Can You Install Cell Phone Spy Software Remotely?

The cell phone monitoring software cannot be installed remotely for the following varied reasons. You might see some promotions and advertisements being done to install the software remotely but it’s all a claptrap. It’s mandatory to have the physical access of the target’s smartphone. Once you buy an application thereafter you need to grab the monitored user’s mobile phone to install the spy app onto it.

remote install cell phone spy

However the process takes couple of minutes to get planted on the target’s smartphone and henceforth the spy reports can be viewed remotely at anytime and from anywhere. The true prerequisite for placing a software on the target’s smartphone are mentioned below and these are also the reasons that appropriately describe why a software cannot be remotely installed.

Four Essential Points You Need To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Spy Application:

1. Good Internet Connection Is Crucial;
2. Require Physical Access To Correctly Install A Software;
3. Remove The Traces Of The Installed Software;
4. Seek The Customer Care Help.

  • Good Internet Connection Is Crucial – It is imperative that a strong and reliable internet connection is present on the target’s smartphone [Android, iPhone]. Either WiFi or mobile data plan needs to be activated to help fetch the required information from the monitored user’s cell phone to the spy vendors servers.

A good internet network helps upload all the required data to your authenticated online account which is called dashboard. It is a place wherein you see the spy reports such as the Text messages, phone call logs, photos and many more things.

  • Require Physical Access To Correctly Install A Software – Even before installing a software you need to carry out a certain process on the smartphones. If the target user possess an Android smartphone then you will have to perform rooting to be able to use the advanced features offered by the spy software.

And if it’s an iPhone then jailbreak is required. Without jailbreaking an iDevice one cannot install a spy software on it. Once you accomplish this task then you’re ready to install the software.

NOTE – This is the cardinal reason that a software cannot be remotely installed.

  • Remove The Traces Of The Installed Software – This is another vital step that one needs to effectuate. However it depends upon the monitoring software manufacturer’s framework. All the good and reputed companies make a mechanism that automatically hides any present evidence lying on the target’s smartphone.

Although the application is entirely concealed as no layman can discover the presence of the spy software on his/her own mobile phone. But yet it’s advisable to check some basic settings in the target’s phone and delete its traces present, if any. A cydia app needs to be removed from an iPhone and also you need to clear the web browser history from other smartphones.

  • Seek The Customer Care Help – Even though the process of installing the software is simple and the interface is user friendly as well. Perhaps you require to take help from the customer care. The minor difficulty while installing the software will urge you to contact the customer support and to rightly get benefitted from their assistance you need to clutch the target’s smartphone into your hands.

So that you can simultaneously perform the required actions to successfully install the software. And also they can aid you in removing the traces in the monitored person’s phone.

Therefore with all the factors mentioned above, I hope i’ve made it crystal clear that a software cannot be remotely installed. Always keep these points in your mind before buying a cell phone monitoring application. For any more assistance please feel free to contact me through a comment section mentioned below.

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