Top 5 Best Cell Phone Spy Software Reviewed

SpymanHello, Greetings from Best Phone Spy Reviews Guide. My name is Viktor Davis, I’ve been engaged with spy software companies for the last 8 years. Over a period of time, I undertook the testing for various cell phone spy programs.

In this following article, You will be assisted with the unerring knowledge and technical details of the numerous spy applications that are present online. To benefit all my readers, I have brought together the best phone spy apps under one list. Therefore all the netizens, Now you don’t have to spend long hours for searching and comparing these spy software anymore.

To help select the most fitted cell phone spy software as per your needs and requirements just keep scrolling to learn about these smartphone monitoring applications to single out the appropriate one for yourself.

Top 5  Best Cell Phone Spy Software 2021

With the ample amount of information with regards to the cell phone spyware floating over the internet, I’ve sectioned the details on the following factors monitoring aspects, customer support, software performance, program authenticity and validity periods along with the price listing.

So to start with these programs, there is one thing in common that is each one of them is undetectable and works in complete stealth mode. The monitored person will not get any ounce of hint about the application installed on his/her mobile phone, as it runs in the background. No icon appears on the home screen of the phone.

Rooting – Rooting is a simple process that is performed on Android devices [Mobile phones, tablets, Phablet] to set it free from the limitations imposed by the manufacturer. By Rooting the device you set an aperture for installing and accessing all third-party applications such as spying programs, games and many more. Jailbreak is a process for Apple products [iPhone, iPad, iPod]. Like rooting, Jailbreak sets the iDevices free from all the pre-imposed manufacturer limitations. Once the device is jailbroken you can get your hands on all the third-party applications like spying programs, games etc..

#1 – mSpy(Best Parental Control Software for iPhone and Android)

mspy boxmSpy is another best parental control software that makes room for exceptional and excellent monitoring aspects. It allows its customers to avail of these features with complete flexibility. It simply yet smartly gives you a whip hand over your offspring’s smartphone information. Let’s have an insight into this startling monitoring application.

Like all other spy applications, mSpy offers you all the basic functions that aid you in tracking down your target user’s smartphone actions like text messages, emails, phone call records and many more features. The prevalent instant messenger applications can be knocked down as well. Yes, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook and teenagers’ favourite Snapchat and Line chats can all be read by you. In addition to these features, their real-time locations can be tracked as well with the help of a GPS location tracker.

It is compatible with both the popular platforms which are iOS incorporates iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android and is equipped with numerous brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG etc..

You can also look into their calendar and phonebook details. The multimedia store which contains all the secret photos, selfies and party group pictures can now easily be spotted by you. Channel-surfing is one of the favourite pastimes for all the children who are born in this Internet era. So, do allow them to surf the internet but within the right limits. Following are the features that are explained in detail to help control your kids.

Keep scrolling to know the incomparable advantages that you shall not get with others.

1. Confine Websites And Applications – Any parent would object their kids visiting the websites that are age inappropriate. Not only this but the gaming applications that don’t let your child concentrate or focus on their academics or essential goals of life should be restricted. Hence with mSpy you can readily block these online apps and also keep an eye on their browsed history and visited web addresses or URLs[Uniform Resource Identifier].

2. Keylogger Capability – This is an ultimate feature that lets you know any message from the target user’s cell phone. You will be amazed to know that the chat platforms which aren’t yet supported by mSpy can be checked by you. However this extreme feature is backed with Android devices only.

3. Bar Incoming Calls – If you wish that your child shouldn’t be communicating with certain people or friends who might be unknowingly spoiling him/her then simply barred their calls. Just mark the particular number into the call restrict list feature provided by mSpy.

4. Geo-Fencing – This is another feature wherein you can mark the whereabouts of your monitored person as restricted area. You can get to know the real time locations of your children, spouse or mobile workforce and also blot the location as red marked area. This functionality will send an alert to your registered mail or mobile phone when your target enters that area.

5. Get Informed Through Wi-Fi Networks – You can obtain the accurate information of the monitored person through the each Wi-Fi hotspot with which S/He gets connected with. The coordinates will help you locate their appropriate locations.

6. Desktop Version – Along with the mobile phone spying software, The mSpy also extends the desktop application. There are many features that can be used for employee monitoring purposes. Below are the major features that comes with the desktop version.

  • Keylogger
  • Keylogger word search
  • User Activity
  • Screenshots
  • Web Mailer
  • Application use
  • Installed Applications
  • Instagram Viewer
  • Apart from these many more are in the pipeline that will soon be introduced.

7. Unceasing Customer Support – However all the spy companies provide the customer support service to their valued customers. But mSpy is a step ahead from all the others as it offers the multiple ways [helpline number, support email, live chat and skype] through which you can get connected to them at anytime and anywhere.

8. mSpy Without Jailbreak: This is one of the best features that mSpy has recently catering its customers. All the ones who are afraid of the jailbreaking process and yet aim to monitor their iPhone users then mSpy iPhone spy software without jailbreak is your doorway to right away start monitoring them. Yes, without comprehending the process of freeing the iPhone from any set of limitations, You can still get all their data and information into your online spy account.

Within couple of minutes you can infiltrate their entire iMessages, WhatsApp and text conversations. The phone call logs, saved notes and much more can be reviewed by you through their iCloud account. The spy log will be available to your web based control panel. All you have to do is acquire their Apple credentials and thereafter you will be discreetly ingressed to their phones data.

In my opinion, mSpy is one of the spy software that contains the umpteen monitoring features which rightly help you watchdog your target user. Considering this in store apps innumerable aspects, It is little expensive than the above mentioned application. Therefore it’s advised that do check your monitoring needs and requirements and thereafter buy the apt subscription package for yourself.

mSpy is available in three packages which are Basic, Premium, and Family kit. These categories are further divided from monthly to annual subscriptions. It starts from $29.99 to $199.99

#2 – FlexiSPY(Best Spy Software for iPhone and iPad)


Flexispy boxFlexiSPY is one of the best phone spy software that provides the advanced monitoring aspects to its users. It is available across all the favored platforms that includes the iOS, Android, Blackberry etc.. It has the most exceptional features that allows you to view the target user’s phone’s information. The application is very handy and gets installed in the target user’s smartphone in couple of minutes.FlexiSPY is the only tried and tested application that cater its customers with the call recording and listening features. There are many more potent aspects provided by the FlexiSPY software like tracking of text messages or SMS, iMessage, phone call records, email, web browser history, multimedia and chat messenger tracking of famous thirteen apps – WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, BBM etc..

It has two versions that offers the different spy aspects. These are the Premium and Extreme versions. Besides the regular features mentioned above, this spy app is corroborated with the following features that truly set it apart from all the other spy programs.

1. Call Intercept – This aspect allows you to eavesdrop the live phone calls of the target user without giving him an ounce of hint.

2. Phone Call Recording – In addition to the call listening feature, FlexiSPY provides you the call recording feature as well. It is beneficial when you cannot listen in the conversation in real time then you can record the phone call and review it later.

3. Ambient Recording and listening– This feature allows you to record the surroundings of the target user in case you are busy else you can be all ears to their surroundings along with the phone calls.

4. Divulge The Passwords – Yes, all the passwords to their secret applications or IM chats like FB etc. can be known to you. This unique feature also called password cracker is only provided by the FlexiSPY.

5. GPS Locations – Have the knowledge of their surroundings and trace their footmarks on a map. Along with the location tracking feature you can also mark the boundary where you do not wish your target user should visit. This feature is called Geo Fencing. If the target user will visit the restricted area then you will be notified for the same. It is helpful

6. Remotely Access The Phone – You can remotely obtain the information and change the essential things to the target user’s smartphone through the online control panel.

7. Set The Alerts and Keywords – You can get informed about the objectionable calls, email or text messages. Just fix the alert on your mobile phone or mail account so that whenever the target user will get contacted by the blocked person you will simultaneously be notified for the same.

8. Block the Apps – Keep a close eye to their applications. Check what kind of apps are your target user is installing on their cell phones. You can barred the ones that you think shouldn’t be viewed by them. This act is possible by remotely uninstalling the application from his/her phone.

9. Keylogger– The feature describes its functionality from the name itself,. You can trace each and everything that a red marked person is typing from their device like the login details, Passwords etc..

All the above mentioned features are included in the extreme subscription package of the FlexiSPY software. Hence with this application you can snap the passwords, track the entire data and information which perhaps was kept hidden from your knowledge. All you need to do is install it onto the target’s phone and thereafter make few changes by clicking on the settings option, then within couple of minutes it will start uploading the reports to the spy server. To view it you need to login your spy account with the provided username and password. To use it on the apple devices [iPad, iPhone, iPod], the device must be jailbroken. However for the Android users who wish to operate the basic monitoring features doesn’t require to perform the rooting process. But to use the advanced features it is recommended that you root the device.

You can avail the product FlexiSPY Premium version starts with $68 – $149 and the FlexiSPY Extreme version starts with $199 – $349 with varied validity periods.

#3 – Highster Mobile(One Time Fee Only)

highster mobile boxHighster Mobile Pro Edition is just an appropriate purchase for all the users who want to spy on their Android target user. However, it supports Apple devices as well but for monitoring the iDevices the iPhone or iPad must be jailbroken.

Well in the Android version, you have the possibility to bypass the Rooting process. Highster Mobile allows you to notch the mobile information of the target person without carrying out the rooting process. This includes elementary features like tracking text messages, phone call logs, GPS location etc.. The basic features can be contemplated without performing any extra process. And on the other hand if your core need is to monitor their social networking applications like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. then it becomes mandatory to root the target’s device and then install the software onto it.

Let’s get rolling with its bundle of features that are most needed by parents, employers who intend to spy on their children, employees and the mobile workforce.

Highster Mobile has got all the necessary features that aid in tracking the mobile information of the monitored person. Below are the features through which you can unearth all their secret text messages, call logs, photos and many more facts by entering your online spy account.

1. Monitor Text Messages – Flip through all their text messages or SMS. Check their sent, received and even deleted text threads at any time and anywhere.

2. Monitor Call Logs – Now you do not have to flummox yourself by thinking about whom your target user is talking to at all hours. Simply view all their incoming and outgoing calls along with the date and time stamp.

3. Monitor Social Messengers – Look into WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, iMessage, BBM, Skype, Twitter, Instagram and Email. It is essential for all the parents of teens to keep a check on their kid’s Instant messaging applications. The gene easily gets influenced to post their obscene display pictures[DPs] or entangle into alcohol and drug abuse. It has majorly been observed that cyber-bullying cases have intensely increased with the use of social networking apps amongst teenagers.

4. Monitor Real-time GPS Locations Get to know the whereabouts of your target user. Yes, Now you can trace their footsteps that too without following them in person. This feature allows you to know their vicinities on the Google map. So now you needn’t worry if S/He is hiding their hangout plans from you. Because you can be well aware of their spots without them knowing.

5. Monitor Them Through Their Mobile Camera: You can now also get pictures of them and their surroundings. All you require to do is activate the feature in the control panel and it will permit you to click a picture in complete stealth mode and upload it onto your spy account.

6. Monitor Multimedia Folder – In addition to the stealth camera recording you can also view the saved or stored photos/pictures taken on the monitored person’s mobile phone.

7. Monitor Web Browser History Discover what are they surfing on the internet and which all websites they frequently visit through their cell phone.

8. Monitor Contacts and CalendarCheck their phone contacts and other added information with it. The marked calendar entries can also be reviewed by you.

9. MonitorE-Mail Log – Leaf through your target user’s mailbox. Read all the sent received and deleted emails.

10. Other Monitoring Elements – You can also check the Installed Applications on the monitored person’s mobile, Set Alerts and keywords, Block apps and websites that are age-inappropriate, Remotely lock the smartphone and uninstall the applications.

Highster Mobile has tremendously improved its application. It is a user-friendly application that easily gets installed onto the monitored device. This spy program is serving its customers with a lifetime license and within the economical price range that truly sets it apart from all the other available monitoring programs in the online market. It is worth $69 for both the famous platforms that are Android and iOS.

Just a one-time fee with no additional or hidden charges. So, If you desire to spy an Android user then this application is just enough for you to spend your hard-earned money and save your kids from becoming the victims of bullying or indulging in any bad activities.

#4 – uMobix(Remotely Monitor Cell Phones and Computers with uMobix)

umobixuMobix is another smartphone tracking solution that is tailored for modern parents. Available for Android and iOS, the platform allows you to monitor your kids’ digital activities without letting them know. The set of available features may vary based on the platform where you want to use them. For instance, you cannot find all tracking options on Android and iOS. On the bright side, you do not have to root your Android phone to get started. Similarly, when it comes to iOS tracking, you do not have to jailbreak the device. The Apple ID credentials used on the device would suffice.

In short, uMobix smartphone tracking features work flawlessly on most days. The best part is that the tech brings you all the information through an easy-to-access User Interface. You can use the dashboard to keep track of the messages your kids are sending or receiving, for instance. You can also find advanced information such as the GPS location and browser history of the user. Some additional options like Keylogger are made available in the Android version of uMobix tracking as well. Overall, the smartphone spying options from uMobix are optimized for a modern parent’s concerns and worries regarding digital life.

Some of the top monitoring features on uMobix are:

1. Call History – uMobix lets you keep track of all the calls your kid has made or received using the phone in question. Even though the minute features may vary, the core feature stays the same on Android and iOS. You can also sort between Connected and Missed calls with ease.

2. Contact Book – The uMobix dashboard gives you quick access to your kid’s contact book as well. If you see some inappropriate/unknown contacts on the list, you can take the right steps. You can check all the details of individual contacts too.

3. Text/iMessage – You can see all the text messages and iMessage threads made from the smartphone you want to track. You can see all the information in a threaded form so that you can understand the details of the conversation.

4. Instant Messaging spying – You can use uMobix to spy on your kid’s activities on platforms like Zoom, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, Kik, Skype, Hangouts, Viber, and Line. In addition, you can take a look at Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and Tinder.

5. Location Tracker – As we said earlier, uMobix allows you to track the current location of your kid — as long as their smartphone is turned on. This feature would come in handy when you want to track a stolen phone as well.

6. Keylogger – Are you wondering what your kids are typing on their phones? You can use the keylogger option to grab keyboard-related input data from the phone. This feature is available on Android only at this point.

7. Miscellaneous – Besides these big options, uMobix allows you to check the photo/video gallery, real-time notifications, browser history, and device info. In short, the dashboard gives you a complete overview of the target device.

In short, uMobix offers most features you would love to see in a child monitoring suite for parents. All these features are made available to you through a simple dashboard, which requires no time to get used to. We must also appreciate the amazing support you can expect from the company before, during, and after the sales. For instance, if you encounter any issue while tracking your kid’s device, you can get in touch with the support team.

uMobix does not offer a free plan. However, you can choose between a few different plans when you need a package for iOS. For instance, you can get the one-month plan for $39.99 per month or go for the annual plan, which brings the price down to $7.49 per month. As you can see, if you want to make a long-term level investment in the smartphone monitoring platform, you can save a lot of money by paying upfront.

In the case of Android, the prices start at $29.99, but you can bring it down to $14.99 per month by choosing to pay annually.

#5 – Hoverwatch(an All-In-One Solution for Monitoring Android and iOS Devices)

hoverwatch androidHoverwatch is one of the very few free spy apps for Android out there. You can use this free app to monitor the activities on the targeted device with minimal effort. The best part about Hoverwatch is that it is not limited to Android or iOS. Instead, you can take the tracking to both Windows and macOS. Despite it costing nothing for the base package, the mobile tracker is quite effective. The company says that you can use the free version to track call history, camera, location, Facebook, Skype, etc.

However, it does not mean that you can have the best Android/PC/Mac tracking experience with the basic package. You may have to pay a premium if you want to get all the capabilities from the spy suite. On the bright side, you do not have to be a tech expert to set up Hoverwatch on the targeted device. The installation process does not take more than a few minutes, but you will need physical access to the Android device. The case is the same for both Windows and macOS devices. However, not all features are available on platforms if you are wondering.

The impressive features available on Hoverwatch are:

1. Call Recording – The advanced spying features on Hoverwatch allow you to record phone calls as well as SMS messages in the best way. You can listen to and download the recorded calls from the online control panel.

2. Internet History – With Hoverwatch, you do not have to worry about what your kid or employer does on the internet. Keeping track of the internet history is an easy task since the spying suite can store the websites the user has visited from the default browser or a third-party web browser.

3. Social Media – You can use the same suite to track the activities on the targeted devices. For instance, you can check out Facebook activities, and messages from Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, and other IM platforms.

4. Location – You can use the spying platform to track the real-time location of the user as well. The app maintains maximum accuracy while capturing the location. You can also see the location history of the user in an intuitive interface.

5. Camera – Hoverwatch has an innovative feature that lets you keep track of the camera. You can get access to the live feed from the camera as well as the photos/videos stored in the gallery. The best part is that you can enable Unlock Selfies, which get captured every time the user unlocks the phone.

6. Screenshots – Do you want to know what your kid/employee is doing on the phone regularly? Then, the Screenshots feature would come in handy. You can set up Hoverwatch to capture screenshots at a specific interval.

7. Miscellaneous – As we said earlier, Hoverwatch is available for Windows and macOS as well. You can install the client on a PC or Mac to grab the keystrokes made by the target user. You can access these logs from the online dashboard.

As you can see, Hoverwatch has been designed for a comprehensive smartphone monitoring experience. It has not been optimized for parents or employees, for one thing. But you have some kind of flexibility when it comes to the features. For instance, the option to capture screenshots and save them periodically is a great way to know what is happening with the phone. The other options like advanced location tracking and social media monitoring will be helpful for parents and employers alike.

More importantly, Hoverwatch is a completely free plan. You can use the service without paying anything per month. However, there would be some roadblocks and restricted features. If you want the best experience with all the advertised features, you have to get the Personal package for $24.95 per month or $99.95 per year. There are other Professional and Business plans that come with per-device pricing.

Altogether, Hoverwatch is a great choice when you want to spy on smartphones without paying much. Unlike the other options we have covered, it has extensive compatibility as well. You can use Hoverwatch to spy on Android, Windows, and macOS. And you can monitor everything via the simple UI.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying The Software

1. Physical Access is Mandatory – Access to the target phone (the device of the user you want to monitor) is one of the most important things. Without their device’s possession, you will not be able to download and install the desired spy software onto it.

2. Internet Access is Needed – Having good internet connectivity is another imperative condition. You cannot track the device’s mobile activity if they don’t have internet access. To view the information stored on the company’s spy software servers just login to the control panel.

3. Probe Into Spy Software Compatibility – Check the software with the target user’s device operating system. However, all the companies are compatible with the major operating systems – iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Symbian.

4. Look For Good Customer Support – Ensure that the spy software that you select must have a good support centre. Preferably the live chat/phone or email support to answer all your technical and general queries.

5. Refrain From Misleading Deals – Stay cautious of the fanciful advertisements made by the various spy companies. Read more reviews until you get assured of your needs and requirements for the selected spy app. Check for the features that a particular company offers.

Therefore, I acknowledge the above-mentioned top cell phone spy software and would like you to consider any one of them for your monitoring purposes. All of them work without fail and exactly as explained.

How To Get Started

The first step is to buy the spy application. Once purchased thereafter you will receive an email from the spy company that includes your login information, detailed installation instructions, file download link and the registration or activation code.

The next step is to install the software onto the target’s device. Once the application is successfully installed, you can start tracking the target user’s mobile activity from a control panel. That’s it! It is just a simple process to follow with.

Note: To use the software on an iPhone, you are required to jailbreak it. But if you can’t or don’t wish to jailbreak then you can try the mSpy without jailbreak solution. This allows you to monitor the iOS activities of the red-marked user without a jailbreak.

So, guys, I would lastly advise you to pick a mobile spy app that gives you complete assurance of rightly monitoring the actions of your target user. Look for the best round-the-clock technical support team that thoroughly helps you with the installation process and more.

For 24/7 support you can opt for FlexiSPY Extreme or mSpy which is one of the market’s top line software. However, these are more expensive than all other spyware but worth it because of the services offered. The other three products Highster, Mobistealth and TheOneSpy are definite value-for-money products. Although they accumulate fewer features as compared to FlexiSPY and mSpy the existing aspects are well enough for monitoring your suspected employee, child or spouse.

I hope this article has given you ample knowledge with regard to the best mobile spy software. Thank you for visiting my website. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help.