes given or received;
  • Access to all stories made;
  • Access to all shared media: audio messages, pictures and videos;
  • Access to all reels and IGTV;

As you can imagine, this is more than what you need to discover every secret that person has to hide. But as we’ve mentioned, these apps go a lot further than just hacking someone’s Instagram. They can actually monitor the entire phone.

Here are some examples:

  • Monitor the main social media such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and much more;
  • Track location via GPS;
  • Access to SMS and all sort of text messages;
  • Access to the phone’s library;
  • Register every key stroke through professional keylogger;

Possibilities are endless with these applications. The functionalities you’ll get just depend on the plan you choose. Great news here is that you’re likely to get much more than you expect even with the starter’s choice.

No need to rush and make your purchase now. Let’s us bring some relevant factors you might want to consider before using our links and subscribing your favorite spy app.

Things to consider when choosing a spy app to hack into someone’s Instagram and phone

First thing to keep in mind is that your target may have his secret spread all over his phone. Maybe some of will be found in this mailbox, other info are actually in notes stored on the phone or even in different social media messages.

The reason we’re saying this is that you probably want to make sure the plan you subscribe delivers a good deal of functions, especially related to accessing the phone’s gallery and social media content. This way you won’t miss anything at all.

Then, think about the time you want to count with this service. As much it may look like the longer plans are “too much money”, if you’re onto something and you subscription is over, you’ll need to purchase it again at a higher fee (since longer plans have huge discounts). All in all, don’t fall for an apparent cheap deal, which might cost like twice on the long run. After all, if that happens, would you just quit monitoring that person and lose all the details to come?

Now one of the most important advice you can get: stick with a secure website, like ours. There are many reasons you want to do that for.

Reasons to follow our recommendation to learn how to hack into someone’s Instagram

Well, the great reason here is: there are way too much fraud and scams in this field. The consequences of trusting suspect apps, websites and services can be quite harmful to your personal data, including bank information.

That’s because the majority of one-click-hacking-tools you’ll see around just want to make you either download an unwanted browser extension or capture your own data, which will be used against you in the future.

The list of applications, methods and links we bring to you are exclusive and have been verified and tested in our labs. Every time a tool fails to match one of our high quality standards, we immediately take it out of our suggestions. The same thing happens when a new software rises and becomes a powerful and great choice. You’ll have everything about it right the way here.

Now you know everything about how to hack someone’s Instagram as well as a lot of guidance to make the best choice for your scenario, it’s time to wrap up the whole idea in our conclusion.


Our conclusion here is very logical: if you’re looking for a way to hack someone’s Instagram, go for a spy app. As we’ve analyzed, although there are another few ways to go, they’d either require extensive technical knowledge or a good deal of luck. That not to mention you’d have high chances to get caught by using the password resetting strategy.

On the other hand, the spy apps not only guarantee you’ll be able to check all Instagram content whenever and wherever you want, but they’re also a great all-round solution for an even more expert monitoring task. At the moment, there are no better way to get to know someone’s Instagram secrets.

Did you miss any information? Do you still have questions regard the purchase or use of any tools we recommend? Go for the comment section and leave us a message. This is the best way for us to make sure our content is a perfect match to your wishes.

We are always reading and analyzing every interaction with our audience and surely will provide more top-notch articles for you to be always onto what you want or need to be done regard monitoring and tracking devices.

How To Spy On Deleted Text Messages Remotely?

When we talk about the influence of the Internet and related services, we talk about a lot of things. However, we believe the best of those changes has to deal with the way we communicate today. A few years back, we used to rely on cellular calls and SMS messages for the entire purpose of communication. To tell someone that you reached or to ask them what’s up. Fast forward some years, and we live in this world where there are more communication methods than anyone else. Obviously, cellular connectivity has improved and we now have clearer voice and less interruptions — not to mention the advancement of portability.

The New World of Instant Text Messages

spy on sms

Despite all these, however, we have been seeing the trend of texting here. Let’s take our own cases. We do more texting when compared to voice calls. There may be different reasons — for instance, you may not want to meet someone in person. Or, even better, you may have something digital to share, such as a photo or video. Either way, with some bit of generalization, people now cannot live with the benefits of texting. It needs to be noted that the same messages pose another issue there. We are not talking just about SMS but also others like WhatsApp, LINE, Messenger etc.

Because all these apps come with an option to delete text messages, most people use that option. So, when you want to see if your kid is talking with someone abusive, there may not be an option. But, that is where you should think about how to spy on deleted text messages remotely. You heard that right. You can spy on text messages one receives even if he/she deletes those messages after reading. In this article, we have one in-depth tutorial on how to spy on deleted text messages remotely.

Note: This method works for almost every Instant Messaging service out there, including WhatsApp, Viber, LINE and Messenger. What’s more, you can also see if your kids/employees are using SMSs to communicate with someone you don’t want them to. We also want to make one thing clear about legalities here. If you’re the owner of the device, you have complete freedom to spy on the targeted device. We leave the aspect of other’s privacy to you. For example, if you are an employer and want to see what your employees are doing with these services, you can use the following method. But, the employees’ phones should be given by your company and not the personal ones.
If the notes are fine, we will move forward to the process of spying on deleted text messages, remotely.

Prerequisites to Take Care Of

There are a few things to consider before you move onto spying deleted text messages remotely. We hope you understand the principle here. The text messages are tracked and monitored as they reach the device. So, even if the targeted user deletes the messages after, you will have access to them.


The following method works on Android and iOS. In both cases, you don’t have to be a techie. For instance, unlike what most of you believe, you don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone in order to spy on deleted messages from the device. However, you may need rooted Android if you want to spy on Instant Messengers. For this to happen, however, you need to use the software that we recommend. Things may vary in other programs for smartphone monitoring.

The Software to Use for Spy On Text Messages

As we said earlier, the app you use for spying is the most important factor here. According to our own experience and that of others, we’d recommend going with mSpy. mSpy is an all-the-round solution to spy on smartphone activities. It’s trusted, effective and reliable. It’s available for both Android and iOS too.

How to Spy On Deleted Text Messages from Smartphones — The Process to Follow

mspy purchasing

1. Purchasing mSpy

Before you purchase, you should take a look at the aspect of device compatibility. We’ll go brief into software compatibility of mSpy here. If you want to spy deleted text messages from non-jailbroken iPhone, there’s no worry. mSpy works with every version of iOS. As we come to the case of Android devices, mSpy offers full support for all devices running Android v4.0 and later. But, as we said, for tracking activities from IMs, device needs to be rooted. It’s completely up to you to jailbreak or root your smartphones, because mSpy works in both cases.

Once you have confirmed the compatibility, you can go ahead and purchase mSpy for Smartphones. All the variants work with both Android and iOS. It’s just the features that matters. For instance, if you go for mSpy Basic, you can have the basic features only. In the premium version, you can have a bunch of other spying-oriented features as well. You can make the choice depending on your requirement and budget. You’d also get a bundle kit of mSpy if you want to spy on Smartphones and Desktop devices at the same time. You can finish the payment part in a while and get started with the process.

2. Install mSpy

Here too, there are some differences. Regardless the version of mSpy you have purchased, the installation procedure is more or less the same. If you are on Android, you need physical access to the device. You will have to download the APK file from official website of mSpy and install it. On the other hand, if you want to spy on a non-jailbroken iPhone, you don’t need physical access to the device. mSpy works with the help of iCloud Backup and syncing.

Either way, mSpy installation won’t take more than a few minutes. That is, in a few minutes, you can set up a fully-fledged monitoring and spying system on the targeted device. Now, it’s time to start spying on deleted text messages and more from the device.

3. Log In and Start Spying

Depending on the device data and connectivity specifics, it may take up to 24 hours for mSpy to sync all data from the targeted device to mSpy servers. However, things can be quick when it comes to iPhone. Just as we said earlier, mSpy will be retrieving information from iCloud servers. So, there is no direct contact with your targeted phone. At the same time, it should be noted that iCloud Backup should be turned on the device to be spied.

Using mSpy is like a piece of cake. Once you have logged in using the credentials given, you can see the fully-fledged mSpy dashboard. And you can choose the corresponding section from the sidebar. Depending on the messenger platform you want to spy — normal text messages, WhatsApp, Messenger —, you can select the title and you can see the messages and other data in a few seconds or so.

So, that’s it. You have started spying deleted text messages from the targeted device. As we said, it’s not just the case of deleted messages. Every message that reaches the targeted device will be recorded and brought to the mSpy servers. Whenever you feel like checking them, you can log onto mSpy and do that. As you just saw, the process is very simple. Still, some of you may have some questions.

Check out mSpy website here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do I need access to the phone for installing mSpy?

Ans. You don’t need access to the phone if you are trying to spy on a non-jailbroken iPhone. In this manner, you are getting data from iCloud directly. In Android, however, direct physical access to the phone is needed.

Q2. Do I need to jailbreak the iPhone for spying on deleted text messages?

Ans. You don’t need to do that. The software we use here, mSpy for iPhone, works fine without jailbreaking. In fact, you don’t even have to touch the targeted phone, if iCloud Backup has been enabled.

Q3. Is it legal to use mSpy?

Ans. The answer depends upon a bunch of reasons. First of all, it depends upon whether you own the device. If you are the legal owner of the device, you have the legal right to spy on it. You might have given to employee or spouse or children of yours, but that doesn’t matter. As long as you retain the ownership, there is nothing to worry about. However, in most countries, there are laws against the use of spying software in devices of other people, even your kith and kin.

Q4. Do I need internet connection on the targeted device?

Ans. Yes, you do. The phone doesn’t need to be constantly connected, but the information will be synced to the mSpy servers only when there’s an active internet connection.

Wrapping Up

So, what you have seen above is the easiest way to spy on deleted text messages from both Android and iOS devices out there. The discretion is yours, but we do really recommend using mSpy for obvious reasons. First of all, it’s trusted by thousands of parents and employers. Second, being a completely undetectable program, you don’t have to let the targeted person know about the spying process. That is, in practice, you can see what is actually happening in the device. We hope that sums up all your questions and doubts.

How To Hack Into Someone’s Cell Phone?

Twenty or thirty years back, Smartphones were just a dream. Of course, we used to read about those multi-purpose devices in Science Fiction works as well. Now, it’s an essential thing for the current, past and indeed the upcoming generation. No matter what age group you belong to; you will have a type of cell phone with you. While the features and specifications may vary according to how much you spend, there is no denial of the fact that Cell Phones have become the all-time companions of people around the globe. And, as a matter of fact, most people have access to Smartphones — personally or as a part of work.

It’s this popularity and demand that opens up the scopes of hacking into someone’s cell phone. Currently, a number of instances are there when you need the power to hack into others’ cell phones. By the term ‘cell phones’, we practically mean smartphones that are running on various platforms like Android, iOS and less-popular ones like Symbian and BlackBerry. In the current scenario, however, the platform does not restrict you from spying activities. In fact, for iPhone, Android and Symbian, you can find at least one good solution for smartphone monitoring.

In this guide, we will be talking more about Smartphone Monitoring and the related aspects. For instance, it is essential to know your potential choices and how you should select the right one for your needs. We know that many of you are familiar with the concept and needs of smartphone monitoring. For those who do not, however, we can cover why you will need the power of a smartphone surveillance system at your reach.

Why You May Have to Hack into Someone’s Cell Phone?

Everyone has a personal reason why they want to hack on someone else phone. However, the major reasons can be classified into the following.

  • Parenting is a tough job today. You cannot say NO when your children ask for a smartphone. Though, you will have to prevent them from accessing inappropriate content. You may also have to know if they are making the wrong connections or moves. So, it’s a great need to put an eyes on them.
  • You cannot say NO when it comes to giving the smartphones to employees, either. But, you have to make sure that they don’t use your own money and resources to sabotage the company. So, you’ve to keep an eye on employees’ devices for possible threats.
  • Thinking that your partner is cheating on you? As long as they’re using the device you’ve given, you have the legal right to know what’s happening. It’s a matter of trust and it’s your responsibility to get the right information at right time, and to act accordingly.

If any of these situations suit your current tension-stream, let’s go ahead.

How Does Cell Phone Hacking Work?

how cell phone hacking works

This is the time for big question. Not many people understand the process of smartphone surveillance or a bunch of options to spy on someone’s smartphone. We will explain the simple process in the simplest terms so that you have the clear idea. So, the next time you find yourself in one of the above mentioned situations, you would know what to do.

The actual method depends on the device you want to hack into. For instance, if you want to hack into one iPhone, things can be simpler or tougher. Suppose you have a non-jailbroken iPhone to be spied on. There are a bunch of smartphone monitoring programs that retrieve data from iTunes Backups. On the other hand, if you have a jailbroken device, there may be some direct surveillance methods, with better feature support. On the other hand, coming to the case of Android, it does not really matter whether your phone is rooted or not. Obviously, you won’t have much control over the device if it’s not rooted. Keep that aside, and you are going to have a seamless experience of smartphone activity monitoring. We don’t really want to mention other platforms, mainly due to the lack of popularity.

Now, suppose you’re looking forward to hack into an iPhone (Jailbroken) or Android. First of all, you need a kind of physical access to the device. It’s because you are going to install a third-party app in the device. You might need to follow different steps on Android and iPhone. If taken the case of Android, you have to get the APK file from official website of the service provider and install it manually. In case of jailbroken iPhone or iPad, you need to use Cydia for installation. As we said earlier, things can be simpler if you are going for a non-jailbreak version of iPhone Spying software. In that case, you just have to enter the Apple ID credentials of the device — and, boom, you’re up as the Big Brother. So, you see, the whole process of installation can be simpler or tougher depending on what you need.

Talking about the working, you don’t have to doubt its effectiveness. Given that you have chosen one of the best cell phone spying software, the target will never know about the process. The app would not be shown in the App Drawer or Task Manager, for that matter. Unless you’re planning to spy on an Android or iPhone geek, they would not know about the whole thing taking place. So, that’s basically how monitoring works on the popular smartphone platforms.

What You Can Do by Hacking into Cell Phones?

Once again, the answer depends on so many things. First of all, it depends on the monitoring service you’re going to purchase. For instance, some packages let you listen to the device surroundings while some don’t. Second, it depends upon the level of control you currently have and can acquire. For instance, for particular features to work, you will have to root/jailbreak the target device. If you’re in a position to do that — not in terms of access but also in terms of technical knowledge —, it’s all fine. Otherwise, it could be a problem.

However, we have listed out some of the important features you find in some of the best surveillance apps for smartphones out there. If you find them impressive, you just have to grab the corresponding package.

  • Phone/SMS Tracking

SMS TrackingUsing these two features, you can capture information about the whole cellular activity of the user. You can easily go through all the calls and messages the user has sent and received in the course of time. In some of the advanced programs, you will also find options for recording voice during calls. You can even set particular alerts if a person is contacting your target. It’s all good when you need in-depth spying on employees.

  • Call Interception and Recording

call interception and recordingIn the advanced versions of smartphone spying solutions, there are options for Call Interception and sound recording from surroundings. The feature lets you listen to the target’s phone calls as they are happening. On the other hand, the second feature is too good when you want to bug the target. No matter wherever they go, as long as they have cellular signal, you will be able to listen.

  • Location Tracking and Fencing

location trackingAs you know, almost all cell phones now have GPS system inside. The same system can be used to get data on the current location of the target. The programs manage to collect all the information and present it in a quite impressive form. Most probably, it’s in shape of a map. In a single look, you can get a lot of info. You’ve also an option to set certain alerts based on locations and virtual geo-fences.

  • Web Surveillance

Web SurveillanceYou can focus on the entire web life of the target in no time. It’s not just restricted to web browser history either. You can access the bookmarks, offline pages and even the Incognito mode history as well. In short, if you have started spying on the target, there is no way to run away from your eyes. This is a great opportunity to know what your kids are doing or how your employees are getting the job done.

  • Remote Access

remote accessThis feature may make you spy your own cell phone, for better benefits. Most smartphone monitoring tools have support for remote access to the device. Without even touching the device, you can easily wipe data, enable lock or ring the device. In case of loss or theft, these features are going to be useful. At the same time, if you no longer have control over the person, it’s a way to ensure the right type of execution.

Hack Someone’s Phone By Downloading:

The Choices

As said, choices are diverse when it comes to spying or hacking on a cell phone.

Suppose you are looking for some basic features only. That is, you want to know about the Text and Call Logs from the user, along with basic Web Browser tracking and all. You may thank the program if it comes with location Tracking. In that case, we’d recommend something like Highster Mobile.

On the other extreme, if advanced features like listen to live calls or call recording are your aim, you can go with something like FlexiSPY. Of course, you are required to pay a lot more, but the features are worth it. For instance, you have access to a superb lot of options like Location Tracking, Multiple Alert Triggering and all. It’s worth the effort that you take.

Then, there are people who require a perfect blend of features and simplicity. Products like mSpy are there for them. These tools are comparatively affordable, but offer the standard features in expectation. This is our personal favorite, and the favorite recommendation we love to make — heavily due to its popularity.

Wrapping Up

This is how you can hack into someone’s cell phone in the shortest period of time. All you need is to clearly understand your own needs and choose the right program for spying. We have already made our suggestion for each type of purpose, based on what we have seen so far. Still, you may want to check out the feature list and installation guides to get started on everything. Last but not the least, you have to consider budgets too. if you don’t want some features, don’t overspend. Similarly, don’t expect the awesome features unless you’re ready to pay for them.

Spy Software Comparison – mSpy Vs Flexispy Vs Highster Mobile

mSpy, Flexispy and Highster Mobile! You would be familiar with all these three names if you have tried to find an effective smartphone spying software. That is, you wanted to know what your kid, employee or partner was doing on their smartphones and you needed a simple utility for that. Obviously, mSpy, Flexispy and Highster Mobile have been quite popular in the industry for the last decade. They are so popular that most people do get confused when it comes to choosing between the spy software solutions. If you are in the same situation, though, don’t worry.

comparison review

We understand that the varying features, different pricing plans and concerns regarding security would be a bit overwhelming for you. That is why we have prepared the ultimate mSpy vs Flexispy vs Highster Mobile comparison article here.

In this article, we will tell you the major differences between mSpy, Flexispy and Highster Mobile so that you can choose the right product for your needs. We will be comparing the three tools based on several aspects, such as the UI, Features, Compatibility, Reliability and of course the Pricing and Plans.

To start off, we will have an introduction to mSpy, Flexispy and Highster Mobile.

An Intro to mSpy vs Flexispy vs Highster Mobile

  • mSpy – If you have asked people about smartphone spying, you would have heard of mSpy. mSpy has been one of the most popular smartphone monitoring programs for quite some time now. It started out as a small firm, but now helps thousands of parents and employers to keep their children and employees under close watch. Compared to other programs, mSpy claims to offer more advanced feature while the set-up and UI are said to be as simple as it can be. The company also seems to be offering various products for different needs.
  • Flexispy – Flexispy is the advanced sibling of mSpy if you ask me. It’s one of the companies that have built their identity through allowing users to spy on Android and iOS smartphones. Because the company focuses on two major things — parental control and employee control —, you will find more features in the package. For instance, there is even an option to get a device that comes with Flexispy pre-installed. Compared to others, Flexispy seems to offer advanced features and better control.
  • Highster Mobile – Highster Mobile too has built its reputation as a trusted smartphone surveillance app in the past couple of years. In terms of features and experience, Highster Mobile stands at the in-between position of both mSpy and Flexispy, but the potential for features is something impressive indeed. It’s a company that has focused on the easiness of set up instead of offering advanced features. But, there are certain areas regarding budget where Highster Mobile indeed has an upper hand. We hope you have a clear introduction to mSpy, Flexispy and Highster Mobile. Now that you have it, let’s move ahead and see what’s the confusion is all about.

Compatibility Of Spy Software — Which Works Where

  • mSpy – mSpy has a strong foothold when it comes to compatibility. It lets you track both Android and iOS devices in the same manner. The best part is that you get to decide whether you want to jailbreak the device. Of course, if you jailbreak your iOS device, you will have some additional features. That, however, comes at the extra cost of security. On the Android side of things, installing mSpy does not require rooting. However, if you do need access to features like call recording and remote-control options, you should better root your phone. Devices running Android v4 and later and iOS 7-9 are supported.
  • Flexispy – Flexispy is the epitome of compatibility, if you ask us. It’s the only program in the whole list to offer computer tracking systems as well. This is great if you need a combined spy system that can take care of iOS, Android, Windows and macOS. On the mobile side, Flexispy allows you to put iOS and Android devices under spying. It’s up to you to decide whether you should jailbreak/root the device. It basically means you will be able to monitor almost all devices out there. Of course, Flexispy supports devices from popular manufacturers — also offering software compatibility for Android v4.0 or iOS 9.1 and later.
  • Highster Mobile – Highster Mobile also checks the marks when it comes to compatibility of everything. You will be able to get Highster Mobile running on both iOS and Android devices, offering the root and non-root versions at same time. Of course, there are concerns regarding features, but basic tracking features are available everywhere. As far as the software numbers go, if you have an Android running v3.0 and iPhone running iOS 7 and later, you won’t have trouble in installing the program. The upper-hand Highster Mobile has is that it can spy on devices running iOS 12 as well. Conclusively, mSpy, Flexispy and Highster Mobile are equally compatible. However, if you’d like to spy on a latest iPhone XR running iOS 12, Highster Mobile is the only option.

Features of Spy Software

Main Features

  • Hidden?
  • Call Recording
  • Surround Rec
  • Call History
  • Text Messages
  • View Contacts
  • Photos/Video
  • Email
  • GMail
  • Web History
  • GPS Tracking
  • Geo Fencing
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • iMessage
  • BB Messenger
  • Viber
  • Skype
  • Snapchat
  • Line
  • WeChat
  • Trigger Words
  • Stealth Camera
  • View Apps
  • Block Apps
  • Lock Phone
  • Wipe Phone
  • Control via Web


Of course, you care about smartphone spy features when choosing a spy software from the list, right? Let’s have an overview of what each service is offering.

  • mSpy – mSpy would be one of the most feature-rich smartphone spy software out there. Of course, you can expect all the basic tracking features like call logs, message logs, photo access and other media access. However, in addition to all these, mSpy is also offering some advanced features like,
  1. Remote control of the device, allowing you to gather information as well as make changes to the device, in case of emergency.
  2. Comprehensive Reports that give you an overview of the smartphone activities. These matter when it comes to in-depth needs.
  3. Geo-Fencing, which allows you to set up a virtual location limit for the user. Whenever a user crosses the limit, you will get a notification.

And, we must say that the advanced features are pretty useful on any day.

  • Flexispy – Flexispy is a premium smartphone spying service that does not compromise features. If you go with the paid (premium) plan of the service, you can have a lot of additional service. We found that the Flexispy dashboard allows more direct control over the device. Some of the features are:
  1. Call Recording is an integral feature in the Flexispy package. You will be able to listen to the actual recordings of the calls made and received via the device.
  2. Remote Camera allows you to capture photographs of surroundings without the target user knowing. This is great when it comes to employee tracking.
  3. Spoof SMS is a really nice feature where you can manipulate SMS messages that are received on the targeted device.
  4. Remote Control options are very diverse in Flexispy when compared to other tools. You can even stop the user from uninstalling programs from the smartphone.
  5. In addition to these, Flexispy also allows you to control the devices through SMS commands. You can send SMS commands from any device to make changes.

These features make Flexispy one of the most effective spy tools out there.

  • Highster Mobile – This is where Highster Mobile loses the big game. Of course, you will be getting basic features in this tool as well, but there are restrictions in terms of additional features. We found that Highster Mobile keeps a rather minimalistic approach when it comes to features.On the bright side, on rooted and jailbroken devices, Highster Mobile allows you to use the Stealth Camera. That is probably the only advanced feature we could find in the package. The tool, however, works great as it comes to call logs, message logs and the UI. It also collects more information about the targeted device in a quick period of time. The installation process also makes this easy. Long story short, Highster Mobile is not the best option if you are looking for a lot of features in the package.Still, the easy-to-use nature of basic features is the reason why Highster Mobile is in the list.

A Word on UI of Spy Software

This might be an area where no one wins an award. First things first, mSpy, Flexispy and Highster Mobile are quite easy to use. You won’t have trouble in setting up the device and starting the spy process. If you want to spy a rooted/jailbroken device, you need physical access. Similarly, spying on any Android device would require physical access of the device.

Once that’s done, however, all these tools will start syncing data with the dashboards. That’s where you can have all the control of the system. All the dashboards follow a simple UI system, where you can access the different sections from the sidebar itself. Long story short, we loved everyone’s UI and they do justice to all the features being offered.

Pricing of Spy Software

This might be an area that requires your close attention. Please note that we are considering the plans for iOS and Android monitoring.


You can choose between three plans in mSpy. The number of features vary according to the amount you can pay.

  • Basic: As the name says, this is the basic version and offers standard spying features. This one is available for $29.99 per month.
  • Premium: This is where you get advanced features like remote control and social media spy. The monthly subscription will cost you $69.99.
  • No-Jailbreak: Using this version does not require the iOS device to be jailbroken. This too has been priced at $69.99.

We found that the pricing distinction is very clear.

Check out mSpy Pricing Here


Flexispy has two modes, offering basic and advanced features.

  • Premium: This is the basic plan where you get standard features like call logs and keylogger support. You have to pay $68 per month.
  • Extreme: If you are looking for all the features that Flexispy is capable of, go for this plan. It’s having a price-tag of $199 per 3 months and $349 for 12 months.

As you can see, Flexispy is kind of expensive.

Check out Flexispy Pricing Here

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is the most affordable spy software in the list. It offers a single plan only.

Premium: This plan offers you all features that Highster Mobile has. You also get an advanced set of features like the Stealth Camera. It costs $69.99.[One Time Fee Lifetime Access]

Things are pretty straight here, as you can see.

Check out Highster Mobile Pricing Here

The Bottom Line

We have come to a conclusion after considering all these points.

mSpy is the best choice if you are looking for a good-looking spy software with a lot of features. However, it costs a bit and you have serious restrictions in the basic version.

Flexispy is designed for those who need as many spying features as possible. While the product has features suitable for employee tracking, you can use Flexispy for spying on kids as well.

Highster Mobile is probably the most affordable option out there. While it does not offer so many advanced features, you get what you pay for. So, that’s top of our recommendation list for budget lovers.

We hope this comparison between mSpy vs Flexispy vs Highster mobile helps you to choose the right smartphone spying software for your needs.

Highster Mobile Review

highster mobileThere was a time when spying on a smartphone involved so much coding and geeky stuff. It was almost as if you cannot spy on someone without them finding out. Today, however, things have changed much and there is no scarcity for mobile spy software. If you want to know what your kids, partner or employees do on their smartphone, you can choose one of the many smartphone spying software from the market. However, the question is should you do that.

Choosing the wrong spying software can get you to all sorts of trouble. Starting with privacy concerns, you’ll have to suffer a lot of issues if something goes wrong. Last time we checked, few spying software solutions offer you reliable customer support. That is why we were so impressed by what Highster Mobile offers in its smartphone monitoring bundle. And, here, we have a comprehensive review of Highster Mobile, exploring the various aspects of the program.

We will begin with a quick and easy introduction to Highster Mobile.

What Is Highster Mobile?

Highster Mobile is a comprehensive cell phone spy and tracking app that is available for both Android and iOS devices. It means you can use it to track someone else’s Android and iOS devices remotely — without them knowing. Just like we said earlier, you may want to know what your kids or employees are doing on their devices, right? At those instances, you can count on Highster Mobile for real-time updates.

When compared to other cellphone spy apps, Highster Mobile is powerful, quick and convenient. These are some of the reasons why thousands of parents and employers trust the service provider when it comes to phone spying and tracking.

Now that you have the basic idea about Highster Mobile cleared, shall we move onto our hands-on Highster Mobile review?

Highster Mobile Compatibility

HighSter Mobile Compatibility
We think we should be a bit clearer regarding the whole compatibility thing.

Android: Highster Mobile works with almost any device that runs on Android v3.0 Honeycomb and later versions. Devices from popular manufacturers like Samsung, Google, Motorola and HTC are also supported. In other words, Highster Mobile will smoothly function with almost any Android device you can find today.

iOS: If your iOS device is running on iOS 7 or later versions, you can easily set up Highster Mobile to enable spying. It should be noted that the program offers support for iPhone 5 and later devices as well. All the iPad devices from Apple are also supported.

Long story short, you won’t have compatibility issues while using Highster Mobile. It does not matter if your employee is using an old Motorola device or a brand-new Samsung flagship; Highster Mobile will be able to enable real-time tracking of data and more.

Check out Highster Mobile Compatibility Here

Installation and Getting Started with How Highster Mobile Works

highster mobile working

Highster Mobile has one of the simplest installation processes we have seen in smartphone spying solutions out there. It does not matter if you are on Android or iOS, setting up Highster Mobile is like a piece of cake. Once you have purchased the right plan, you will receive an instruction email that guides you step by step. The steps vary based on two things: the OS and the features you need.

Let’s take the case of iOS, for instance. Highster Mobile allows you to start spying on an iOS device without actually jailbreaking it. However, the problem is that you will be getting a limited number of features in this plan. If you need advanced tracking and monitoring of the iPhone device, you have to jailbreak the targeted device. This option is so convenient on any day.

FYI: If you are trying to install Highster Mobile on a jailbroken device, you need physical access to the device. On the other hand, if you don’t want jailbreak-only features, you can start spying on an iPhone using iCloud credentials. For this, however, iCloud Backup must be enabled on your device. These are two things to be noted while setting up Highster Mobile on iPhones and iPads.

Same is the case with Android and rooting. Your device does not need to be rooted just because you want to use it for tracking. Even when you have a non-rooted device, you can spy on information such as the call logs and messages. However, if you are planning to recover deleted messages or photos from the device in a remote manner, Highster Mobile may require rooting.

FYI: It does not matter if you are going with the rooted version or not, Highster Mobile for Android requires physical access to the device. This is because you are installing an app on the device and this app will be transferring required content to Highster Mobile servers. It should be noted that the app hides itself, saving you from a lot of trouble.

The best part here is that you have the ability to choose. If you are a security stickler and don’t want to root or jailbreak an Android or iPhone, you can choose to not do that. That’s pretty awesome.

Click Here to view how it works

User Interface

highster mobile dashboard

A good software always has a great UI and Highster Mobile is not an exception. Compared to other tools in the market, Highster Mobile has one of the best UIs for the dashboard. You can experience the difference in the first moment itself — when you try to install Highster Mobile on the device. Once the preliminary install is finished, you can sign into the Highster Mobile Dashboard to view all the information.

The syncing process may take a few seconds, though.

You should give Highster Mobile a few minutes to collect the data from the targeted device and transfer it to the Highster Mobile servers. It is worth noting that the process is highly secure and that your data is not lost in any case. Also, because the company is relying on high-security transfer protocol, there is no need to worry about unwanted peeping either.

The dashboard UI offers some superb level of control over the spying process. It does not matter if you are tracking the current location of the user or the call logs of the person; the dashboard is the quickest way to find all the necessary information. We found that both the features and UI of Highster Mobile are designed in such a way that the practical need is fulfilled.

For instance, when you open the Dashboard, you can see a quick column for GPS Tracking. This section will be providing you location updates on 5-minute intervals. In other words, you will be able to know if your kid or employees are travelling to some place. Then, based on this information, you can use the spying features offered by Highster Mobile.

Highster Mobile Features

Of course, you will be concerned about the features when you want a smartphone monitoring program. As it happens, certain features are available only in the rooted or jailbroken versions of Highster Mobile. Below, however, we will be having a quick look at what you can monitor using the program.

  • Text Messages – When it comes to official communication, SMS messages are still a good medium. Highster Mobile lets you track all the text messages a user has sent and received through the device. You can also see the timestamp and contact information of the people involved in the conversation. This is useful for tracking kids and adults.
  • GPS Location – As we hinted earlier, Highster Mobile allows you to capture and record the current GPS location of the target user. You will be able to monitor the frequently-updated GPS location from the dashboard itself. Because it shows the location on Google Maps, parents can stay confident about their kids’ security.
  • Browser History – You never know what your kids are accessing on the Internet when they are alone. However, as a parent, it makes sense to have that idea. The Browsing History section of Highster Mobile will give you a list of websites and pages that the targeted user has been visiting in the past. This will help parents in better parenting.
  • Stealth Camera – This is one of the most advanced features we found in Highster Mobile. Using this Stealth Camera mode, you will be able to capture images of the kids’ or employees’ surroundings with ease. The process is pretty easy and you don’t have to worry about privacy issues either.
  • Photos and Videos – If the person has stored some videos and photos on their phone, Highster Mobile will bring them to you too. The best part is that you can see the entire gallery of the user and see if there’s something inappropriate or harmful. This is a great feature on any day.
  • iMessage – iMessage is still one of the most popular communication methods among iPhone users. Apparently, Highster Mobile has figured a way to monitor activities on iMessage as well. If your kids are planning a secret party with friends, you would know that too.
  • Social Networking Logs – Adults and kids spend a huge amount of their time on social media. As a parent, you have to make sure that your kids are not falling into any potential pits. Highster Mobile will bring data from popular social apps like Skype, Facebook and Instagram so that you can stay confident.

These are some of the best features we have found in Highster Mobile. The program keeps adding more features to the package and all of them are super-useful. As you can see, all these features are meant to help you monitor and track iOS/Android smartphones with ease. On any day, however, the features part of Highster Mobile is highly impressive.

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Security and Reliability

These two things are really important when using a smartphone monitoring program. Thankfully, Highster Mobile takes care of both these aspects very well. Let’s talk about security first.All the transactions between the targeted device and the Highster Mobile service are super-secure. It means only you will be able to know what’s happening in the target device. This is a great assurance when you are using the service to spy on your kids. Similarly, you can be sure that confidential data from your business will not be leaked to third parties.

Highster Mobile has been in the industry for quite some time you know. Thousands of parents and employers trust the name when it comes to smartphone monitoring. In short, you are looking at a cell phone spy service that makes a lot of promises and keeps them all. And, when you are using the program to spy on your kids or employers, you can do that with confidence.

That’s some serious high-fives there.

Highster Mobile Pricing

Of course, Highster Mobile is a premium service. It’s hard to get a good smartphone spying software without spending some amount, you know. The premium plan of Highster Mobile is priced at $69.99 and offers you all the features you need. Obviously, availability of the features depends on the device you are using and the version of Android or iOS that you are running.

We think the pricing structure is pretty affordable and reasonable. It’s really great that Highster Mobile has a single plan only. You will be able to avail all the necessary features using this single plan — which is great on any day. Altogether, we loved how well-priced Highster Mobile is. And, even if you are struggling to meet your ends, you can afford the subscription to Highster Mobile.

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The Bottom Line

Is Highster Mobile the best mobile phone spying software out there? Yes.

As far as a common user would be concerned, Highster Mobile checks all the boxes for seamless smartphone monitoring. You don’t have to be worried about security or reliability when you are using Highster Mobile to spy on your kids or employees. First of all, your kid won’t know that they are being spied. Second, you can be sure that only you have access to the sensitive information.

All things combined, Highster Mobile is the best place for all your basic mobile spying needs. You may want to check other solutions if you are looking for advanced features like geotagging and remote control though.