Cell Phone Spy Buying Guide

Cell phone monitoring software helps you discover the required information about your target user at anytime and anywhere. This software when gets installed onto the target’s smartphone it subsequently starts monitoring the smartphone.

There are many spy software companies present online, hence this article will aid you in obtaining the useful and necessary information to securely watchdog your child, spouse or employee. However all of them offers the same set of features yet there are many other things that needs to be undertaken before buying a spying application.

Keep scrolling to learn more about these applications in this cell phone spy buyer’s guide and help select the right one to start.

Selecting Which Product to Buy!

Selecting a spy product is the crucial phase and therefore one must keep up with the following research areas to help better decide the need of the monitoring software.

1. Software Compatibility – The spy software should be congenial with the target smartphone’s operating system version.

2. Range of Aspects – Check with the spying features that are essentially required by you.

3. Customer Support – This is one of the important factors to be considered while buying a spy app. A good customer support should be provided to help comprehend the functioning of the spy application.

4. Guarantee Rendered – The money back guarantee is only applicable under special circumstances that helps you save your money in case the software fails to work on the target’s smartphone.

1. Software Compatibility

Spy software compatibility

The spy software is compatible with all the popular brands like Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, Blackberry, iPhone, HTC, Nokia and many more that are running on either Android, iOS, Blackberry or Symbian operating system. Yet the prime step is to check the congeniality of the spy app with that of the target’s smartphone. Hence check the list of the supported phones or compatible smartphones page on the spy providers website. In case you do not see any information with regards to your target’s smartphone then contact the customer support and get your queries clarified.

However the software works irrespective of the cellular service provider but it is advisable to review this factor as well. it is observed that in some cases a smartphone brand with specific mobile network provider is incompatible and thus cause problem in monitoring the device activities.

2. Range of Aspects

It is crucial that you analyse the needs and requirement to monitor your target user’s smartphone activities. There are many features offered by these spy applications. These are divided into two categories i.e. Basic and Advanced features. If your core requirement is to track their text messages done through the IM chat messengers such as WhatsApp, Line, BBM, Facebook, Hike etc. then you should select the advanced subscription package. Following are the list of features with which you can keep track of the target user’s smartphone actions.

Instant Messenger Apps – Read all the conversations done through the Facebook, Snapchat, LINE, Viber, WeChat, Skype, iMessage, BBM, WhatsApp and KIK.

Phone Call Logs – Have the knowledge with whom is your target user communicating.

Address Book, Calendar records, Notes – Get well versed with their stored contacts, notes and calendar details.

Flip Through Their Multimedia Gallery – The saved photos/selfies, videos and music can be reviewed as well.

GPS locations – Discover their whereabouts with the aid of Google maps.

Applications – Keep track of the applications that are downloaded by your kids on their smartphones.

Record their Web Activities – The bookmarks and the history of web and locations can be checked easily with this monitoring software.

Password Cracker – This feature divulge the passwords of the social applications installed on their smartphones.

Listening And Recording The Phone Calls – The calls received or made by the target user can be eavesdrop by you at anytime. Also it can be recorded for your future reference.

3. Customer Support

customer support

It is imperative that the customer service rendered by the product should be high in quality. Along with the FAQs [frequently asked questions] and searchable knowledge base the live chat support and email support are the key ingredients to look before purchasing any of the monitoring application. Installing the software, jailbreaking an iPhone or rooting an android phone etc. are some of the problems where one is seeking help from the customer care. Some of the elite vendors have tied up with the special care team that with the help of video conferencing helps the users to successfully install the program or carry out the processes like rooting and jailbreak.

All your queries must be answered either through email services or toll free numbers or live chat sessions. It is advisable to chat with the customer executives before buying the app and get clear your doubts with regards to the compatibility, provided features, subscription packages and more. This way you will also get to know their services and how quickly they respond to you.

4. Guarantees Refund

Under the circumstances where the product fails to work due to some technical error perhaps some monitoring functions that aren’t compatible with specific smartphones. The money back guarantee helps you save your money in case the spy software is of no use to you. There are different policies and time period for money back guarantee however generally it is a 10 day refund policy that is offered majorly by all the monitoring software vendors.

Other Miscellaneous Details

Apart from the details mentioned above there are some more aspects that needs to be considered before purchasing the cell phone monitoring application.

  • Physical Access To The Monitored Smartphone – To install the software onto the monitored smartphone, it’s mandatory to have the phone into your possession. Without this you will not be able to use the features provided by the monitoring application. The remote registration cannot be done. Once you purchase the application thereafter open the download link provided in your registered mail ID on the target’s smartphone. All you require to do is just open the link and follow the instructions to start using the monitoring aspects of the spying software.
  • iPhones must be jailbroken – The spying application can be installed on an iPhone only after jailbreaking it. As this application is not available on the Apple’s appstore hence it can only be availed after jailbreaking it. Once the app gain the system level access of the iOS thereafter it start its process of monitoring the device of the target user.

NOTE – In case you do not wish to jailbreak the device then a software called mSpy has a new monitoring service that lets you spy the device without jailbreaking an iPhone. Therefore the iDevice such as iPhone, iPod, iPad can be accessed without setting it free from the manufacturer’s limitations i.e. jailbreak.

  • Access To The Internet – A good internet connection is needed to let these apps work correctly. To rightly fetch the information and data of the target user it is imperative that the reliable internet connection must be available on both the ends. Either WiFi or cellular data plan can be used. Ensure that your network provider must serve you the data plan in your cellular package.

What To Look Out For?

  • Make sure the spy software vendors aren’t luring you with the false advertisements by offering you the excess features.
  • This application cannot be installed remotely or through bluetooth. Physical access is necessary.
  • Check for the good customer support that can aid you with the product services and also look for the compatibility of the smartphone with that of the software.
  • Analyse your needs to monitor the target user and thereafter carefully choose your subscription package.

Therefore in the end I would like you to know that buying the spy software needs attention. Read as many good spy reviews as you can and hence cautiously evaluate your monitoring requirements and then select the spy app. Following are the reliable and genuine spy apps available which are also tested by me. mSpy, FlexiSPY, Mobistealth and Highster Mobile. These are well compatible with all the major operating systems and works perfectly.

So just get benefitted with this cell phone spying guide and select a right one for yourself.

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