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How to Hack Someone’s Instagram Without Password?

Instagram is a popular social media platform where people can talk to each other through direct messages as well as like others pictures, videos, stories and so on. Just to give you an idea of how big this social media is, Instagram has beaten Facebook in number of active users per month in 2019. The magic number?

Well, a little over one billion people on the platform. Every single month.

But you knew that, right? What you might not know is that it is possible to hack into someone’s Instagram account without them knowing.

Today, you’ll learn your possibilities as well as the most effective manner to accomplish this mission. And if you’re wondering why would one wish to do it, well… there are plenty of reasons as we’ll start off our content showing some very recurring ones.

Why hack into someone’s Instagram?

As we’re talking about one of the largest social media in the world, it is just that easy to assume Instagram hides huge secrets both personal and professional. After all, can you name a few people of your social circle who don’t have an account there? Probably not.

Cheating partners

cheating partner instagram

Internet has made cheating easy and surprisingly safe. All you need to do is to browse around profiles until you find someone who you consider hot or interesting enough. Then, send her/him a message. You can repeat the process until you eventually run into someone who corresponds your contact. Due to the large volume of people there, this won’t take long.

Or you could simply go to that old sweetheart of yours and try to reconnect to her/him. That easy.

These scenarios made a lot of couple go into hard time when trusting each other. Well, as you probably can presume, this problem would fade away if you had access to your partners deepest secrets on Instagram.

Sexual and moral harassment

Sexual and moral harassment

If you’re a parent or legal guardian, this goes without saying it. Internet has also brought the possibility for several different types of criminals to approach youngsters and kids. The result can be horrible and usually it will be too late for parents to prevent major problems by the time they notice their children is in trouble.

Obviously, this wouldn’t even have a beginning if you knew who your kids have been talking to, right? Even if there’s no one around posing as threat, you son or daughter could still be in trouble, like researching and being exposed to porn, drugs or violence content.

Personal data

Personal data

It’s not uncommon to see people sharing some sensitive info through social media. For instance, you could probably have told your wife or kid a credit card password or your bank account PIN number for some reason. Well, guess what happens when someone hacks your Instagram account.

That’s right. Say goodbye to your savings.

Corporate secrets

Corporate secrets

Data has become the new gold as most of the multinational companies hide their money recipe in information regard clients, suppliers, projects and so on. The week spot here is the possibility of some employee leaking this info. It’s only reasonable to assume this will happen through internet and most likely through his social media. Hello Instagram!

Despite which case is yours – or even if you just want to know how they do it so you can take extra precaution regard your Instagram account – we’ll now get into the serious stuff.

How to hack into someone’s Instagram account?

Although you can find several magical ways on a quick research on the Internet, bad news is most of them are just scams. However, this doesn’t mean this is an impossible task.

We’ve done an extensive research in our labs in order to test and verify the effectiveness of all the most common methods available. The result is: there are three different possibilities. But they do have differences, especially related to how easy and powerful they are.

That said, let’s present them from the one we consider less likely to be your best choice to the best one, together with their respective explanations.

#1 – Reset your target Instagram account

This is probably the easiest working method you’ll find out there. However, as you may anticipate, it does require that you know the person’s e-mail address and its password. Or at least his/her phone for a few minutes.

Although it is easy to do, there are some obvious issues with it. First of all, whoever you’re trying to hack will know something is wrong. The second and probably more clear problem is: why would you have someone’s e-mail address and password, right?

Anyway, in case you do, all you need is:

1. Go to Instagram login page and hit “Forgot your password?”;
2. Fill the blank fields with the account e-mail;
3. Access the e-mail and check reset the password. You’ll be able to choose a new one;

As you can tell, easy but not very realistic. So, let’s move to your second option.

#2 – Phishing

Here is the thing: although this is a very effective method, you’re likely to lack knowledge to make it happen. After all, you’d need to build a fake website, in this case the Instagram, and hope the person access it and inserts her info.

Sounds too technical? Well, it is. That’s the reason this method is more common to be used by professional hackers. Don’t get disappointed! The last and best way is totally viable, secure and easy to do.

Spy Apps to hack someone’s Instagram Account

Have you ever heard of them?

If no, here’s a simple explanation. Spy apps are dedicated software to gaining access to a certain electronic device, such as phones, Mac, PC and so on. The key aspect is that they run remotely and (the good ones) are invisible.

They’re the easiest and most effective manner to get what you want without being suspect by far.

We’ll assume you’re not too familiar with this. If this is the case, you’ll face a lot of different apps in this niche, which may turn choosing into a complicated task. But fear no more! We’ve done the tough work for you. Here’s our selection and a some key info about them.

# 1. mSpy

mSpy Instagram

Our first candidate is one of leaders in tracking and monitoring devices. This app gathers an extensive list of over 25 different functionalities, which allows its user to get all sort of data from the monitored phone.

Here is some relevant info that may help you check if this is your most effective choice:

Compatibility: mSpy is compatible with all current phones running Android 4 or later. Now, if Apple is your thing, it will run all the way from iOS 7 to the present one. Also, through our link to its official website, you’ll find a tool in which you may type your device and mSpy will verify the compatibility.

Plans & Price: there is a good range of plans here that will vary from basic $ 29.99 to family $199.99. You can choose to subscribe mSpy from one month to one year without the need of renewal.

Bonus: mSpy offers 15% discount when you use coupon code BESTPHONESPYGUIDE. At the checkout page from the link below.

Download mSpy for smartphone

# 2. Flexispy

Flexispy Instagram

Another huge player here is Flexispy. The app is always mentioned as one of people’s favorite, especially due to its large variety of options. Flexispy also offers a good range of plans. This is a great way to only pay for those functions you’ll actually take advantage of.

Some relevant extra information you might consider when choosing your spy app:

Compatibility: Flexispy will work on phones running Android 8 or later. However, there may be some limitations regard a few specific features for Android 8, 9, 10 and 11, overall if you have a Samsung.

If you own an iPhone, the application is fully compatible with iOS 6 or later. More details can be found through our link to the official website.

Plans & Price: basically, you can get the LITE, PREMIUM or the EXTREME plan. Both are quite robust in terms of monitoring, with EXTREME onboarding some very advanced functions, such as intercepting calls. Periods vary from one to 12 months according to your needs with prices ranging from $ 29.95 to $ 349.

Download Flexispy for smartphone

# 3. Highster Mobile

highster mobile instagram

Now we’re looking at one of those apps that have recently become more famous. Highter Mobile is a complete solution, with all main functionalities, but that also bets on an easy-to-use platform. No doubt another great choice!

What you might want to know when making your mind about Highster Mobile:

Compatibility: the app claims to work smoothly with any Android device from version 7 on and iPhone-wise from iOS 10 to the most updated.

Plans & Price: the subscription system is different than usual here. There is only the Highter Mobile Pro Edition, which offers every tool the app has for a life-long-term. Price is $ 69.99.

Bonus: when redirected by our site to Highster Mobile official website, you can add a download warranty for extra $ 33.94.

Download Highster Mobile for smartphone

# 4. Umobix

umobix instagram

Umobix is a lighter option. This doesn’t mean you won’t get what you want regard accessing someone’s Instagram account. However, as we’ll talk a little more about later, the number of possibilities related to extra monitoring is reduced, when compared to the bigger players.

Compatibility: Umobix claims it is compatible with all Android phones just like they are with any iOS. In case you don’t feel confident, they also provide a tool on their website where you tell the model of your phone and they instantly confirm it is compatible with the software.

Plans & Price: the app offers four different plans which only vary in period, not functionalities. You can pay anywhere from $ 39.99 per month to $ 89.98 per year.

Bonus: Umobix gives you a quite decent discount when going for a long-term subscription. For instance, the one year plan would be as low as $ 7.49/month.

Download uMobix for smartphone

# 5. iKeyMonitor

iKeymonitor Instagram

This is another very trusted application for spying Instagram. His range of functions and easy-to-use interface are their main positive aspects. Even if you’re not a pro or experienced person at doing what you’re about to try, iKeyMonitor app is quite straight forward to use.

This may help you get a more clear vision:

Compatibility: According to the official source, you can run iKeyMonitor on any Android device with the 2.3 version or later. Regard iPhone, it requires iOS 9 or later.

Plans & Price: There are only two plans here. First one is a free plan. However, you won’t get much here and hacking into someone’s Instagram will be definitely off the table. The complete plan on the other hand is at $ 29.16, which represents over 50% off from its original price.

Bonus: Free plan to get an idea of how the tool works before purchasing the full version. But do keep in mind that this version will solely work for you to get used to the tool, not really to have a glimpse at some sensitive information stored on the target phone.

Download iKeymonitor for smartphone

NOTE: when you browse around the functionalities available in each of the official websites for their respective spy app, note that some of them may require root or jailbreak. For less used OS, such as BlackBerry or Windows Phone, although most of them will be compatible, we strongly advise you to get in touch with the chosen app’s customer support.

You might be wondering what exactly these apps can do, right? Well, let’s get into it.

How can a spy app help me hacking someone’s Instagram?

In order to understand how these apps can be helpful to hack into someone’s Instagram account, we need to understand how they work first. The process itself is very technical of course, but the idea here is to give you a glimpse of it, without going to deep, but granting you know what you’re about to use.

Mainly, all the best apps, which are the ones you find here, work in a similar way. First of all, you’ll need access to the target phone. Don’t worry! In average, the time to download and install one of these software is less than five minutes with decent internet.

Note that although these apps are trusted and totally undetectable, you should not forget to erase the browser’s history, since if by chance the person checks there, she/he will end up finding a weird link.

Once installed, all you need to do is login the apps control panel and check all Instagram data you want. In order to do that, you’ll need a computer, phone or tablet and an internet connection. That’s all.

Finally, to get the link to download the app of your choice and install it on the target phone as well as to get your login and password the apps’ interface, click on our link and you’ll be redirected to the apps’ official website, where you can choose your plan.

That done, you’ll receive an email with all info you need. Easy huh? Now, let’s see the functionalities you can count on with these apps related to hacking Instagram.

Key functionalities related to how to hack someone’s Instagram

There are plenty of possibilities and since we brought you all the best applications for the discussed purpose, it’ll all be about the choice of plan you make. Here are the main functions available:

  • Access to all direct messages sent, received and even the deleted ones;
  • Access to all posts and likes given or received;
  • Access to all stories made;
  • Access to all shared media: audio messages, pictures and videos;
  • Access to all reels and IGTV;

As you can imagine, this is more than what you need to discover every secret that person has to hide. But as we’ve mentioned, these apps go a lot further than just hacking someone’s Instagram. They can actually monitor the entire phone.

Here are some examples:

  • Monitor the main social media such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and much more;
  • Track location via GPS;
  • Access to SMS and all sort of text messages;
  • Access to the phone’s library;
  • Register every key stroke through professional keylogger;

Possibilities are endless with these applications. The functionalities you’ll get just depend on the plan you choose. Great news here is that you’re likely to get much more than you expect even with the starter’s choice.

No need to rush and make your purchase now. Let’s us bring some relevant factors you might want to consider before using our links and subscribing your favorite spy app.

Things to consider when choosing a spy app to hack into someone’s Instagram and phone

First thing to keep in mind is that your target may have his secret spread all over his phone. Maybe some of will be found in this mailbox, other info are actually in notes stored on the phone or even in different social media messages.

The reason we’re saying this is that you probably want to make sure the plan you subscribe delivers a good deal of functions, especially related to accessing the phone’s gallery and social media content. This way you won’t miss anything at all.

Then, think about the time you want to count with this service. As much it may look like the longer plans are “too much money”, if you’re onto something and you subscription is over, you’ll need to purchase it again at a higher fee (since longer plans have huge discounts). All in all, don’t fall for an apparent cheap deal, which might cost like twice on the long run. After all, if that happens, would you just quit monitoring that person and lose all the details to come?

Now one of the most important advice you can get: stick with a secure website, like ours. There are many reasons you want to do that for.

Reasons to follow our recommendation to learn how to hack into someone’s Instagram

Well, the great reason here is: there are way too much fraud and scams in this field. The consequences of trusting suspect apps, websites and services can be quite harmful to your personal data, including bank information.

That’s because the majority of one-click-hacking-tools you’ll see around just want to make you either download an unwanted browser extension or capture your own data, which will be used against you in the future.

The list of applications, methods and links we bring to you are exclusive and have been verified and tested in our labs. Every time a tool fails to match one of our high quality standards, we immediately take it out of our suggestions. The same thing happens when a new software rises and becomes a powerful and great choice. You’ll have everything about it right the way here.

Now you know everything about how to hack someone’s Instagram as well as a lot of guidance to make the best choice for your scenario, it’s time to wrap up the whole idea in our conclusion.


Our conclusion here is very logical: if you’re looking for a way to hack someone’s Instagram, go for a spy app. As we’ve analyzed, although there are another few ways to go, they’d either require extensive technical knowledge or a good deal of luck. That not to mention you’d have high chances to get caught by using the password resetting strategy.

On the other hand, the spy apps not only guarantee you’ll be able to check all Instagram content whenever and wherever you want, but they’re also a great all-round solution for an even more expert monitoring task. At the moment, there are no better way to get to know someone’s Instagram secrets.

Did you miss any information? Do you still have questions regard the purchase or use of any tools we recommend? Go for the comment section and leave us a message. This is the best way for us to make sure our content is a perfect match to your wishes.

We are always reading and analyzing every interaction with our audience and surely will provide more top-notch articles for you to be always onto what you want or need to be done regard monitoring and tracking devices.