Spyzie Review – The World’s #1 Spy Phone App

We know you’ve been trying to pick up a great way to monitor someone’s else device and online activity. We’re also aware that this is normally a much more complicated task than it sounds, especially because most of us don’t really know what to expect from these apps and what source to trust. We bet you’ve run into many articles saying this or that tool is the best.

Moreover, you probably have heard a lot about Spyzie on these contents. The thing is: many articles you have access to on the internet are not independent. That means whoever wrote them has been paid to do so, according to certain guidelines, including saying the tool is or isn’t good. After all, there is a lot of competition when it comes to this sort of software.

So we thought about creating this ultimate guide to make sure you have everything you need in mind to take a clear and safe choice. And to make sure we waste no time, nothing is better than starting off from Spyzie main pros and cons, as well as a short and quite straight forward opinion on it.


  • One of the most known spy app for Android and iOS on the market
  • A historic of very well pleased customers
  • A good range of functionalities
  • Constant updates
  • Friendly interface and easy-to-use control panel


  • May not be the cheapest choice
  • Sync data isn’t the fastest in the market
  • Limited customer support


“If you do have some experience with spy apps and are looking into finding one capable of putting together a good mix of features at a reasonable price with safety and reliability, Spyzie may be a go-to solution for you. Otherwise, there are several other options you can find on our website, as well as their own full review.”

Now, if you need more information and detailed analysis, we’ve got you covered. But before we dive into these answers, we want to explain to you why you should trust what we say over the several other articles you can read around the internet.

Why Trust Us?

why trust us


We’ve mentioned why you should have second thoughts about what you read related to spy apps on the internet. But how does this not apply to ourselves? Easy. We’re independent. When you check our website, you’ll see we make reviews on pretty much every main spy tool there is around.

Another relevant aspect is that we bring both pros and cons and you’ll never see us recommending a certain application as if it was perfect to all circumstances and people. After all, we all know this is just impossible to happen.

The last but not least reason you should trust us has related to the content itself. Unlike other blogs and websites, we don’t write our reviews or any other type of content based on someone’s else opinion or text. We actually try the apps in our lab and gather information from the results and the official website. This is the most transparent manner to really give you the heads-up you need before picking your monitoring system.

Never thought about it, right? No worries, most people don’t. But we still find it the best way to bond with our audience: being honest and informative. We’re confident you’ll appreciate this after making your mind based on our articles.

Enough about this. Time to talk about the all-famous Spyzie review.

What is Spyzie?



Spyzie is one of the most famous spy app in the world.

Spy apps are tools developed to grant access to a determined device remotely and invisibly. In other words, it let’s you monitor and track someone’s phone without them knowing. Of course, as you might know, and will understand better as you read on, there are a lot of them and their features, prices and characteristics vary a lot.

The first thing to know is how Spyzie actually works. You know, we shouldn’t really purchase something people say it’s good without having a clue of what it is and what benefits it can really bring to our lives. To do that, it imperative that you know how it functions.

How does Spyzie work?

Think about Spyzie as a computer software responsible for registering every activity that takes place on a certain phone or tablet. That’s the key meaning behind it. Therefore the application will capture the data from one phone and transfer it to a cloud, which is accessible through a control panel.

Then, whoever subscribed Spyzie to be able to know about that data can just log into the platform and check whatever has been going on the monitored device. Of course – as spy app indicates – the entire process is both remote and fully undetectable.

Every few minutes, the control panel will be refreshed with the latest activities registered. The range of possibilities is intimately linked to the app itself and to the necessity of rooting and/or jailbreaking the target phone. No idea what that is, huh? No worries, we’ve got your back.

Download Spyzie from here

Rooting a phone

That’s the name we give to the procedure of eliminating the manufacturer’s restrictions on a phone or tablet. They can also apply to the restrictions an OS has. Usually, these limits are set to provide more security and prevent harmful software to be installed on your phone. However, this ends up finishing the possibility of installing every good app they believe you shouldn’t have, including the good ones.

It’s very polemic to discuss whether or not you should do it on your phone or on the target phone. But what is for sure safe to say is that the process is complicated and errors can result in irreversible damages to the device. So, it is always great if you can have the app you want, working without the need of rooting it.

Jailbreaking a phone

Guess what? This is the same thing as rooting a phone. The greatest difference is that rooting only applies to Android while Jailbreaking is specific to iOS. Obviously, the way they’re performed is also different, but this is irrelevant to our goal here. Just like we said about rooting, you might prefer to have good apps that run on regular iOS, no jailbreak needed.

This is the first thing to bear in mind. However, as we’ve anticipated, how good or bad a spy app is will also depend on its features, prices, and situations. So, let’s start with what you can have with Spyzie. It’s a long list, so take your time to understand and consider if these are exactly what you believe will come in handy to you.

Spyzie Features

We’d love to introduce you to the control panel to begin with. The reason is this will be the interface you’re going to be dealing with commonly if you choose to subscribe Spyzie. Although it isn’t really a tool itself, it’s vital to understand the activities on the target phone.

Control Panel

spyzie dashboard


This interface should be understood as a general report section. You’ll be able to have a glimpse of all the most frequent actions taken on the phone, despite if it is calling, messaging, or anything else. It’s a great way to understand how the person you are onto has spent her time on the phone.

The dashboard provides you with some overall information and refreshes itself automatically. In case you suspect a certain conversation you’re interested in is happening at that very moment, it also provides you with a refresh button on its top right corner to speed up the procedure.

But remember: although it does work, the speed at synchronizing data isn’t one of Spyzie’s greatest virtues. So it may take a few minutes, but it will be right there for you to read it. Some of what this dashboard will display is:

  • Device version and model
  • OS version
  • Most frequent called contacts
  • Last known location
  • List of features to be checked

Calling information and contacts

Calling information and contacts


No surprise here. We mean, you can’t have a spy app that isn’t capable of showing who the phone is calling or has received calls from. But Spyzie does a little more than that. It also shows some very helpful details that can give you a good picture of what is happening on the phone and with its owner.

  • Date and time → check out precisely when and at what time your monitored person has called or received a call from someone. This will give you a good idea of when the person is receiving or making those suspicious calls
  • Name and number → it would be of no use to know data and time if you didn’t have an idea of who was on the other side of the line, right? Well, Spyzie makes sure you do
  • Call duration → is your monitored person spending a few minutes or hours every day calling some number? This can tell you how interested he or she is in whoever is on the other side
  • Contacts data → how about knowing some other helpful details such as an eventual email the person can have associated to his or her phone. Maybe this will be an indicator that the conversation flow can be happening through email as well


sms and mms




SMS and MMS have been popular in the recent past. One could say it is no longer a thing since most people will have WhatsApp or some alike app as their one-to-go when text messaging. However, if you were doing something behind the curtains, don’t you think choosing a method “no one cares about” would be a good way to remain off the radar? That’s right! Spyzie also thought about this.

  • Full data monitoring → get to know who sent the text message, when it happened, and most importantly what’s in it

Tracking location

Tracking location


Via the latest technology, you’ll be able to know the monitored person’s exact whereabouts. Well, not really the person, but the phone. And you know, we simply can’t go anywhere without our phones nowadays.

And there is more.

  • Real time location → find out precisely where the person is whenever you like;
  • Whereabouts records → understand the most frequent places he or she does too, as well as the most common days and times those visits happened;

Browser history

browser history

Secrets can be hidden on websites instead of applications. For instance, a cheating partner can be arranging his online flirting on a popular chat website in order to leave fewer tracks. Now, if you verify that person goes every day to one of these websites and spends hours on it, that can be a crystal clear sign of something very wrong.

  • All browsers covered → it doesn’t matter if the target phone uses Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, or any other tool, Spyzie is able to register the history on all of them, even if the monitored person cares to exclude the history after using the browser.

Photos and Videos

photos and videos

Commonly, we receive a lot of media in photos and videos. And if someone is hiding something from you, there must be pictures or videos proof of it. Of course, they are usually going to be deleted or well hidden on the phone. But definitely not for Spyzie.

  • Photo gallery → whatever image that gets downloaded will be duplicated and available on your control panel, even if deleted on the phone;
  • Video gallery → it doesn’t matter if the person has watched or not the video. If it’s either sent or received, you’ll know. There is actually a preview of each video so you don’t really need to watch it in case it may disturb you too much;

Activities on Calendar

Maybe, whoever you’re monitoring isn’t too careful and has placed his or her next secret encounter on the phone’s calendar. It may be a little less likely to happen, but you don’t want to take chances, right? Spyzie is there for you.

  • Every calendar update → if any changes are made on the calendar, you’ll know it right the way, as well as the description the person has given to that event

General applications

general applications

Maybe, things are actually happening through an app, such as Tinder. Spyzie will make sure you know about every app installed or removed from the phone, as well as the time and date it happened.

  • Complete report → you’ll be able to know and research on each and every application the phone has ever used, as well as how often it happens, when it started, among other possibly crucial data;

SIM Card monitoring

sim location

There are two things about SIM cards you should consider. First, depending on your carrier and other aspects, the SIM card can hold some information itself, which wouldn’t be straight stored on the phone. The other thing is that one can simply change the SIM card every time he or she intends to do something secretly.

Yes, we’re sure you thought of it. Spyzie won’t let that happen.

  • SIM card data available → if any contact or alike information is stored on the phone’s SIM card, you’ll know it
  • SIM card change alert → you’ll get a notification every time the SIM card is changed on the phone, as well as its data

sim card notification



Truth is that whatever you’re looking for in terms of information can be spread all over the phone or carefully typed in few words in very specific apps. How to control it all? A keylogger is your answer. This is a tool capable of registering every and all keystroke, no matter the app the person is using.

Then, all collected data is organized and put in line so you can access it and understand every word typed on every application or website. This is the ultimate manner to literally know everything the person writes on the internet or the device.

Social Media

social media

This is by far the most useful feature on every spy app. It’s not complicated to find out why, since you probably can’t name a few friends or family members who don’t have any social media apps or accounts. Plus, all of those accounts are highly protected by heavy encryption, which prevents others from discovering what you’re up to and with who.

The list of apps and platforms covered is huge with all main ones in there. Here are some:

    • WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, LINE, WeChat
    • Messenger
    • Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat

All this information comes with details of the sender, receiver, time, date, and so on. It doesn’t matter if the person deleted the message after receiving or sending it, too late. Spyzie will have a copy and show you. You can actually choose to get a notification in some cases, such as WhatsApp.

Well, this is pretty much what you’ll benefit from with Spyzie. Now it is time for you to consider if this whether what you need or not. Moreover, try to analyze if what you suspect can probably be revealed with any of these features. Well, we honestly believe it can, as this is one of the most complete remote spy apps out there.

But, think about them and make your mind. In case it sounds good, let’s look at the investment you’re looking at.

Check all features of Spyzie from here

Spyzie Subscription Prices

Not only spy apps vary in features and prices, but their subscriptions also bring different options according to features, time of use, number of devices to be monitored, and so on. This is important so you can choose the best plan to your needs and make sure it is worth every penny. Let’s show Spyzie’s offers.

spyzie subscription prices


As the name says, you can’t expect to count on everything we’ve shown you Spyzie can do. However, this does have a decent number of functionalities that might fit your purpose in case you know specifically where to look or just want to have a lighter idea of what is going on someone’s else phone.

  • Price → $ 39.99/month | $ 59.99/month (3-month-sub) | $ 99.99/month (12-month-sub)
  • Main con → you won’t be able to monitor the social media, which as we’ve told before is likely to be the most important feature on the application
  • Other relevant info → this plan is only good if you want to monitor one device


This is the most complete plan you can get from Spyzie. Everything we talked about is on the table here. That is: it’s near impossible that whoever you’re willing to monitor will get away with his or her secrets.

  • Price → $ 49.99/month | $ 69.99/month (3-month-sub) | $ 119.99/month (12-month-sub)
  • Main con → still only good for one device
  • Other relevant info →there is a killer promotion at the moment dropping this subscription plan down to $ 9.99/month.


Just like the Premium alternative, but with the possibility of monitoring up to three devices at the same time. Note that this plan will work for families, corporations, and any other situation involving more than one phone.

  • Price → $ 69.99/month | $ 99.99/month (3-month-sub) | $ 199.99/month (12-month-sub)
  • Main con →N.A.
  • Other relevant info →although you’ll probably get more than what you need to monitor anyone you desire with the list of functionalities above, Spyzie and most of its good competitors keep developing new features every now and then. It may happen that some of the most advanced ones to come will require root or jailbreak.

There you go. Now you know everything there is to be known to form a reliable source. If you’re still not sure if this is what you’re after, let’s talk about the main folks this app will come in handy for.

Check pricing of Spyzie from here

Who’s Spyzie for?

For anyone looking into someone’s else phone or tablet, really. The large variety of features and high technology behind it will grant successful results for all sorts of the public in this need. However, there are three common target audiences to spy apps. If you fit in one of these, you’re in for a treat with Spyzie.

  • Cheating Partner → if you have second thoughts about your partner’s fidelity, this is the ultimate tool to get to bottom of it. It’s almost impossible that one will cheat on the partner without any tracks on their phone. This is quite useful to determine whether or not the person standing by you is a keeper or a waste of time.
  • Child protection → physically (by knowing your child’s location) or digitally through the vast number of functions available in Spyzie, you’ll have information and time enough to prevent anything harmful to happen to your kids, despite how serious it can get.
  • Corporate data → what happens if your company’s secret recipe leaks to some competitors? Hard to predict, but surely you’ll get some serious financial losses, right? Actually, the larger your business is, the greater this loss is likely to be. Tracking the corporate phones will make sure no one thinks about doing it.

If you got to this point, we’ll assume you’re interested and convinced Spyzie is what you need. Therefore, let’s show some of the technical elements, so you know how to proceed to purchase and install it, both in iOS and Android.

Purchasing and Installing Spyzie

Let’s start with Android, shall we?

Installing Spyzie on Android

The first thing you need to do is make sure you can download Spyzie without problems. In order to do that, you’ll need to follow some simple steps as follows.

1.Go to Settings


2.Tap Security


3.Allow Unknown Sources

unknown sources

Great! You’re almost there. Now it is time to make sure the Play Store doesn’t get in the way. Steps are just as easy to do.

1.Open your Play Store and tap Play Protect

play protect

2.Select the Setting icon on the top right corner

setting icon

3.Disable Play Protect

disable play protect

IMPORTANT NOTE: these procedures need to be done on the target phone. In other words, you’ll need physical access to it in order to download and install Spyzie. But this is the only moment that will be required. Every other process is completely remote.

Now, time to download it.

On our website, you can get a straight link to Spyzie official website. Purchasing is an easy task. You just need to click on purchase, fill in the blanks with your personal data and the payment information. After that, you’ll get a welcome email with a link to download it and your login and password to access Spyzie control panel.

Download Spyzie from here

Now, a bunch of permissions will be asked and all you need to do is activate everything the software asks for. No worries, it is very intuitive and won’t take long. Our estimation is that the entire process is no longer than 5 minutes with a decent connection.

That’s it. In the end, after installation, the application will have a Start Monitoring button and the feature to auto-hide it. You’re good to go. Now you can access the Spyzie control panel and check out all info from the target phone whenever you want to.

Apple’s time now.

Installing Spyzie on iOS

Apple is a little trickier in a sense. It is possible to install it without even downloading Spyzie, but there is a but. All you need to do was to know the iCloud ID associated with the target phone. Of course, we mean that after purchasing the subscription you like better.

Then, you’re good to go. The greatest thing about Spyzie on iOS is that you’ll get to install it on the target phone without any physical contact. On the other hand, you’ll need to know the credentials associated with that iPhone in order to make it happen. As you can think about, this might end up being a buzz kill and even tougher than just grabbing the person’s phone for a few minutes under some excuse.

That’s it. Now you have what it takes to make your mind without basing your decision on gossip and personal opinions. And as much as we keep saying you should decide for yourself as you’re the one who knows precisely what you’re looking for, we’ll give you our thoughts on this tool.

Our conclusion on Spyzie

All in all, Spyzie is a safe and powerful spy app to get to bottom of any questions you might be asking yourself about your partner, kids, or even employees. It does have a high tech on its entire process, safety to both sides of the equation and won’t make you miss too many features if you do for its Premium plan.

However, if you’re on iOS, there are better options you can find on our website for the reasons we’ve explained. Moreover, if you’re looking into a tool to start with and you have a tight budget, we also have lists of cheaper apps. Bare in mind that you’ll hardly (not to say never) find a tool that delivers premium quality as Spyzie does for a few bucks per month.

To give our content a proper closure, we also prepared a short but effective list of questions most users end up having when considering one spy app to solve their problems. Do take a look at it and if you still have an unanswered question, leave us a comment or contact us. It will be a pleasure to clear that out.


QIs it possible to install and set up Spyzie without physical access in any circumstance?

A→ On Android, there isn’t. When we speak about iOS, you won’t need physical access as explained. However, keep in mind that you’ll still need to know the iCloud credentials the person has associated with his or her iPhone.

QIs Spyzie dangerous to any of the concerned people and devices?

A→ No. Spyzie doesn’t alter any conditions of the target phone and it keeps working the same way, even if you decide to uninstall it later. No problem at all. Regard people’s safety, Spyzie will only display the information gathered to you, which grants the process is safe to all concerned.

Q Is there a free version of Spyzie?

A→ No. The subscription options are the ones above mentioned.

QIs Spyzie really undetectable?

A→ Yes. There is no way someone will find out about Spyzie unless you tell them.

Download Spyzie from here

We sincerely hope you now feel confident regard deciding whether or not Spyzie is the tool you’ve been wishing for. The app is a solid choice for most cases and its credibility and client satisfaction are noticeable. But as we always say, you’re the one who can think about what the application has to offer and consider if this is what you really need.

If not, no worries. Browse through our website where you’ll find a whole bunch of other solutions that are just a great fit for different clients and situations. Moreover, you can certainly rely on our reviews on all of them to finally be able to get to the bottom of whatever situation you’ve been through lately.

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