How To Spy On Live Phone Calls and Record Surroundings

Do you remember the old days when people used spies? There was someone who followed people, tried to know who they were meeting and what they were doing. Now, things have changed and the aforementioned method isn’t really effective. People have started talking to others via Phone than they do in person. This is quite evident if we are talking about businessmen or some other corporate people out there. That said, we have access to some superb options.

Won’t it be awesome if you can listen to the live calls one receives or makes — instantly? Yes, we mean that you can become an invisible member of the call and listen to the whole conversation. There is a technology that you can use for the purpose — namely ambient call recording app for Android and iPhone. Unlike most of you think, it’s an easy-to-use tech, even if you have no previous experience with it. In this article, however, we will tell you how to listen to and intercept live cell phone calls on iPhone and Android.

Why Listen to or Intercept Live Cell Phone Calls?

As we said earlier, it’s the perfect way to understand what a person is doing or speaking. Suppose you are a parent who wants to know what your children are talking about. You might also want to know whom they’re in contact with. On another scenario, you can be an employer, who doubts some particular employees. You are doubtful whether they are leaking some confidential information about company to the outsiders.

In both the cases, you might have hired a spy — but that’s the story two decades back. Now, quite notably, you can put your employees or children under spying. It means that their phone will be monitored all day & night, giving you the necessary insights. Along with a lot of tracking information, you can have the benefits of Live Call Listening and Call Intercepting.

Here, we are going to focus on the process of Listening to Live Calls and Call Interception. Thankfully, it works on both Android and iPhone, and you don’t have to worry.

The Solution — FlexiSPY Extreme

In case if you do not know, FlexiSPY is one of the most popular solutions for smartphone monitoring. It works fine for Android and iPhones, quite seamlessly. Personally speaking, this is a service that we love to use and to recommend. Although it’s a bit expensive, the features are something incomparable. We haven’t yet been able to find such advanced features in any other smartphone monitoring programs out there.

And, yes, as you would have guessed, FlexiSPY comes with Live Call Listening and Intercepting features. It’s to be noted, however, that the feature is available in FlexiSPY Extreme only. It is also worth noting that you have two major options in FlexiSPY. You can either listen to the phone calls as they happen or make FlexiSPY record all of them for you. All the call recordings are accessible via FlexiSPY Dashboard.

We will introduce you to both the features, so that you can choose according to your convenience. We would also talk about some additional features, which may come in handy.

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Call Interception — Or, Listening to Live Cell Phone Calls

live call listening

In FlexiSPY, it’s really easy to listen to live cellphone calls as they happen. Suppose your target is talking to a friend or someone you feel dangerous about. In that case, you can simply call to the provided number. In a few seconds or so, you will be an active participant of the phone call. Neither the call-maker or receiver will know about your presence, though.

As it turns out, you can listen to both sides of the phone call. This is way too better than Call Recording — in which you may not listen both sides’ audio. Even better, this feature is available in Android, iPhone, Symbian and BlackBerry. It’s also the single company to provide such an advanced feature in iOS 7 and later devices. In addition, Call Interception in FlexiSPY requires just a few seconds to set up.

First of all, you have to log onto FlexiSPY Dashboard and choose Control Panel. Under Bugging Controls, you can see an option named Call Interception. Hit the Enable button and you have to provide some features. It allows you to, for instance, set up a Watch-List. You can either set FlexiSPY to alert you for all calls, or when a particular number is in contact.

So, when a call happens, you will receive a SMS message on the provider number. Right then, you can call the target number and start listening to the current cell phone call. Doesn’t it sound simply smart?

Call Recording — for Later Listening

record live calls

You might be familiar with this feature, not necessarily related to spying. In a single click, you can set up our FlexiSPY client to record phone calls from the targeted device. You have to go to Control Panel and pick Call Controls. In the list, you will see an option to Enable Call Recording. Obviously, you have to make your own preferences. As we said earlier, FlexiSPY can record all the calls or calls from particular numbers.

All the recordings will be available via FlexiSPY Dashboard for later listening. They are uploaded using target phone data. So, it may take some time before you can listen to the conversation. That having said, if you do not have time to listen to calls as they happen, you have to opt in for Call Recording. This feature works so well in almost all platform FlexiSPY supports.

Some Other Options:

As we said earlier, FlexiSPY offers some cool features, as far as Call Monitoring is concerned. They are:

– Call Logs

spy on call logs

You have complete access to the full list of Call Logs. FlexiSPY will seamlessly create a list of all the calls made and received via the Targeted device. You can see specific lists for Missed Calls, Received Calls, Dialed Calls etc. You can also set certain alerts for certain actions. For instance, you can get alerted if the targeted person calls a particular contact.

– VoIP Call Logs and Recording

In addition to GSM calls, FlexiSPY also has options for VoIP Calls recording such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Viber and more. VoIP is a technology that is used to make calls over Internet. FlexiSPY offers option for Recording VoIP calls as well. It’s just that the target user should be using a supported IM platform. It’s fine if you just want to see who your target is contacting, but the Call Recording feature is something you should not miss.

– Surround Interception and Recording

You just learned how to record the sound from surroundings of the device. FlexiSPY does the job by turning a microphone into a sound recorder. Whenever you want to know what is happening with the people, you’d be able to listen to them instantly. All you need is a good cellular connection. Just as you can listen to those surroundings, there is an option for Surrounding Recording as well.

– FaceTime Spy Camera

When you think surrounding voice recording isn’t enough, you can get this feature running. It will help you to record voice and visual from the mic and camera of the targeted device. It is done with the help of Apple FaceTime. It’s yet another awesome feature that attracted us to FlexiSPY. Needless to say, you don’t have to worry about the stealth behavior.

Wrapping Up

So, these are some ways to listen to and intercept live cell phones and record them. As you can see, process of setting up these surveillance modes is quite easy. Obviously, you should be using FlexiSPY, which is one of the best and trusted smartphone monitoring programs out there. The company also offers 10-days money back guarantee for all users. If you don’t like the features or service after using them, you have your right to get the money back.

In short, FlexiSPY is one of the best option to listen to live cell phone calls in Android and iPhone. As you may have noticed, the feature is available in Symbian and BlackBerry as well. Although minute, we cannot fail to mention the significance of the additional features like VoIP Call Recording and FaceTime Spy Camera. All it requires you to pay is an amount of $199 for 3 months.

We hope there is enough information for you to start recording and listening to the calls your children or employees receive every day. It needs to be noted that FlexiSPY offers respect your convenience as well. As you might have noticed, there is an option to record GSM and VoIP calls and listen to them later. So, that’s a combination of high-end technology and convenient usability.

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