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9 Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android

Have you ever wondered what your kids do on their phone or who they’ve been in contact with over the hours they spend on these devices?

Kids with phones and therefore a private online life are something common in these days. According to a study published by The Guardian revealed that in UK the number of children who has their own phone is up to 90%. Even more alarming than that, stunning 39% of these kids would say that they couldn’t live without their electronic friend.

This reality isn’t only happening in the UK, though. In the world, as Common Sense has showed back in 2019 that 53% of 11-year-old children already have their own phone. Number goes higher and higher as their grow older.

If you’re wondering what is wrong with it, you might get freaked out. For instance, a study found that about 1 in 7 (or 14.8%) of those between the ages of 12 and 17 had sent sexts and approximately 1 in 4 (27.4%) have received them. This is back in 2009. Can you believe it?

Of course, the problems and parents’ concerns go beyond that as sexual harassment isn’t the only threat here. There is moral harassment, bullying and much more. As internet access and social media gets more popular, it seems that criminals also get more room to work with.

So, as part of our contribution to help stopping this situation, we decided to bring you the best spy apps you can take advantage of to make sure your children is safe and sound, even when they’re online.

DISCLAIMER: these apps can also provide tracking and monitoring solutions to other circumstances, such as partners and loved ones surveillance or even company devices’ tracking. The final use is really up to you as they work perfectly to all these situations.

Let’s get into it right now.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What are Spy Apps?
  • How do they work?
  • What can hidden online spy apps do to prevent online harassment?
  • Best hidden Spy Apps for Android
  • Our conclusion

Ready? Let’s do it!

What are Spy Apps?

best hidden spy apps for android

If you’re new to these words, don’t worry. The name may sound bad, but the purpose behind is quite nobel. Spy apps are phone application someone can use in order to access a whole bunch of different data from someone’s else device.

Mainly, this means that you’d have an interface where you could take a look at several information the target phone has stored or accessed, as well as details such as time, sender, receiver, type of content, and so on. The entire process is remote and undetectable.

Sounds like magic? Well, it’s just tech. The good one that may easily save anyone’s children from serious trouble. After all, we can’t really blame kids for falling for criminals’ dirty maneuvers, right? We’ve seen adults doing so. Let’s put their modus operandi in simple words.If you are in the market for superclone Replica Rolex , Super Clone Rolex is the place to go! The largest collection of fake Rolex watches online!

How do they work?

There’s a good deal of high technology involved. But just to get you an idea, after installed on the target phone, these apps make sure they get invisible. That means no icon or sign they’re there.

Every time the user access it and type, receives or sends something to another phone, a sort of copy of that file is instantly created and redirected to a cloud. The person who’s installed the app on target phone will be the only one with access to an interface where these data will be available.

As you can certainly imagine, this would give you a crystal clear glimpse of what your child has been up to and who his or her friends are. The sooner you learn about what’s going on, the fastest you’re able to interfere and prevent a major problem, if needed.

If you just though about the exact functionalities you’ll find on an Android spy app, we have the answer to that as well.

What can hidden spy apps for Android do to prevent online harassment?

Short answer is: deliver reliable information about your kid’s online life in real time, remotely. Can you name something more beneficial to the online threat? However, the resources of different spy apps can vary, just like their prices and subscription plans.

No worries! We’ve put together a comprehensive study to show you the best hidden spy apps for Android. But first, let’s show you a little bit of what may be considered basic functions a spy app can deliver.

  • GPS real time location;
  • Access to videos and pictures through the phone’s gallery;
  • Access to text messages, such as SMS;
  • The entire list of contacts and their respective details;
  • Access to browse history;

There is a lot more to explore. Some spy apps for Android may be as many as 30 different tools to offer a fully professional monitoring system. Best thing of all: most of them are designed for users like us – who are not necessarily pro at tracking or being a detective.

You’ll find many spy apps to consider online. But just as anything in the world, there are the good and the bad ones. So, here is the list with the ones you should really take a look at and decide which serves best your circumstances.

Best hidden Spy Apps for Android in 2021

As we’re talking about a product that is closely related to tech, it’s just logical to infer that the best or the worst of all changes year after year. Therefore, we’re bringing content up to date so you don’t end up making a poor choice based on a 2019 or older list. That is not to mention those lists made out of fabricated interests.

#1 – mSpy


The first one of our list is also one of the leaders in this niche. The app mSpy has been out there for over decade and has surely helped people from over 180 countries. The software is taken as one of the most complete ones, with a large over 30 tools to enhance monitoring.

As a matter of fact, this option leaves little to no room for the monitored child to go into some trouble without her parents knowing it. Lots can be done, as its very cool geofencing feature. This allows you to set an imaginary line on a map. Then, every time the monitored phone leaves that limit or goes into it (according to what you want), you’ll get an immediate notification. This grants plenty of time to prevent a real-life trouble for your children.

Of course, mSpy offers all basic features we’ve mentioned as well. However, as a premium choice, you’ll get a lot more. Another efficient resource mSpy has available for its users is a professional keylogger. This means you’ll end up discovering every word typed on your kids’ phones. Even greater than that, you can also set a group of words that if typed will make mSpy send you a notification. That’s what we call keeping an eye on your child.

Now, if price is what you have in mind right now, mSpy is again a good candidate. That’s because the app has some very interesting options. There is the basic plan to begin with, which offers a good set of tools for only $ 29.99/month. It’s very unlikely that you’d need more features to get the job done.

However, if you’re onto tracking a device to its deepest aspects and the most professional manner available in the market, the premium plan is your go-to subscription. Its price is set at $ 69.99/month, but there are good discounts if you pick a longer plan, like three, six or even twelve months.

In order to assist you with the best-quality info available, we’re going to list what we find awesome and what we find not that good about this application.

Pros OF mSpy

  • Over 30 features that will make sure no data escapes from your eyes;
  • Innovative and exclusive features constantly updated by mSpy’s team;
  • 100% undetectable software;
  • Good flexibility when it comes to subscription options;
  • Powerful keylogger capable of delivering every key stroke on the target phone;
  • Best client support ever in the niche, with a 24/7 available schedule;

Cons of mSpy

  • Monitoring multiple devices require special (and more expensive) plans;
  • Although this an easy-to-use application, there are better options in this sense;

Download mSpy for Android

#2 – Flexispy

flexispy android

Now it’s time to introduce you to Flexispy. This is a very resourceful tool capable of delivering a good mix of features. Certainly, a solid result if your children being safe is your goal here.

One of Flexispy cool thing is capacity of delivering some of the most premium features even if the target phone isn’t rooted. That means you don’t need to break the manufacturer’s limits in order to get Flexispy to its max use.

The most powerful possibility Flexispy offers in our humble opinion is call record. With this, you can actually listen to real conversation which will definitely leave no room for doubt when trying to understand what is going on with your son or daughter.

Obviously, you’ll also have access to all those basic features. Another useful resource is the ability to turn the target phone camera on and therefore have actual image of what and where your kid is. How powerful is that?

The list goes on and on and the limit is the plan you choose. As we said, no need for rooting in order to get a great tracking solution. However, there are some extra in case you decide to root your kids’ phone, such as call interception, with the EXTREME plan.

Talking about plans, we have the LITE, PREMIUM and EXTREME models. Prices are $ 29.95/month, $ 68/month and $ 199/three months. You can also change different periods for the plans, always saving some good money when you choose longer subscriptions.

Pros of FlexiSpy

  • Powerful features without rooting;
  • Credibility as one of the most known spy apps in the market;
  • Remarkable interface really easy to use;
  • Good flexibility in terms of subscriptions;

Cons of FlexiSpy

  • Price can become a factor in case you’re looking for a one month period;
  • No discount for choosing LITE plan, even if you want to stick with it for a long period;

Download Flexispy for Android

#3 – Highster Mobile

highster mobile android

Highster Mobile is getting a lot of attention recently. There are many reasons to explain that since this is a powerful hidden spy app for Android, even though it is still fairly new in this business.

With Highster Mobile, you can expect to have a good all-round solution for your monitoring task, which may not gather the so-to-speak super premium features, but will surely deliver a lot more than most people need to ensure their kids are safe and sound.

For instance, every basic tool is present here (which would probably be enough for most of us), but there is a list of fancy extra resources as well. You can have a look at every main social media account the target phone has and its respective content, photos, texts, videos, you name it.

Another positive point here is regard Highster Mobile great compatibility, which grants its operational status even for the not really new phones. So no need to spend extra money with a brand new device to your kids.

Regard business models, there is basically one: you pay once and get free access to all its functions, forever. However, related to functionalities of the plans, you can go with either the Basic for $ 2.99 or Pro for $ 6.99. All updates will be free.

Pros of Highster Mobile

  • One-time payment for a life-long usage;
  • One of the best prices you’ll find out there;
  • 100% undetectable software;
  • Decent features available without root;

Cons of Highster Mobile

  • May not offer the most powerful tools, such as turning on the target phone’s camera.
  • Depending on how deep you need to go to make sure your kids are safe, this may lack a little in the sense of resources;

Download Highster Mobile for Android

#4 – Spyic

spyic android

Even you take a look at the news related to this field here and there, you might not have heard about this app. However, you should, as this is one of the very promising hidden spy apps for Android.

The greatest point here is how intuitive this tool is. Definitely one of the best! According to their official websites and proven by our tests, it won’t take longer than 5 minutes to download, install and get the app ready to go. Incredible speed!

Also, this might just be the best option if you feel like you could have some trouble understanding this type of tool. Really, it’s as simple as using some of the vary well-known apps we have at the moment, like WhatsApp or Instagram. By the way, checking social media is one of the best things this app can do for you along with the basic features you already know about.

But you’ll also count with a robust keylogger, browse history access, call logs and some other nice additions. Another great thing is how flexible they are when subscriptions are concerned.

You can subscribe a Basic Plan or Premium. First one is $ 39.99/month and second one is $ 49.99. However, if you decide to stick with them for longer periods, you can save good amount of money with it. And if you need a product to monitor more than one device, there is the Family plan at $ 69.99 for up to three phones.

Pros of Spyic

  • One of the most intuitive software in this niche;
  • Good variety of plans;
  • Very fast installation process;
  • Family
  • y plan at great price;

Cons of Spyic

  • Basic plan is very simple and overpriced when compared to its peers;
  • Although there are a good variety of functionalities, some premiums aren’t available just yet;

Download Spyic for Android

#5 – uMobix

umobix android

Another new player, uMobix has been conquering the market with its innovation. One of the most respected and desired one is regard spying TikTok. That’s right! Even the new phenomenon hasn’t escaped from uMobix monitoring and is available to you at all times.

This is quite relevant as you know how much time people spend on TikTok. The number gets really higher if you consider kids. As you also know, TikTok provides a way for its users to communicate among themselves, so…

You also get a good keylogger, access to gallery, contact details, call log, GPS location and much more. Do you want to know another innovation? What happens if your child search for some sort of content through a private tab on his or her browser? Well, most likely you won’t find it out, right? Wrong! At least if you’re using uMobix.

Regard pricing, uMobix doesn’t offer that much of options. There are the Basic plan at $ 29.99/month and the Full at $ 59.99/month. As you’ll notice most of them offer, you can get better deals if you choose a plan for a longer time, like three or even twelve months.

Pros of uMobix

  • Innovative features;
  • Constant updates;
  • One of the fastest at updating the content captured to their platform;
  • Quickly becoming more and more popular;

Cons of uMobix

  • Prices aren’t exactly the best, especially for short-terms;
  • Although some powerful features are available and other will come, some of the basic seems to be lacking at the moment, such as bookmarks;

Download uMobix for Android

#6 – Cocospy

cocospy android

Keep exploring the new apps in this market, we have Cocospy. The reason it is here on our list is quite basic, but not accomplished by many others that didn’t make their ways to here: Cocospy works very smoothly.

That means it does deliver everything it promises. So from a good keylogger, contact details, access to all main social media, browse history to tracking location, blocking apps and websites among other functions, it works very well. Easy, fast and effectively.

If you’re the straight-to-the-point kind of person, this might suit you perfectly. It won’t take you long to understand everything about it and get yourself ready to go. Every step of purchasing, setting it up and using were amazingly easy to perform. We’d say your kid could do it.

Price comes in three different numbers as the chosen plan. Basic at $ 39.99/month, Premium at $ 49.99/month and Family (up to 3 devices) at $ 69.99/month. Again, prices get incredibly lower if you pick longer periods.

Pros of Cocospy

  • Great discounts at long-term subscriptions;
  • A well-round hidden spy app for Android that just delivers it;
  • Smooth use and intuitive interface;
  • Great for family since with its exclusive plan that can be as little as $ 16.66 per month for three devices for one year;

Cons of Cocospy

  • There are premium features not available;
  • Short-term plans may be expensive when compared to its peers;

Download Cocospy for Android

#7 – KidsGuard Pro

kidsguard pro android

Back to the dinosaurs or the spy apps more famous, we can’t leave KidsGuard Pro out of our list. This application seems to have thought about everything a parent would wish for when tracking his kids online movement.

The word Pro isn’t here for nothing, as KidsGuard is positively one of the best apps in this market. Beyond its extensive list of basic features, the app has three major highlights we’ll talk about.

First one is how it gets premium tools and usually are only available for rooted phones to work perfectly on phones without root. This allows you to take advantage of resources like call recording, which is probably one of the most recent ones at the moment.

Another relevant highlight here is regard its keylogger. Accurate and very sharp, it didn’t fail once on our high demanding tests. We can state that no word will be typed without you know about it, despite the platform or app.

Before going to prices and plans, we can’t leave its capacity to get every single info out of all social medias. If Instagram is you child’s thing, you’ll know everything about DM, Story, Likes, videos and anything else he or she does or watches. The same goes to pretty much all other social media.

Impressively, pricing is not too different from the major ones on our list. You can get the one, three or twelve-month plan. Prices are $ 29.95/month, $ 16.65/month and $ 8.32/month and they all onboard every feature the app has available (lots!).

Pros of KidsGuard Pro

  • Probably, the most complete experience without root;
  • One of the largest number of functionalities;
  • Amazingly cheap if you subscribe the twelve-month-plan;
  • Solid keylogger;

Cons of KidsGuard Pro

  • There is no plan with basic features (and lower prices) in case you don’t need that much of horse power;
  • As every super complete app, this is not as intuitive as others on our list (doesn’t mean it’s hard to use though);

Download KidsGuard Pro for Android

#8 – Hoverwatch

hoverwatch android

Another big guy. Hoverwatch gathers more than most people would expect in terms of tracking and monitoring phones remotely. Totally undetectable (the battery and processing performances weren’t dropped at all on our tests), this might be one of the safest choices.

Pro at taking screenshots of the target phone anytime you want, this guarantees you know exactly what’s going on. And with proof! The app is also very good at monitoring and capturing instant messaging apps, such as Viber, WhatsApp and alike.

As you would think, this does not mean it doesn’t offer all the other basic resources we’ve mentioned. Hoverwatch makes it to a high post when it comes to the most complete apps in the sense of features, for sure.

Another perk: prices are a bargain.

You can pick from three plans: Personal, Professional and Business. Prices are $ 29.95/month, $ 49.95/month and $ 149.95/ month. Professional plan allows you to monitor up to 5 devices while Business plan goes up to amazing 25 devices.

Pros of Hoverwatch

  • Impossible to leave the Professional plan number of devices, as it suits most families;
  • Prices get really low when you go for the long-term;
  • Reliable and very known in the market;
  • Great customer support;
  • Constant updates;

Cons of Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch works a little different than most of it competitors as it just delivers a whole bunch of information, not allowing you to pick the exact feature you want to use all alone at a certain moment.

Download HoverWatch for Android

#9 – iKeyMonitor

ikeymonitor android

Another well-known software than you can find a lot more info on our website. This application won’t fail you and is totally optimized to deliver solid results at a fast pace (the real definition of real-time).

The app is another great option for those who don’t want to put their phones through root as it delivers an endless number of premium features working on regular phones. It’s even possible to access the target phone camera or hear the surroundings through the mic. Impressively accurate and resourceful.

This may be one of the most famous hidden spy apps for Android and the variety of functions combined with an intuitive and friendly app is just the answer to its fame. We can’t think of a single functionality you’ll miss by subscribing iKeyMonitor.

Price-wise, it’s another stunning news as there is a Free plan (yes, totally free) and a Full plan, which costs $ 29.16/month and counts with every single feature.

Pros of iKeyMonitor

  • One of the most complete tools especially if root is off the table;
  • Listening to the surroundings is a very effective feature;
  • Decent price for the large number of functions;
  • Friendly interface compared to some other well-rounded apps;
  • Free trial for 3 days;

Cons of iKeyMonitor

  • You can’t get a discount for long-term subscriptions;
  • Although there is the Free plan, you should not expect to get much out of it. This is just a taste of the app, over the possibility of actually experiencing a spy app.
  • So now you know everything you need to select the option that best suits your needs. Time to our last thoughts.

Download iKeymonitor for Android

Our conclusion

If the apps you’re thinking about subscribing are here on our list, they are a good choice. Really, what may make one better than the other is your particular situation, such as the period you want to count with them or how deep you’re thinking about digging.

Therefore, just take a nice and slow reading especially on Pros and Cons and price information to make a clear decision. If you need more information on a certain app, you can just browse around our website and you’ll find comprehensive reviews on all of them.

Now, it’s time to make sure you children is safe.