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8 Best Spy Apps For iPhone Without Jailbreak

You probably have heard of digital violence before, as the number of crimes originated on the internet has grown a lot lately. It’s no secret that the major targets are children and teenagers. The variety of these problems range anywhere from bullying to sexual harassment and the consequences are frequently tough for kids to overcome.

Why are we talking about this? Because we want our audience to have the best resources to prevent this situation in their family.

As Android is currently the responsible for the largest market share when we consider phones and tablets, researching reliable sources to help enhance your kids’ iPhone security is usually a much harder task than one might think. Well, this issue stops now.

Here’s our table of content to assist you making sure your children and loved ones remain safe:

• Introducing Spy Apps for iPhone
• How do Spy Apps work?
• What is jailbreak?
• 7 Best iPhone Spy Apps Without jailbreak in the market
• Our final thoughts

As you can see, we’ll start off introducing you the ultimate solution against all digital crimes among other issues, such as cheating partners, corporate Cybersecurity and so on. If you feel like this may be too technical for you, we’ll make sure you’ll need to think again. That means you’ll not only get the information, but also get it in a simple and effective manner, so it is possible for you to take the next step and get everyone you love digitally safe.

Time to begin our journey.

Introducing Spy Apps for iPhone

In a very generic speech, spy apps are a type of application focused on allowing one person to get access to information from a certain device – being mainly a phone or a tablet. At first glance, this doesn’t sound too impressive right? But it is.

Thing is: the person we’re talking about could get access to any phone, not necessarily his own. On top of that, this monitoring system is completely undetectable and all information captured gets available to that person in real time and remotely. How does it sound now?

This amazing delivery has made spy apps quite popular for a series of reason, as we’ll walk you through the main ones right now.

Reason why you should have a spy app for iPhone

Before we dive into this, keep in mind that these are just examples. The use of a spy app can vary a lot according to someone’s needs. Therefore, if you believe what you’d like to get is within the features and reach a spy app has, you’re ready to get one. Later on, as you’ve seen on our table of content, we’ll show you the best ones around.

• Parenthood → being a parent has never been an easy mission. However, internet has just made it a little harder in a sense. After all, the large number of websites, messaging apps and social media have turned into a no-man-land in terms of content and regulation. Of course, criminals are ready to take advantage of that;

• Cheating partners → it doesn’t matter if you’re talking about a girlfriend, a boyfriend, or even married people: we are all way to insecure when it comes to relationship. Again, internet has made it easy for someone to start flirting with another person without anyone else can see it. Have you ever though what your husband or wife does on his or her phone all night long?

• Corporate secrets → a lot of money is in information nowadays. Therefore, companies have been attempting to protect their most sensitive data at all costs. However, in the end of the day, we all know someone – an employee – will need to have access to it in order to make the company run, right? Who can assure that person won’t sell those precious data to a competitor?

Does any of these cases ring a bell? If it does, you’re about to wipe it off your mind with this article.

In order to proceed, it’s time for you to understand how spy apps work, now that you know what they are that they’re a real thing, despite sounding like magic.

How do spy apps work?

spy apps working

The technology behind them is quite sophisticated, but we’ll try to put it simple. Basically, there’s a whole structure with highly trained people and a lot of other resources that can capture every data that goes into or out of a phone and send it to a cloud, reachable through a control panel.

Think that every time the monitored phone, let’s say, receives a SMS, the entire content as well as its information is instantly copied and sent to this cloud. The person who signs one of these app will have access to that data whenever he wants.

On the other hand, the person who’s being monitored won’t have a clue about what is happening.

This is only possible thanks to Apple’s iCloud backup. Every time the automatic backup takes place refreshing the content, the spy app for iPhone also works and intercepts the file, copying it. The good thing about this is that you won’t need physical access to the target phone in order to install your spy app, unlike what happens with Android phones.

All you need is to know the Apple’s credentials associated with the iPhone you want to monitor and to be sure the device’s automatic backup is active. Don’t worry! Most of iPhone’s have that activated.

There is a large variety of feature a spy app for iPhone can have. It depends on the one you choose. But before we show these features and the ones we consider to be the best available at the moment, we need to talk about jailbreak. It’s on our title and most people still don’t really know much about this word.

What is jailbreak?

What is Jailbreak

As every product in the world, phones have limitations. It can be regard battery, processing capacity, compatibility to certain software among others. The thing is that these limitations don’t always have to do with actual hardware power to execute over these barriers.

They mainly obey the phones manufacturer’s interest. For example, do you think iPhone can’t run any Android app for lack of power? Well, we don’t think so either. But it is obvious that Apple wants you to keep yourself and your financial resources within iOS world. This is just much more profitable.

Of courses the reasons may be different according to the limits imposed. For instance, some of them are related to the device’s integrity. That is the manufacturer wants to make sure harmful apps won’t be able to be installed on the phone. It works as a sort of native defense system.

And what does jailbreak has to do with it? Well, that’s the name of the procedure you remove those limitation from your iPhone and thus those native defense system as well.

We won’t discuss here if this is a good or a bad decision. What is important for you is that this procedure demands technical knowledge and can harm your phone if not properly executed.

Moreover, using a phone with jailbreak can also represent problems if you don’t know exactly what you’re installing and accessing through it.

So, for the record, it’s a lot safer to use an iPhone as it is. Therefore, we’ll focus on how to spy on iPhone without jailbreak. This is also more likely to be your situation. In addition to it, even if the iPhone of your target has been jail-broken, the apps will work fine. Actually, they will even have more features available for you to use.

Now it’s the time: What iPhone spy app without jailbreak to choose, right? Well, here is your go-to list.

8 Best iPhone Spy Apps Without jailbreak in the market

In order to make sure you get the best list available on the internet, we went a lot beyond researching the official sites and other tech blogs. How? Well, we’ve tested all the most famous ones on our labs. Here is the result.

#1 – mSpy


This application won’t be out of any quality list. Numberless options for a complete tracking and monitoring system with a world-class customer support has made mSpy one of the favorite spy apps for iPhone.

With this tool, you’ll be able to check every text message, go into all social media accounts associated with the phone, check emails, browse history, photo and video gallery, block apps, learn the current location the phone is at and much more.

One of its most desired function for parents and cheating partners is geofencing. This allows you to set a perimeter where the target phone isn’t supposed to either go in or leave, according to what you want. Whenever that happens, you’ll get a notification on your phone.

The highlights also go to the professional way it works. On our tests, mSpy were able to deliver everything it promises in a very fast pace and totally undetectable. Phone’s performance wasn’t altered at all.

Of course, nothing in life is perfect. So here is a comparison of what we liked about mSpy and what we believe could be better.

Download mSpy for smartphone Without Jailbreak

#2 – Highster Mobile

highster mobile iphone

This is a much younger player on the market. However, its performance was outstanding. The application has a good range of features which makes it possible to access every contact detail on the target phone’s list, SMS, all messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Viber and Kirk, not to mention the social media.

What made us fall in love with the app was the fact it makes every one of its functions available to use on iPhone without jailbreak. So no frustrations at all here. Highster Mobile also had an excellent overall performance with guarantees you’ll not get caught by any means.

Another cool thing is that Highster Mobile doesn’t require a monthly subscription. That’s right! You pay once for it and the service will be provided forever or for as long as the software is out there, obviously.

Is it perfect? No, of course. Here’s the Pros and Cons.

Download Highster Mobile for smartphone Without Jailbreak

#3 – Spyic

spyic for iphone

Here is another fresh candidate to solve your problems. Spyic has been investing a lot lately in making the application more comprehensive in terms of functionalities. Since we’re talking about an easy-to-use software, this shall make him a very solid decision.

Regard what you can do with Spyic, the variety of features go from the basics, such as contact details, location via GPS, access to SMS (both sent and received) to some more premium, like access to all documents and media on the phone and activities noted on the target calendar.

We really enjoyed how the keylogger is well organized. Every key stroke is properly put in sequence in easy-to-read reports, showing if it happened on a website, app or wherever it was, not to mention details like time and day. Really useful to find out more regard researches your kid, partner or employee have been doing lately.

Download Spyic for smartphone Without Jailbreak

#4 – CocoSpy

cocospy for iphone

CocoSpy could be described as one of the best light monitoring apps. Don’t get us wrong, it gets the job done well, but it doesn’t bring that heavy artillery some competitors do. However, it’s got enough to make sure you get to bottom line when trying to make sure everything is alright on your kid’s or partner’s virtual life.

Being lighter in features do bring an advantage as well: the app is super fast at synchronizing the captured information and making it available to you. You’ll instantly get to know everything about the monitored person’s email, gallery, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and much more.

One cool thing is that Spyic has been positive mentioned by several big companies as a good choice for tracking iPhone. One example? The New York Times. That should speak for itself.

The company also offers several different options for you to subscribe it and you’ll certainly find something that just feels right for your pocket.

Pros and Cons? Sure.

Download CoCospy for smartphone Without Jailbreak

#5 – Spyzie


How about another big player? Spyzie will never be left out of a list if we they keep up the good work. The application offers a large range of functions and is completely compatible with iOS. Maybe, one of the best in this sense.

However you’ll be able to check emails, contact list, all sort of messages, gallery, social media and so on with Spyzie, the real juice is at tracking location via GPS. The reason to explain this is that Spyzie will let you use an inside Google Map in order to get a better insight of what’s going on. Not only that, you’ll also get vital info related on how long someone’s been at a certain location, how often and much more. Amazing, really.

You can expect a smooth experience overall, very characteristic from the most solid spy apps for iPhone on the market. A real good choice, definitely.

But, there are aspects you can find better options depending on your case, of course.

Download Spyzie for smartphone Without Jailbreak

#6 – uMobix

umobix iphone

The uMobix app has a few secrets to convince you. And they’re just absolutely amazing. Beyond the basics and more common features you’ve noticed most of them have, uMobix also delivers two special and unique functions:

• The ability to access the browse history even if the target phone uses a private tab;
• A resourceful TikTok monitoring system capable of letting you take a look at absolutely everything about that person’s account;

So if TikTok is a big thing on your child’s life, this may be the way to go. The results we had regard uMobix performance were robust and it’s very unlike that you will experience any problems when operating it.

Being able to offer a view of every sort of type messages, social media, gallery, among other functions, the truth will be revealed to you for sure. A good way way to bring your peace of mind back.

As you know, there are a few things better than others here as well.

Download uMobix for smartphone Without Jailbreak

#7 – KidsGuard Pro

kidsguard pro iphone

As the name suggests, KidsGuard Pro is awesome if your goal is to protect your children. We don’t want you to think it can’t help you at other tasks, but this is its specialty. The set of tools it offers is constantly updated and fully focused on getting all info you need on you kid’s virtual life.

In order to accomplish this mission of helping parents, KidsGuard Pro offers a complete view of every source of communication your child may have on his or her phone. Despite if he or she is the type that spends hours on Facebook, Instagram, or who loves sending and receiving WhatsApp messages, or yet those who browse around the internet for dubious content, KidsGuard will keep you posted.

The location via GPS is also precise to make sure your children is where he or she says so. With all these possibilities and an intuitive interface, you won’t spend more than a few minutes everyday to guarantee you know every relevant thing about the monitored person.

Our Pros and Cons for KidsGuard Pro.

Download KidsGuard Pro for smartphone Without Jailbreak

#8 – iKeyMonitor

iKeymonitor iPhone

Our list comes to an end with iKeyMonitor. This is also a very well-known software capable of easily provide every tool you need for a complete monitoring task. As some other options on our list, iKeyMonitor has a secret to surprise whoever you’re monitoring.

That is the ability to monitor even considerably less common applications, such as QQ, WeChat (not common if you step out of China, obviously), IMO and HIKE, to name a few. This is not only something a lot of its competitors will fail to accomplish as it may be key to get to your goal, if this is one of the apps you children, partner or employee shares their secrets, right?

Regard the rest of the features, you can count on good keylogger, access to all the basic you’s expect from checking our list and some of the more premium features, like listening to the surroundings. A blast to use, really.

And our Pros and Cons.

Download iKeymonitor for smartphone Without Jailbreak

So, now you’re ready have your piece of mind back, despite what situation made you look for a solution the spy apps for iPhone can offer. Before you try out our links and make the most effective purchase for your case, let’s warp it all up with our conclusion.

Our final thoughts

Choosing a spy app for iPhone can be tricky. The first problem is that we usually don’t know much about these apps until we’re already using one of them. Therefore, when we research the topic on the internet, we end up vulnerable to a lot of crap content that may induce us to make a poor decision.

That is no longer a problem if you’re one of our readers.

However, picking the right one out of our list is really a very close call. They’re all great and some very specific aspects may turn one better than the other for your exact situation. So we highly recommend you take your time, read this article more than once, check what you need the most and then use the link to your favorite ones.

If you need more info on one specific spy app here, you can also browse through our website, where you’ll have very comprehensive articles and reviews on all major spying tool the market has to offer.

Now, go get your family, company and kids safe.